50 VIRAL CAT VIDEOS IN 4 MINUTES (Ft. Grumpy Cat & Grace Helbig!)

50 VIRAL CAT VIDEOS IN 4 MINUTES (Ft. Grumpy Cat & Grace Helbig!)

Hi! We’re the Fine Brothers. And I’m Grace Helbig. And this is Grumpy Cat. Grumpy– Okay. We’re about to spoil 50 of the web’s most viral cat videos of all time! This episode of spoilers is brought to you by the 3rd annual award show, “The Frisky’s” where you and your cat can win $25,000 and can help donate over $20,000, and up to 250,000 cans of food to charity. There are 4 different award categories and as the captain of the funny category Grace is here to help us. They’re taking submissions now so send your original cat videos to thefriskys.com and your cat could become a star. Grumpy are you excited? She is excited! So grab your cat and hide the cat because we’ll be spoiling all 50 videos in 1 take. In under 4 minutes. Starting… now. A cat plays a keyboard. With the help of some human hands. A cat plays a piano. Without the help of some human hands. A curious cat plays with a theremin, creating strange sounds. …People still have theremins. A cat busts out some Thriller zombie moves. This future champion karaoke cat sings in cackles. Cat bobs its head to techno music. Cat. He’s a kitty cat. And he dance dance dance and he dance dance dance. Not really a dance, more like a kitty rolling around with a ball of yarn, but hey, it’s cute. The cutest kitten you’ve ever seen stretches its arms while sleeping. Smallest kitten you’ve ever seen finally falls asleep. The fluffiest kitten you’ve ever seen falls asleep and has 12 million views! Quality internet video-! 5 kittens eat cat food and has over 18 million views! Quality internet video-! A half poptart, a half lion cat, nyans for 3 and a half minutes straight and has over 100 million views! Quality internet video! No, this time we actually mean it, we LOVE Nyan Cat! This cat hangs her mouth open with one of the best OMG faces ever. Legend has it that her mouth is still open. After sneaking up to the camera ninja style, the cat runs away. The cat stalks the camera, closer and closer, until- She meows. 4 words, Cutest. Tickle. Fight. Ever! Kitten that looks exactly like Puss in Boots stands up straight exactly like Puss in Boots! The tiny kitten plays with its tiny toys with its tiny paws- AWWWWWWWWW— Cat frolics around the snow for the first time and he loves it- double AWWWWWWWW— Kitten get a nightmare and mama cat hugs it- so much AWWWWWWWWW— Mama cat picks up her kitten and brings it back home. Cat fetches pants and wags her tail like a dog. Cat barks like a dog, but when the owner notices, it goes back to meowing. This kitten can’t stop meowing and we’re fine with that. This kitten roars, like a lion! 2 cats talk “purr” to each other. 2 cats attempt to play patty-cake but give up when they both mess up. But their still better than any of us could ever be. It’s a real talking cat! But all it says is “no”. It’s a real talking cat! But all it wants to do is sleep in. It’s a real talking cat! But all it says is “hello”. Man, people love their talking cat videos. Behold! It’s a standing cat who stares out windows. Behold! A fat cat gets in a pot but we never see if he gets out. This Klepto Nana cat is the true definition of a cat burglar, stealing everything from bras to sponges. Let’s hope the owner scratch-proofed his iPad, because his cat is obsessed with playing apps on it. Dramatic Caaaaaaaaaat Turns his head dramatically, just like the dramatic prarie dog. Cat peeks through a window to the dramatic inception music. Cat pats crying baby’s head until it falls asleep. The baby and cat cuddle. The baby pets the cat, and they’re the 2 best friends anyone could ever have… This cat and owl are the 2 best friends anyone could ever have… This cat and owl are the 2 best friends anyone could ever have… Yes, they are different videos, Both with millions of views. The rat and cat are the 2 best friends anyone could ever have… An eagle and 2 cats aren’t best friends, but have a friendly hangout, but the eagle flies away. Same eagle, the same 2 cats, a fox, hangout, destroying everything you thought you knew about the food chain. It’s cat, versus trampoline! This time the cat attacks a strange moving hump under the trampoline, a.k.a. its owner. It’s cat, versus watermelon! This time, the kitten gives up and runs away! Maru does your typical, cat-like things. But he also loves sliding into boxes. Henri does your typical non cat-like things, such as contemplating his existence, but at least he learned that whipped cream and toothpaste aren’t the same thing. And finally, you know what? She’s actually here, so for the last video, go ahead and spoil your own video, Grumpy Cat! Anytime, Grumpy. Uh… This might be the only time we’ve ever done a 50 spoilers video and only spoiled 49. You might think we’d learnt our lesson during “Cat’s React”, but cat’s don’t talk. We had this entire category dedicated to talking cats, Rafi! I thought that proved they could talk! Thanks a lot, Grumpy. Agh! We hope you enjoyed you enjoyed our special episode of spoilers featuring cat videos! Remember, submissions are open now at thefriskys.com! Your cat can become a star! You can have a chance to win $25,000, and help donate over $20,000 and up to 250,000 cans of food for charity! Huge thanks to our special guest Grace Helbig and of course, Grumpy Cat. Say goodbye, Grumpy Cat! One day I swear she’ll talk! Byeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, yeah, that bothered you?

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  1. Hey fine Bros, do a Teens React to Sonic.exe the creepypasta make them play the game or tell them a quick version of the story. OR BOTH!

  2. Its so funny how you think, meh, you dont have 50 viral cats. Then when you sit there and watch them you recognise them all lol


  4. That must have taken some work putting the video together.  I have done a few pet videos myself, but my tendency is to follow them around the house and hope for the best. They are definitely the ones in control. 

  5. The internet is obsessed with cats even though dogs are mans best friend and one of our best inventions, #dogsarebetter.

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