57 thoughts on “6 of the Best Foods for People With Kidney Problems

  1. Just wanted to say to everyone struggling with this, stay strong…. I know following diets like this is not only tough, but its also a pain paying for the food. Unfortunately I know a lot of you are probably on disability for this such as myself, and most food you need to eat is very expensive. Just know there is always help out there, maybe take a trip to your local church to help out with groceries.

  2. 3:00 blueberries r not very common here in pakistan,its available in only very big store and costly,,, 3:40 dont know about macadania nuts

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  11. Most of these aren't foods, they're snacks. What people with kidney problems need is a diet they can actually live on, and no one could live on these foods.

  12. Most watermelon sold these days is seedless unfortunately bcz watermelon seeds are diuretic therefore a daily watermelon seed tea would be very beneficial

  13. One of the best explanations on sodium, potassium and phosphorus in this video. I usually tell people in my channel not to worry too much about phosphorus and to care about sugar instead. It is the most important thing to avoid, especially for people with diabetic kidney disease. But also for everyone else.

  14. Recommended Food That Are Low In Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus & Protein :
    1. Cauliflower
    2. Red Grapes
    3. Blueberries
    4. Egg Whites
    5. Macadamia Nuts
    6. Skinless Chicken

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  16. Protein does not hurt your Kidney’s. It sugar and carbohydrates like spaghetti and pasta that destroy your kidneys

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  19. My nephrologist advised me to eat everything since I am on Dialysis, he said it is more important that you eat well to get strength for Dialysis. He did ask me to restrict my fluid intake

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