Animation vs. League of Legends (official)

Animation vs. League of Legends (official)

Captions made by Lil Pulp aka Sid Made by Alan Becker Animation vs League of Legends! Nice one! *applause* *more applause* SC: YES! Blue: Here we Go.. Green: Come On , Get Em. Green: Gah! Yellow: Woooh! SC: Yes! Yellow: VICTORY!!! Yellow: Come on, come on CO- All: WOOH! SC: HECK YEA! Blue: What a match! Blue: * Dabs* *applause* *applause continues* *silence* All: *Gasp* SC: One more match, please! SC: Please, One More Match Just one! It’s a single time come on man! You’ve done it before! Please!! Come on!! Alan: Not this time, I’m done playing for today. Everyone: Dang it! SC: You guys thinkin’ what I am? SC:LET’S ROLEPLAY!!!! Blue: Hmm… *pop* Blue: I- Hmm… Blue: Guess who I am! Blue : i’m Ashe! Yellow: Dude, no way! Blue: *twang* Yellow: nice! Guys! Look! All: Cool! Yellow: Grab me one! Yellow: Ill be Lux. Blue: Think fast! Yellow: Look at me! Red: Cool! (awesome moves) Green: Ryze? Green: Even though there aren’t any green ones… This is pretty cool! SC: Could I be Master Yi? SC: Hmmm…. It’s a little small. *all fighting, leaving red alone* Red: Heh. Hm, I wonder what would happen if I maybe? Just… do that? *a big shake starts, game loads and starts.* All except Red: AHH! Green: What the heck?! All: What’s happening? Blue: The heck?! Yellow: What’s the?! Red: I can’t see! Green: It’s so heavy! SC: A sword? All: ……. All: WHOO! All: HUDs! Everyone other than Yellow: Woah! Cool! Yellow: Awesome! Red: Nice! Green: Woah! SC: That was awesome… What a rush! Green: COOL! Everyone other then Red: Oh My Gosh! Red: Check This OUT! Others: That’s a cool one as well… Yellow: Cool Blue! Red: Awesome! SC: What? SC: Oh. SC: What? SC: Uhhhhhh… Green: Follow me! Green: Hey There! All: oooooo Green: Were we supposed to pay for this stuff? All: *Glug Glug* Voice: Minions have spawned. Red Minions: We are gonna shred ya’ to pieces nerds! Blue Minions: Not on our watches ya’ dorks! Get ready to die! Minions: Gah! Thats foul play! SC: Uhh, a bit anti-climatic? Minions: You have no chance against us you weaklings! OOF SC: I mean we might as well… All: Onwards! SC: So easy! Blue: Noobs get good! All: Haha! SC: Come on guys! SC: Advance! Green: THIS WAS A MISTAKE! Blue: Watch out, a fireball! SC: Wait! Hide! Blue: Come on, we need to keep moving! Blue: You alrigh- GAH! Green: Oh- NO! Green: Uh oh…. Green: GAH! Yellow: Come back here you winged lizard! Green: How is this thing still alive?!? SC: Watch out, FIREBA- Blue: THIS KINDA REMINDS ME OF THAT ONE TIME WITH PURPLE! Red: Come on, Beasty! (Kicks in the face are proven to reduce stress!) Green: Ready? SC: Ahhhh SC: one… more… SC: Gah! SC: Ow… man… Red: Alright dude? SC: Who the heck is that? All except Blue and Green: Uh oh, who invited this guy… Purple: Hello again, Stick Figures! Green: It’s him! SC: It’s who? Green: He’s kind of a traitor… He used to rule a land with villagers. Purple: TAKE THEM TO THE DUNGEON!! Blue:He made us king at one point… But then he left us to die… Green: Purple, HELP!!! Green: Help me and Blue! Purple:trololololololo Green: He left us to die… Purple: Well well, you have finally caught up. Red: Hey, look we don’t want any trouble. Purple: Too bad, I wanna WIN. Blue & Green: I’ve never seen him do that before! SC: I guess we have no choice but to fight! Red: Not that I’m *grunts* complaining! Purple: To be honest, this isn’t that much of a challenge! Red: You’ve got some pack in your pun- Red: Well so do I! Blue: Take my arrows! Purple: You’re not the only one who can do that! Blue: What the!?? Green:Get Rekt! Yellow: Yeah! FREEZE! Breaking SC: You’re a bit slow- wait… SC: What the?? Hurt SC: What the heck? SC: What’s going on there? SC: I’m going to check this thing out. Let’s take a deeper look… Well, well, well… Purple: Haha yes… yes I will win! Heck yes SC: What’s this? Red: Wait what? Red: GAH! Red: Blue help me! Help me! Both: Someone, please save us…! SC: No, STOP HURTING MY FRIENDS! purple: Ah my dick fell of Hiyah! SC: So they have files… Purple: NO PLEASE WA- Purple: Damn you! Red: Huh? Red: You’ve really messed up now! SC: Ha. SC: Gah! SC: *grunts* SC: Enough! (GAH!) SC: Time to destroy these clones! Purple Clones: Haha- You’v- No! Gah- *glitches* Green & Yellow: What in the? Green & Yellow: What’s happening? SC: Stop! Yellow: Give up Already Clone: choke*fucking retards All: We did it! Green: Get rid of the turret quick! Red: Destroy it! Yellow: GO GO!! You’re team has destroyed a turret. All: BOOM, EASY! Purple: I… Uh.. Aha! Purple: nom nom nom Purple:I feel STRONGER! SC : GUHHH SC : OOOFFFF All : What the??! All: That’s a huge bitch Purple with heavy voice: ALL! you are babies Purple: This is almost too easy, haha. Green: AH! fuck 😡 Red: I got you😍 Blue: Get him!😠🔫 Voice: Your turret has been destroyed! Voice: Your turret has been destroyed! Blue: Fight him! Purple: This good enough for ya? Voice: Your Inhibitor has been destroyed! All: Leave! We don’t want you here! Purple: STOP IT! Voice: Your turret has been destroyed! Green & Blue: Run and protect – Damn… Green & Blue : GET OUTTA HERE ALREADY Green: Uhhhhh ….. Purple: DESTROY IT! FASTER! Red: No! there’s still a chance! If I just- Green: No.. There’s no chance, you’re just gonna get yourself killed! Blue: We lost… Yellow: No… Purple: WHAT THE??! Purple: WHAT???! SC: I’m already Destroying Yours. Purple: KILL HIM ! Red: We Gotta Help! Blue: How? Yellow: We can’t make it! Green: There’s a chance! Let’s go! All: Feel our FURY!! bitch ( Powerful Beams ) SC: I need to hurrry! Purple: Get Him!! Green: Watch out! SC: COME ON, COME ON, COME ON! SC: ONE MORE!! SC: Hah, guys calm down! SC: Put me down! All: haha that bitch lost WOOO! Yellow: Guys… Look…. Purple: Why can’t I ever win anything? SC: *sigh* I’ll go talk to him. Green and Blue: Wha-, this guy betrayed us a long time ago! But he lost… whatever. SC: Hey, you alright? Things did get a bit out of hand didn’t they? Purple: What the? SC: I don’t wanna fight man. SC: I just want to settle this… SC: Another match? …With us? SC : GOOD LUCK! Red: Let me press this. Green: Round 2! Purple: Wait… where’s the orange one? SC: This time it’s a friendly match. Yellow: CHARGE! Red: Oh yeah! Blue: I’m ready! Green: Come on man. Purple: Wooh! Let’s go! The End. Thanks so much for watching guys! If you want to see more stick figure animations, then subscribe right there, and also subscribe to my buddies at Hyun’s Dojo, I could not have done this video without them. Also, I am starting a new channel. It is called Animators VS Games. and if you enjoy video games, then you’re in for a treat. So… check us out right there. So thanks for watching! See you guys in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Animation vs. League of Legends (official)

  1. i was expecting the end to be Alan coming back to the computer and everything being awkward like "uh, hi?"

  2. 8:46

    This clone just said Choke fucking retards with subtitles. Excuse me but that's not very kind sir. I wonder when they started cursing.

  3. yemin ederim çevrisini aq gibi yapmissiniz bu ne olum her sözde lan olm falan sacma sapan!!! resmen animationdan iğrendim !

  4. 2:56 the blue stickman:Nice i have an bow now
    The yellow: nice i have the power of the light
    The red stickman: i guess i gonna have a sick power too
    Actual power blindness

    (I know he is now a ninja)


  6. Notice their clan is called "The Chosen Ones" 2:05 and that if you turn on captions, there is cursing. 😀 Makes it better.

  7. Yteusuvzno ya t.
    Idol diiwuhdjdjud. Idhduiwggsidjhduhd. Jxbdbudhusidhhdhosous. Xjxbxvhzshhxwuydhfudhdgkhxgjxhxhgdudysidhdjjfji dj uxi sh uxusgwhdgzowudhhsjsjishhui id bd f idjd dbdj jd jjdndbddjjdjjfjcjxjnxnxboowhdbjxjsouxb ah jxi bcz visizfbsidbdj.

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