90 thoughts on “Anti-Flag – The Disease

  1. this has the same vibe as the one Greenday song they did a regarding lies and deceit. It does have an amazing Billy Talent vibe too I love it.

  2. I wish for more Terror State but this is still great. And that album came out almost 20 years ago. Art changes, everyone here saying "old stuff was better" cool so you have been listening to, reading, and watching stuff from 15 years ago? Awesome 👍

  3. Pretty high production value for a band that claims to hate capitalism. I’m sure they got paid nicely for opening for rise against at wrigley field too. Imagine earning money to do something you’re good at while providing people with something they’re willing to spend their money on. Man capitalism sure sucks…..😂😂. Joke of a band. Just like rage against the machine.

  4. Me gusta, tienen ese estilo de las bandas que sonaron en los años 2000s ojalá mantengan esa esencia, bastante buena la rolita

  5. Please please please play The Culture Room or Club Revolution in ft.lauderdale. its been way too long since ive seen you guys and i think Florida needs to be set free.

  6. Everybody here crying for old times wake up, Anti flag needs to be played by radio or other media. It´s really nice to be underground rebel, but it means you will allways be underrated and popular only in small social party. Look forward

  7. This sounds too pop to me geez it sounds like Good Charlotte 🙁 you're the punkers Antiflag of the press corpse please go back to that style 😉

  8. Hate Conquers all was rad but this is….this is a little too on the nose, obvious, not really all that creative for you guys

  9. YouTube played before a song I was about to listen too, clicked straight onto this instead, fuck yea 🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. hum is it me or this is basically the same video as Green day's Back to the USA? Wearing glasses seeing things ?…

  11. The AF identity crisis continues. I appreciate the musical progression, I mean, I wouldn’t expect them to continue writing “Angry, Young, & Poor” forever but these videos AF pump out scream glossy corporate bullshit. There’s a serious mismatch between what they proclaim and what they project.

    Gotta pay the bills, I guess.

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