Are Gemini & Virgo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Are Gemini & Virgo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

Gemini and Virgo immediately attract each
other. A Virgo is a very mental sign, and its passions,
its sensitivity, and its need for warmth and affection are somewhat buried in the Virgo. A Virgo tends to be reserved. What Gemini does is draw that out, because
Gemini is anything but reserved. Gemini loves to explore, be curious, find
new things in life to do, things that are spontaneous. Let’s go on this trip. Oh, let’s go there. Let’s try this new restaurant. So Gemini brings out that adventurousness
to whatever degree that the Virgo has. However, once the first sexuality dies down,
then they run into that middle part that’s difficult, because Virgo really wants an ordered,
structured life. Virgo wants to utilize its talents to make
a life that counts for something. Gemini wants to continue to play in a sense. Not that Gemini can’t settle down and have
a career and do wonderful things with its talent, but Gemini is always outward-seeking. Virgo tends to be inward-seeking. So after they explore each other, which won’t
take much time, they’re going to find that they’re rather barren of things in common. That doesn’t lead to anything very long-term.

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  1. gives me hope since this girl i like is a virgo and her loser drug using bf is a gemini. i need to work some scorpio charm on her.

  2. My best friend is a Gemini and I am a Virgo but our personalities are completely opposite to what they described. I'm the adventurous one and she is the quiet one. Hahaha ^^

  3. very sad 🙁 I'm in love with a gemini guy that just left me and i watched this to help me decide if i should try to call him again…guess not 🙁 ..hes a triple gemini to,gemini sun,moon and mars ,I'm a virgo sun and moon and libra venus and mars in libra so i thought all the air i had would mesh well forever with him but of course all of that gemini in him made him bore of me from thanksgiving tip now when we first met 🙁 he has venus in leo and i thought that would also help with him staying for true love but guess not :( hurt..

  4. I'm Gemini and I like to pursue my career , and often reserved and playful at the same time… all Geminis are not like that …. 

  5. Geminis and Virgos are like yin yang one female one male, I'm a Gemini and I'm in love with a Virgo girl and she is so beautiful, and that we always immediately smile at each other by just saying our names. we work well together when we are assigned partners in school. and she did ask my friend to ask if I liked another girl because my friend told me she did. the Virgo's name is Jelina and she IS the most beautiful and forgiving girl I've met. so To all Virgos and Geminis….. don't lose hope……don't give up, never give up because if you truly love them then go through the pain for them and who knows they probably think about you too.

  6. This is looking specifically at the sun signs of Virgo and Gemini. What people need to remember is that a person is equally made up of their rising sign (the mask that they wear to the outside world) and their moon sign (how the signs are emotionally affected by situations and just characteristics deep within regarding their emotions). Not all Virgos are completely serious and CAN be fun. And not all Geminis are spontaneous and outgoing. They CAN be at times and they can also be reserved at times. Also Geminis have to sides to them. Not necessarily fake but many personalities which they can adapt to a specific person they meet which is why they get on with NEARLY everyone

  7. i hate that people talk about gemis like that… i dated a virgo. and he was the one who was scared to commit and fled like a coward… ok im bitter lol but still… i havent met ONE Gemi that was as you describe carefree and in the wind. they tend to be the exact opposite mostly with moments of carefreeness. then back to business

  8. plez do reply me I hve a bf who is gemini n im a virgo..we bth luv each other madly…isit a gd sign..we trust each other n cre fr each oher..probably true luv

  9. I'm Gemini woman started dating a Virgo man been one month together and to tell you the truth he us so amazing and to me I could see my self in a long relationship with him…

  10. Gemini is arrogant and lusty for name and fame, they always fulfill their need and ditch the partners .
    Virgo is a calm , always troubled, do not speak even Gemini parners take disadvantage of his character, carrier and position .

    Gemini is narcissistic

  11. I'm a Virgo male and I have dated 3 Gemini, all cheated including my wife of 16 years.
    My mother is also a Gemini and I trust none of them, including my mother whom attempted to shot my brother and father.

  12. I am a Gemini deeply in love with a virgo, hé is mysterious and i know he likes me back . But man.. hé is so boring.

  13. My and my Gemini man work perfectly together! In a world where I felt like a ghost, he sees me. I love how adventurous he is in life! I am very reserved but because of him, I am becoming a little less reserved. We always end up being the loudest and most entertaining couple in the restaurant (not boasting, people have told us! Offered us coupons for entertaining them 😅). I use to avoid Gemini men, glad I didn’t avoid mine.

  14. Me I'm a Gemini woman with a Virgo Man… Been together in business and marriage 28 years… We are Strong and we cherish each other for our differences!

  15. This is true for me and my gemini ex husband…he l is so flightly loves to travel and I am so grounded and homely…was not a good family situation I stayed frustrated so I totally resonate…even now we are divorced he is in a different state every week while I am home taking care of the children and the home making ends meet/ prioritizing…must be fun to be a gemini lol

  16. As a gemini I seriously favour virgo
    Idk why
    I just do

    btw im a little kid so I searched this up for friendship not relationship but yeh ok 😂

  17. I had my longest relationship with a Virgo – probably bc he was a really good man but regardless, Gemini and Virgo can be a really good matcg

  18. Im a virgo and im so clingy 😵 while my gemini guy is moving too fast. But i dont care, i follow him wherever he is 😝😝😝

  19. My boyfriend is a Virgo and he is very affectionate and looks at me with love meanwhile I am not affectionate and I like relationships to be like friendships. Yet we still make an amazing couple, everyone shoot your shot

  20. Im a gemini but I seem like a more grounded air sign whereas my virgo man seems more like a airy earth sign

  21. Virgos are reserved… cautious and very skeptical to one's true intentions. Very loyal and love hard when we dedicate ourselves to our partner. Being a virgo I tend to be sapiosexual (attracted to one's intelligence). If a guy can't spark my attention by keeping a intellectual conversation going then my attraction to them will draw up like salt poured on a snail.Virgos are not boring by far… there are many dimensions to us. The energy a person gives off will be the result of what a person will get in return. 😁

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