Avoid Dialysis w/ Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) CRF & Renal Failure

Avoid Dialysis w/ Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) CRF & Renal Failure

(calm music) – My name is Dilly, Dilly Turao, – [Interviewer] Nice name. – And I’m from Papua New Guinea. – And I’m George Parnow, I’m her husband, and also from Papua New Guinea. I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 1994 when I was studying in Australia. From then on I was always having, I’ve been diabetic and then, last year, July, I was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. There’s been some changes. So, we were now made to depend more on the dialysis. So, in our case it was
more like trial and error, so when they tried dialysis and it worked, or, she started to feel better, they confirmed that maybe
that was the way to go for us. So, dialysis was the
big change in our life, you, know, we had to look
at going for dialysis once a week, staying on
dialysis for four hours a day when you are in there, so
that’s a complex change there. A big change for us. We did some research on food and diet, and what type of foods to avoid and to keep out of the diet, so, that was the change we had to go through. But, we felt that even with those changes, we still needed to get
something different, an alternative of treatment,
as well as a proper diet. And so that helped us
to make the decision to come out and look for the alternative. The main thing that made our decision to come to Thailand was the information. The clarity of information
that made us understood very clearly what we were
getting ourselves into. We found out a bit about China, and what they are doing
with kidney diseases, and in the process of searching, and also when we talked to our doctor at home, he mentioned stem cells,
but more from China. And then, so we started
looking or searching for stem cells anywhere
else, apart from China. Mainly because all the
communication difficulties we were having with China. So the first point of contacting
we did was with China, so we were exchanging notes with them, and then we came across the
Regeneration Center of Thailand. And then filled in the forms,
sent the information in and then we got the response from Jamie, and that, I think, the difference was that we could clearly tell what, the information Jamie was giving us, was very something that we could follow. So that kinda raised our confidence in the information that
was being provided, so we continued to exchange emails whilst continuing with the China one, and then we weighed both of them up, and then we believed that we should look at Thailand as a different and better approach. Because everyone in
PNG was going to China, and Singapore, I think. But Thailand was, I think,
for us, was the first. Cause of the experience we’ve had, we’ve had no negative experience since we arrived in Thailand. From the pickup at the
airport, to the hotel, the pickup from the hotel to the clinic, and meeting the doctors,
nothing negative at all. So, we would strongly recommend not only Kidney stem cell regeneration, but also to do with the
Regeneration Center of Thailand. Because we have come through
and experienced this, it’s very good outcome for us, and so we would strongly
say, ask them to also look at Thailand and look
at Regeneration Center. That Friday was the first stem cell transfusion itself. But before then, in the lead-up, we had B-peptides and renal cell injections just to prepare the body for
receiving the stem cells. – I think it’s still early days yet, but I feel like there’s not much sweating on my feet, and tiredness I still get every time, but not as much as before. My body, I feel hungry
more often now, yeah. – A thing we also want to share is that the last blood stem cells
we got after dialysis, and the doctors, we went
through with them yesterday, Miss Su, the clinic manager, she had goosebumps when she
looked at our results, because – [Interviewer] It’s better? – Yes, the first, after
dialysis on the 3rd of April, the creatinine dropped to 6.4, and BUN, which was the
blood, urea, and nitrogen, that dropped to about 47. – [Interviewer] Amazing. – And then, before dialysis,
just that Wednesday, again that was normal
that it went back up, and then after dialysis,
so the comparison was that after dialysis on the 3rd and after dialysis just last week, the creatinine dropped from 6.4 to 5.4. So, by one point, and the
BUN dropped from 47 to 28. Also the dialysis whilst here was arranged by the clinic, and you know, that was again another positive. We were not left on our
own to look for dialysis, because it was not part
of our original thing, but it was just close
proximity and the people at the stem cell Hospital also very, very nice. You know, how they took
us in, asked questions, and then made sure that
we were comfortable. It’s just amazing, you know, the experiences that we had here. We will continue to speak
highly of when we get back home. Ko kun krab.

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  1. I am very interested in having stem cell therapy for my kidney disease but my doctor in America is suggesting that my kidney is not healthy enough since its only at ~35% functionality. Is this true? I thought the whole point of this treatment was to treat an unhealthy kidney. If they were healthy i would not need treatment. What are the risks if i do hove cell therapy for my kidneys now?

  2. thank you for sharing your experience. There is a lot of misinformation online and its nice to see a family share their actual experience. Pleas update when you can.

  3. From Embryonic stage till Adulthood, ‪#‎stem_cells‬ develop & help to maintain, repair damaged organs and tissues. The cells divide into specialized cell in a process known as differentiation.

  4. My Mom has cronic kidney failure and can no longer take peritoneal dialysis and now in the process to be put on hemo dialysis can she be helped while on dialysis is their any treatment of this in the United States?

  5. Take more magnasium and food with magnasium and with k2 and d3.add lemon essentials oil in coconut oil and massage on kidneys with ginger oil also.let me know if help someone.

  6. If you want your kidney function to go up, you must stop eating animal protein! The protein is too hard on the kidneys, what ever function you have left the animal protein will kill it over time!

  7. Dialysis is not a kidney treatment. Its a procedure of cleaning your blood from toxins or wastes that the kidney can no longer screen

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