Being Gay In Asia // Ep 2-2 // Traveling With A Chronic Illness // Thailand Travel Vlog [CC]

Being Gay In Asia // Ep 2-2 // Traveling With A Chronic Illness // Thailand Travel Vlog [CC]

The garden was created in 1976 by a Samui fruit farmer named Nim Thongsuk on his family’s large green lands. The private sculpture park sits at the top of Pom Mountain one of the highest peaks in the island There are statues of all shapes and sizes scattered around with some hiding behind trees As they are based on Thai folklore and mythology each statue has a story Thongsuk continue to develop this garden until his death at the age of 91 It’s very nice, very relaxing Everyone here is so sweet I really like all the hotel staff When you bump into anyone, or actually just Thai people are generally very nice, aren’t they? Yeah just walking down the road everyone is like: Hello! Oh, hi! Even checking in ‘Oh your booking agent has booked you a double…’ Is this correct? Yes, that is right! I’d actually written ahead and said we are a married couple please give us a king size bed ‘I’m too far away from you in the bed’ I sleep on the edge of the bed, always It does not matter how big the bed is I sleep on the edge A kind size you are over there A kind size would be very useful at home in England when we got the dogs who also take more than 1/3 of the bed I take another third, the dogs take up more than a third, that leaves you with 1/8 or something Four beings sleeping in our bed Thailand is much more… like I didnt feel awkward asking for a double because their They are much more liberal in that type of thing You’ve all asked about it. I said you all… most people have been leaving comments specially on our joined instagram if you don’t already follow that… Throw that in… And it said you know, ‘are you ok in Malaysia? Is it dangerous there because homosexuality is ilegal?’ ‘ Don’t be to open and gay, omg’ And obviously because we already own the flat in KL it’s not like we had to check in Or have someone check us out So this is the first time we’ve been checking into a hotel The flat in Malaysia was my mom’s so she left it to me and my sister Which is very nice that Julia and I can be in touch with our family So that is why we just go and my auntie looks after it, she let’s us in So it’s all very chill in there And obviously your family, we say you are half malaysian ‘Are the Malaysian family ok with the gayness?’ Well actually the first time we both came out which was… Two years ago . In January two years ago was when we were engaged and I did say to Jessica like look, It’s ilegal to be gay in Malaysia and my family on the whole are quite Christian cause they are Chinese, they are not Malay You should probably explain about ethnicities in Malaysia Well, I’m not like an expert but… I’m half Malaysian. I call myself half Malaysian because my mum was a Malaysian citizen But she is Chinese ethnically, so she is Chinese-Malaysian But then you know, what is ethnically anything? And there are different types There are sort of more distinct ethnicities in Malaysia, so you have the Chinese group and you have the Indians, and then you have Malay. And then you have a mixture cause obviously there is mixed raced between those And indigenous people Yeah, and then you get the Malay indigenous people And then you of course get the expats like some white people as well Those different ethnic groups would call themselves Malaysian Yeah and the different ethnic groups each have their own religion as well So although Malaysia is… (obviously people from there) a Muslim country that is the Malay population rather than Claud’s family who are Chinease-Malay who are more Christian or Taoists. My grandfather was… when my mum was little he was more like Budist-Taoist but then in time they all became more Christian. How many generations back did your family come to Malaysia? I think it was like my great-grandfather, so my mother’s grandfather So my grandfather’s father, or it might have been his grandfather They came from an area of China, I think Canton cause that’s why they speak Cantonese But all of them came from China as tin miners Because there was a lot of tin in Malaysia And then they all married within the same ethnic group, that’s why people can still be completely ethnically Chinese So that was pretty interesting, there is loads of… [J interrupts] But there you go the point is Claud’s family are OK with the GAY! Yes! That was were we were going with that And in terms of Malaysia travelling as a gay couple we are just respectful of the country Despite what you see on Youtube and our Instagram those are our private moments almost that we share with you Even in Brighton we don’t go around like snogging We don’t snog on the internet Well no that’s true So in Malaysia, the same sort of thing applies, we are more… we keep our relationship more private I guess We are not like hiding anything, if someone came up to us and asked us ‘are you a couple?’ We would say yes, why not, we are married We are legally married It’s completely fine for us and we are tourist That applies to the world And people are not naive to that, they know is legal in different countries We are not shoving it down people’s throats or their faces No no Also I think the things that we do are read in a different way If you are from a country were being gay is quite an open thing and you see gay couples in the news, media When you see a couple holding hands in the street and it’s two women or two mean, gay is going to be one of your first thoughts It’s going to be like oh, is that a gay couple? Whereas here when they see two girls holding hands and walking down the street most people seem to assume friends or sisters because it’s not so far forward in their conciousness Maybe That’s why we get asked a lot if we are sisters That is similar in England in some places to be fair When we were down in the west-country in Cornwall visiting your mom I think we got asked all the time are we sisters? Like every day! We are not even the same race! Christ! Oh the passports! Yeah yeah! Oh my God! When we arrived in Thailand, was it here? No? Malaysia was it? When we were leaving Malaysia to come to Thailand we were going through passport control and in the hurry of things Jessica had passed me her passport and she got mine and we didn’t realise we went up to different counters and the woman had looked at my passport being like yeah, fine… Then you have to do the little like ID finger test and they would scan your fingerprint to double check it’s you and it scanned, and it scanned… And we were both waiting… And whilst I was still there holding my fingers like this is taking a long time, and the woman was ‘this is taking a long time; Over at my counter the guy was just happily flirting away with me, and on the flirty spree he goes: Ok Claudia! Nop And then she came running up like I’ve got your passport! And I was like oh!And this woman was like ‘who is this?’ I was like oh that’s the girl who’s passport you are holding But yeah anyway back to the fact that we basically look like sisters Anyway we are just waffling on I think the important thing is just to be respectful of each other’s cultures So be respectful with the fact that they maybe don’t want to see gay kissing in the streets And they should be respectful of the fact that we are married We kinda came up with this policy, when someone comes up and says ‘oh are you sisters?’ Might be an older person or something, like you said, it’s not in fron of their mind that we might potentially be a couple Then we will probably just say yeah! No no, we are best friends± Because is just why embarass the person Why invite any sort of awkwardness, we are just on holiday, just being polite and kind Equally, if someone comes up and says ‘oh are you a couple?’ we are not going to be like OH NO! Like we know we are not hiding anything, and that is just how we deal with our sexuality in a place where is not considered, well, were is not legal I guess Yeah Cause is not illegal for us to be We are not malaysian we are allowed to visit the country, is not Rusia I don’t think we’d be allowed in Rusia Exactly, that’s why I said it We literally promote gayness . Yeah we are not allowed in Rusia Yeah and Malaysian citizens, we have plenty Malaysian who watch us and is not banned, they are not banned to watch us Hi guys! And it’s very interesting cause now we are in Thailand is like, it does highlight those things Because as we were saying sexuality here is viewed very differently mainly because their main relegion in the country The main thing is Buddhism, that’s why they had this book in the room And I opened it on a page and where was it It was the page about human sexuality I was literally just saying to Jessie: oh what do you think thais think of sexuality? And here’s the page: ‘What does Buddhism have to say about human sexuality?’ I thought it was quite interesting Buddist teaching do not view same-sex relationships conducted between two consenting adults as inheritably evil The Buddhist ways reflections on sexual desire are equally true and applicable whatever gender your object of desire might be So there we go They think there is nothing wrong with same-sex love and sexual relationships Which I thought was very encouraging I hope we have answered some of your questions Sorry for waffling on! We are gonna go to the pool! I love your oh it’s alright.. hahaha I said is alright cause I’m going to edit this later Wecome to room toor number 2! So we are now in the Fairhouse VIllages and spa, we have this little villa all to ourselves Come upstairs here We have our little chairs so we can sit in the evening and look out at this beautiful Oh my god look at that view! They even have plug points here In case you want to charge your phone whilst sitting in the evening Now onto the thing that I am most excited by Look at this I love it and Im not even showing you the room and that’s beautiful too So through this sliding doors I really like sliding doors Come in Sofa Television Fridge underneath With, and this I really like, complimentary water bottle is already in the fridge That’s an important detail Hopefully Claudia can have her tea now in the mornings cause you know she needs it Beach towels You’ll like this mug Claudia likes any kind of rustic looking earth ware… [ Claudia laugs] We are such old ladies, all our likes and dislikes are just I lovely place to sit, do your make up And I really like by the way that this hotel is very into green conservation and whatnot And they have a special garden where they grow all their own fruit, vegetables and herbs so you can go visit And they only wash your things if you ask and they change your bed every third day Lovely big wardrove oh! a torch! In case you get stuck in the garden I think you need it at night-time for the beach Oh .yeah Better take this with us then What’s in here?Oh hair dryer, I thought it was going to be really exciting And come and see the bathroom It has the heaviest door so bear with me There’s a bath! And a useful towel on the floor! Nice tiles It’s gorgeous Look at it, oh yeah Eugh… It’s gross look It’s growing through the bandage I’m gonna have a third foot by the time we get back to england Anyway look at this I really appreciate this too Nice bowl Look at the outside Rather nice isn’t it? Shower, very important for you Yeah You don’t shower I have baths, I don’t like showers They are weird No one wants to stand in the rain! Why would you stand in a shower Choosing to get rained on I live the ceiling too Are you happy? Very happy! Let’s go look at the beach Okay! We are currently trying to work out how to get from our villa down to the breakfast pool area Which is down here No clue Although my wife looks beautiful next to the sea, look at this Hello gorgeous! It was confusing but we made it And it’s so worth it so beautiful! look at these elephants let’s go see the beach even though my foot really hurts Are you better? Yes Look at the view So Jessica was really shocked by a Massive snake Yes it was a massive snake It’s horrifying They’ve put flowers as blood in its mouth Pretty sure it’s just its tongue It’s blood and it’s coming to get me! Claudia just decided she is going to use this hotel to get fit By walking up the place they drive Are you ready? You go girl! Wo that’s good! The steepness does not in anyway show on camera okay observe steepness that’s not even that steep steepness steep Strong woman Very nice Now I have to come to you Oh my gosh… it’s quite something this can you hold the camera? can’t take it Oh no your flower! Almost fell down there Rolled backwards down Okay, oh dear oh boy Yay! have we not gone high enough? here we are! I’m exhausted I don’t know how to go down I’m scared, you go first Fun fact: as a child I didn’t swim in the sea for six years cause I was terrified of jellyfish I’ve come so far I miss my chips already

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  1. My girlfriend is Vietnamese while I'm white and we get asked if we're sisters all the time too. I assume people think she could be adopted. Asking two girls if they are "sisters" is a good starting point to not offend anyone while also gaining clarification and information. Like asking two people if they are a gay couple right off the bat will offend some straight people. "What!? Do I look gay?" As if that's somehow a bad thing, lol.

  2. You make a good point about the perception of two women or two men holding hands in different countries. When I was in Morocco it was common to see two men holding hands as a sign of friendship, so it definitely varies based on the culture. Love your videos!!

  3. I’m from Russia and I’m pretty sure you would be allowed there. It’s not forbidden to be gay . I have a lot of gay friends and there are many gay clubs. Not everything told in media is true.

    Sorry for my English. Love you so much!!! You r amazing!!!

  4. Couple goals! Did you always know you were gay? I know this probably won't be answered, but next time a Q&A comes around I'll have to ask haha

  5. Ohhh I understand you sooo much xD you can't even hahahha. I'm like that too, I'll cry ( I mean I cry a lot, in sadness and in happiness) but specially when I'm in a situation when I feel a lot of feelings in the same moment and they overwhelm me and I just cry, it's not because I'm like sad or anything is wrong, I just can't take in feeling soo much stuff, when half I don't even understand it.
    Anyway! beautiful video 🙂

  6. I’ve always said I worry for people who are concerned what someone does in their bedroom…😂💕🌺 why would you be bothered?! Just a straight woman who’s often mistaken as a raging Lesbian…🤭😆

  7. FYI there is no law prohibiting gay people or even married same-sex couples from entering Russia and there was never an instance of a foreigner being prosecuted for "gay propaganda"

  8. WAIT are you Cornish Jessica???? Or does your mom just live there??
    I'm part Cornish (my family came over for coal mining in Michigan) and I'm actually learning Cornish (Kernewek Kemmyn) and I don't know more than a couple Cornish people so it'd be cool if you are

  9. I’m watching your whole vacation from bed today as I can’t get up but I get to see all the pretty things you have done, so thank you for sharing and giving me hope that I will not spend my life in bed sick and that there are good times even if it’s short.

  10. I have a Pakistani friend a guy who is American and born here but his parents are from Pakistan and he is gay and when he went to Pakistan as a child to visit he thought a lot of the people were gay because they held hands a lot of the guys but he found out and later told me that they do that also in India it's a friendship thing so I agree that if it's not prevalent or out there in a country that the first thought is not gay it's friends and on that note my wife and I always get asked if we're sisters or even if she's my daughter I'm 10 years older than her though I don't think we both don't look our age and we just so happen to work together at the same place one time so a lot of people would see our name tags with the same last name and we would always get asked are you sisters that work together and I would always say no that's my wife, we don't tend to show a lot of PDA in public even hand holding I come from a little bit of an era of where I can remember hate being spewed I have been attacked and beaten for being gay but my wife is never really seen that or been exposed to it. I do agree with you we have just went ahead and said yes we're sisters I've had some people with after I've told them that that that's my wife that they've got a little hostile but I respect what they think they think and we had this one place we would eat at that the lady no matter how many times I told her that Angela was not my daughter or my sister she would always ask how's your sister doing so finally I just started saying my sister is fine the only time I did get scared was this guy that ran a convenience store flirted with my wife and love my wife every time she went in there but when I went in there he threatened to cut my head off if I ever came back when he found out that Angela and I were together so instead of making a big deal about it and not go there anymore.

  11. My sister is gay I don’t know if I am or not but we went to Russia and over there you get the death sentence, my sister and I were scared.p.s. I love you guys soooo much .xxx

  12. My best friend and I look about as different as you two do (brunette and red head) and we're both named Jessica and we've been asked all the time if we're sisters. Because our names are both Jessica?! Who has siblings with the same name as them! I can only imagine how annoying it must be when you're in a romantic relationship with the person constantly mistaken as your sister.

  13. I was so confused when you said "Oh its a torch". I was like Mummy do you mean flashlight? Wait nvm thats american.

  14. I have left one of the most homofobic churches, the Mormon church, but even in that church something is changing. A lot of millennials of the church are more understanding about gay people now. The church is adapting. They have to. To many millennials are leaving. Nice holiday movie, by the way:)

  15. Well, you can be sister's even with a different ethnicity.

    1 One parent can give more dominant gene's to one child and the other gets their dominant ethnic traits from the other parent, it happens quite alot really, even a twin can be of a different ethnicity vs their twin in some cases.

    2 You can be half sisters from either a shared father or mother and one of the parents married to either can be of a different ethnicity to the rest and "hey presto" two half sisters with slightly or very noticeably different ethnicities.

    3 Adoption,….either of you could have been adopted into the other family with a different ethnicity making you adopted sisters.

    4 Marriage of parents with previous established families involving children on both sides of different ethnicities getting hitched to subsequently merge the two families into one, making you step sister.

    More roads lead to Rome ; ).

    But people shouldn't assume things, on that i agree.

  16. Hi IAM muslim and real from South East Asia but..girls I love you … And respect to you.. actually it's depends to the personality and how we treat the other.. I live in the place which I can't be my self.. judge Everytime.. bullying everyday that's what I feel all the time because IAM coming out in my town. But when I go to the city well still in my country I feel the different way.. the people most respect and I didn't get any bullying about my orientation… I work in a place which I have always do the right things even though it's not the kind things to me.. people always forget to be kind.. they always do the right. And IAM sad about that… Hug 🤗🤗

  17. Hooow did you manage to be there when there where no other people around? HOW? You have the beach for your own this is SO STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL

  18. Oh, Hi there! I’ve been watching all of your videos and I’m from Indonesia. Both of you is such a loveliest couple i’ve seen in youtube. And anyway, in Indonesia is not dangerous like you said (for hotel check in) or being gay in public, we have seen it as a usual things right now and we are tolerate about it. I have more than 2 friends that are gay, and im ok with that bcs thats their choice.
    and about the culture, its nearly like Malaysia because almots Indonesian’s Citizens are Moslems. You can go to Bali or Lombok, those place are main destination for tourists sometime.
    Can’t wait to see your vlogs in Indonesia!

    Love, xx

  19. Even if you are not Malaysian citizens the laws must still apply to you as well right? I would be scared of being arrested if I travelled with a partner in a country that bans lesbian and gay sex, especially if they could find out about my sexuality by just googling me. Even if my partner and I did not have sex during the trip and were discreet, it would still make me feel unsafe.

  20. Actually, I kind of see the sisters thing! You're different races but your jaw lines aren't that different and you both have lovely, kinda strong noses. I don't think I would be surprised at all if I met y'all in real life and you lied and said you were half sisters.

  21. Well, I could think that you may be half-sisters why not?
    And it's strange that people in country would ask you about being a couple in the country where is not allowed. I mean, what would they do with a positive answer? Call the police? 😀

  22. Maybe the whole sister thing at the airport could be cos couples tend to lookalike after some time. Idk xx

  23. Wow just think about the work of producing this video! For every shot they had to place the camera first, do some neat scene, repeat this for a hundred times and then edit everything.

    Thumbs up for your effort of making a beautiful video for us!

  24. I just found your channel and I just want to say that you two give me hope. I am also gay and have a variety of chronic illnesses and I fear often that there's no way anyone would want a relationship with someone who's always sick or in pain. Your relationship is beautiful and inspiring.

  25. Hello! I'm from Russia and I can tell that you are not banned to come here, but I'm afraid some people may be rude and aggressive, because they are conditioned to be rude and agressive. But there are a lot of people who will embrace you with thier whole heart.

  26. Does anyone know what the intro song for all her Asia mini series?

    I just keep getting the feeling that it’s not applicable for the countries they’ve been to…

    Just want to point out that not all Asian music sounds the same.

    Like the British can’t make claim to Micheal Jackson just because he sings in English.

    Still a Fan ❤️ Jessica and Claudia.

  27. These two lovable ladies are therapy for me, I feel no pain when watching. The whole world need Claudia and Jessica in there life’s.

  28. I think if there was a contest for a couple with the best hair, you two would win. I love Claudia's natural and long hair…but then Jessica looks like she stepped out of a beautiful vintage movie. 🙂

  29. Claudia looks so in her element on the beach. She look so effortlessly beautiful in a bikini and looks so happy swimming and lounging by the water. Stunning

  30. Biological twins can look as different as you are though, so it not that far fetched! You seem to have a good holliday, I'm glad 😊👍 You're so cute together😚😚

  31. Oh I just checked out this video now and I am a Cantonese speaker! And nope my Christian chinese parents cannot accept that ….. and i was asked that oh someone booked u to the double room in Australia …

  32. I like to stand in the rain. And I don't like to take a bath unless I shower before. I feel like I am sitting in dirty dead skin cells.

  33. Well nothing wrong with "snogging" in public, regardless of girl with girl, guy with guy or girl with guy, but I still think it is considered "good taste" to avoid going hard at that. To be perfectly honest, it would definitely bother me to see two people french kissing with kilometers of tongue out, and I am absolutely not a bigot! I even think that probably back in my twenties I kind of went "wild" with the PDA. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband of 13 years) was living in America, and I was living in Italy. The times in which we could see each other were limited, so clearly we barely could not take our hands off of each other. But, at 36 now, I realize that maybe it wasn't exactly totally appropriate, in public. That is to say that the other day I saw what was an elderly couple (or in any case people well in their fifties) that were french kissing and all of that, with the guy also touching the rear end of the lady in the middle of the street! Yes, sir! It was in fact in front of a traffic light. And that bothered me; I think it was just lack of good common taste, regardless of the fact that I am quite liberal: anybody can do what they want at least in the limit of decency (e.g. having sex on a bench at a bus stop; I've seen also that happening…) You girls are amazing and I love your channel everyday more than the previous one! And your smiles are incredible!!

  34. in my country or idk maybe with the people i meet, it's weirdly normal to actually kiss a female friend! it's completely normal also in front of everyone!! like I kiss my cousin in front of her husband on her mouth when we greet and meet each other! and a lot of my girlfriends have kissed me before too … yet we're all straight too

  35. Just started watching and you two are so lovely and funny. I have a lot of videos to watch to get me caught, I will be my pleasure to do so. Hello from Oregon

  36. You are allowed in Russia. In most cases prohibition of homosexualitiy promotion concerns media, public speaking, rallies. If women go holding hands people mostly think that they are friends. It is exactly true for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Love you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 🇷🇺

  37. You share a deep connection and your behavior might be similar since you spend a lot of time together. I think that happens with many couples. Maybe it’s not that obvious between men and women and maybe that’s why people assume that you’re related

  38. You're wrong about the whole 'are you sisters' thing. Me and my partner go through the same thing all the time where we live where being gay is not against the law. People just do it because they don't want to acknowledge the reality that you are GAY, and or they also don't want to offend you by assuming you are gay. I live in Canada, that's where me and my partner get asked if we are siblings, pretty much that's all anyone has ever assumed.

  39. "We're not even the same race" … That doesn't mean you can't be sisters.
    I'm more surprised that there are people who get along with their siblings well enough to hold hands

  40. 1:20 minutes in and I'm like ok when is Jessica gonna start doing voice overs for Nat Geo docs? She's got an amazingly relaxing voice

  41. I am from Russia and gays are not banned here, the gay propaganda is banned which sounds vague and really awful, but you can be gay and even hold hands and most people would be okay with that.

  42. Jessica, you and Claud look stunning and comfortable. So glad that you took us on the journey through Malaysia and Thailand. 😀

  43. malasia countries and indonesia gay marriage or gay relations is still illegal because it is a very taboo or strictly prohibited relationship by the community government and😂😍

  44. Hong Kong is an Asian country that’s really accepting! I’ve lived here for nearly 10 years and everyone (my age, at least) is really accepting and educated when it comes to different sexualities (I guess because it’s a very western-populated country but yeah)

  45. "Choosing to get rained on." 😂 This may explain why I dislike taking showers.🤔 Anyway, it's so beautiful there!!!

  46. Weird I too sleep on the edge of the bed. 🤔And can we all just accept love comes in many shapes and sizes? I am companion to parrots, one in particular that I raised from a baby. She died suddenly at Ag 27 and I was so heartbroken. I realized how bonded I was with that bird when she died. About 2 yesrs later my father died after decades of ill health. I remember mentioning I still was grieving over her when my mother made this nasty comment about me not grieving more for my dad. All I could think of to say was: Love is Love!

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