Benefits of Blueberries for Heart Disease

Benefits of Blueberries for Heart Disease

“Benefits of Blueberries
for Heart Disease” In this new review
on the intake of berries and their brightly colored pigments,
called anthocyanins, they note four out of five studies
suggest that increased intake is significantly associated
with a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease—the number
one killer of men and women— by between 12 and 32%. That lower range is from
studies of older individuals, and the greater reduction of risk
was noted in younger populations, so perhaps the earlier we start
eating berries the better? And maybe the more, the better—
a 47% drop in heart attack risk for those in the top 10%
of berry consumption. It’s almost like one to one. For every 15 mg increase
a day, a 17% drop in risk. So how can you
get 100 mg a day? By eating less than a half
cup of blueberries a day, my Daily Dozen recommendation
for berry intake. Why the drop in risk though? What do berries have
to do with the heart? There have been over 20
randomized, controlled trials putting berries to the test
in more than 1,000 people and berries were shown to
help control bad cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars, body
weight, diabetes, and inflammation. Now, lots of plant foods can do this. Is there something
special about berries? Like cholesterol. All whole plant foods have fiber.
Fiber lowers cholesterol. But even blueberry tea
can lower cholesterol, even in kids who are genetically
predisposed to high cholesterol. We used to think only about 1 in 500
people had this high cholesterol gene, but now we’re realizing it may
be as many as 1 in 250. Still, for the 249 others who think high
cholesterol just runs in their family, more likely bad diets are
what’s being passed down. But even if you do
have the gene, what happens when you
give kids blueberry tea— just powdered blueberries in a tea bag
dipped in hot water for five minutes, so they’re not even
eating the whole food. Well, you can imagine
the water turning blue as the pigments
seep into the water, and indeed the antioxidant
capacity of their blood stream increased over the six months
they were in the study. Two things of note here. First of all, no change in the
control group, as expected, but note it took three months for the
tea to start having a significant effect, and then, of course, six months
after they stopped drinking the tea, they were back to
where they started. OK, but what happened
to their cholesterol? No real change in the control group,
but a 30% drop in LDL in the tea group. That’s like what you’d get putting
these kids on a statin drug, and they just had to drink
some yummy tea. But of course, when they stopped the tea,
their cholesterol bounced right back.

61 thoughts on “Benefits of Blueberries for Heart Disease

  1. 30% drop!!!! And after so many months!!!! And without the whole food, just a tea!!! is a marvel. Thank you SO much!

  2. Doesn't oatmeal have the same affect? So if you have both you shouldn't have any cholesterol problems then? Only if it was that easy. Interesting how this doesn't help older people as much why is that? That process the berry doesn't referse heart disease then if your already diagnosed. So what exactly did they eat in Forks over Knives to actually referse heart disease?

  3. I can't find pure blueberry tea… just blueberry tea with other fruits.. and blueberries are low on the list of ingredients. Anyone know where to find it?

  4. Just as I am having my oatmeal with blueberries breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

  5. eating raw blueberries vs boiling tea… are we getting the benefits from just eating them? or I should say, are we getting as much benefit as the tea.

  6. Are Goji berries comparable? I ask because they're easier for me to buy organic than blueberries. Berries are sprayed quite badly.

  7. Please don't confuse your North America blueberries (Vaccinium Angustifolium and Vaccinium Corymbosum) vs the real ones from Europe (Vaccinium Myrtillus and Vaccinium Ulignosum).
    There is not comparison: ours are wild berries, so much better to the taste and so much more loaded by anthocyanins ! Just eat a couple and your tongue, your teeth, your fingers turn and remain blue ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Watching this as Iโ€™m eating a huge bowl of steel cut oatmeal with pumpkin seeds and exactly 1 cup of blueberries! I literally eat this every day and now I can eat it with even more confidence that itโ€™s doing me so good!

  9. Dr. Greger would you consider doing a series on the importance of science education and science literacy?

    Science illiteracy will kill / harm more people than the amount of their daily Blueberry consumption.

    The field of nutrition, for example, is overfull with pseudoscience and snake oil (or outright lies) that spread like wildfire and get repeated (especially on internet forums and comment sections) like gospel by proponents with little to no understanding of science (e.g. the basics of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology), the scientific method, and or skepticism.

    I'm sure you've read your own comment sections and seen plenty of example of what I'm referring to.

    It's one thing to hand-feed people the information they need, but infinitely MORE IMPORTANT for them to acquire the tools to identify GOOD, reputable, peer-reviewed science from nutritional snake oil or outright lies.

  10. Could you do a video on the 2017 journal that associated vitamin B12 supplementation to lung cancer in men? Thanks, I love your work!

  11. any brands of blueberry tea out there that match the study? Was the tea made just for the study :'( Anything I find is mixed with other things so the amount of blueberry is probably teeny wheeny

  12. Blueberries are the bomb! ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ‘Œ I love to make a snack of ground oats with mashed banana, mashed blueberries and mixed spice (consistency of slightly dry muffin dough). Shape however you want and bake at 180C/350F for 10-15mins until the top is done but still, dare I say, slightly moist (hate that word lol) in the centre. Nice to have with a cup of tea. ๐Ÿ˜‹

  13. @2:53 i would be interested to know, did the control group and the BB Tea group have the same diet, with the exception of adding Tee?

    also, i would presume, eating the blueberries would have the same effect as BB tea.

  14. This is awesome! I love blueberries and knew they were good for the brain because of this channel but now cardio protective? LET'S GO!

  15. Daily lunch at work: 1cup oatmeal, 1cup blueberries, 1T ground flax seed, cinnamon, soak during the morning in hot water. Glad itโ€™s healthy!

    However, if were talking about overall antioxidant value none of these come close to Acai and Maqui berries that grow wild in the Amazon. Something else.

  17. I've been eating 60g's of bloobs daily in accordance with your Daily Dozen, Dr G. Are you now saying that I should be eating twice that amount?! (I'll do it if I have to, of course! I love bloobs)

  18. Lots of Antioxidantsย – Studies that came out in 2009 in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that blueberry tea is extremely high in antioxidants. In fact blueberry leaves contain 31 times more antioxidant polyphenols and anthocyanins than the berries themselves.

  19. My favorite fruit is berries. I try to limit how much fructose I consume (no high fructose corn syrup). But I like berries for the polyphenols and health benefits. I try to have about 1/2 to a whole cut when they are in season.

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