“Black Fever” [9+] The Climbing Gym Series S2 EP03

“Black Fever” [9+] The Climbing Gym Series S2 EP03

Everyone tries to give his best and set new standards. But what really matters, are the things that you experience Sunday, 13th of April 2014 “The enemy inside you” was my very first *real* climbing project. At the point we started to film it I knew that this will be something completly different! And it won’t be the same like the other climbing videos we film… when we go to the gym, set up everything, start shooting and the route will be climbed on the first try… and we have everything we need to cut it together So this time it was more difficult than that, because it took me 8 attempts to climb this route in one piece. We had to work for some weeks to get everything filmed for the final video. When I was back on the ground it was a weird feeling… I didn’t realize what just happened and I just thought about my next project I want to create and realized that there is so much more possible. Saturday, 28th of September 2014 So we started to screw my next project, Black Fever. Philipp, Korbi and I went out to the gym and started the work. We had sooo much fun screwing this beast! We worked some weeks on this one. When I first finished it I wasn’t really satisfied… so we went out 4 times to get it done and finish the route. I turned some holds, screwed some out and and and to get it the route I imagined it. And after 3 weeks of work my first route which touches the 10th grade was finally finished and the really hard work could begin. I actually don’t give a f*** where I climb. If I climb in the gym or outside at the rock and got some projects there Or if I go, for example, to Arco with Christoph and climb some multipitches and climb alpine. Even if I participate in competitons just for fun… It doesn’t matter for me…the most important thing is: I can go climbing and do what I love and what I want to do! And actually it doesn’t matter how hard you climb and where you climb, it is a passion! Everytime you start climbing you reach the point you click to switch and go for it! That is the fascinating about this sport. No matter where and how hard you climb, you are focused 100% on what you do at the moment. At such projects this focus is of course even higher as if you just warm up or climb for fun. But this focus on what you are doing at the moment is so intense that you really cut out everything around you and go for your climb. And sharing such a passion with your friends and getting new people involved in such projects and motivate them is such a wonderfull feeling of pure freedom! And getting such projects done together ,having such much fun and pushing each other in training is just indescribable! It’s just insane to have people who share this with you and stand by your side…and the breathtaking moments you experience with them!

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