Blinking White Guy Uses Viral Meme Fame For Good | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Blinking White Guy Uses Viral Meme Fame For Good | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– Sure y’all have seen this famous gif of the blinking white guy. Right, okay. You know the one your friend posts with the caption the “Game of
Thrones” finale had me like… (laughs) I thought it was Cary Elwes from the “Princess Bride” this whole time. But it’s not. His name is Drew Scanlon
and he’s gone viral again. He recently tweeted asking
anyone who has enjoyed his gif to donate to MS. Let’s call him on Skype
and find out all about it. All right here we go. Hi, I’m Kelly Clarkson.
(audience cheers) How are you? – Excellent. How are you! (Kelly laughs)
How are you? – I love… first of all, wait can you tell us the
story behind the gif. And I really did think it was the guy from “Princess Bride”, this whole time. – Yeah, I get that a lot, I used to work at a
website called Giant Bomb that covers the video game industry, and every week we did a live show, where we sat around playing video games and making jokes. So on one of those shows, my co-worker Jeff made a bad joke, and that’s just how I reacted. – Oh my god, so how did
it feel when you became like a huge success in the gif world? I mean, God, this gif was everywhere. Everybody uses it. – Yeah, and you know we were
honestly kind of used to our audience turning our
videos into these gifs, but usually they sort of stayed within our own little
video game community. With this one though, I remember somebody messaging
me on Twitter saying, “My mom just used this
gif of you on Facebook, and she has no idea who you are.” (audience laughs) That’s when I knew that we
had reached another level. (Kelly laughs) – Oh my god, well here’s
the greatest part of this, okay, you’re using your
fame to raise money for MS. So what is your connection to this cause? – Yeah, so, two friends of
mine, Chelsea and Katie, along with Katie’s mom, have MS, and so, we as a friend group have done this bike ride together for the past four years to
raise money for MS research. I don’t use the gif myself, almost ever, I think it’s kind of uncool if I do it, but I figured if I could somehow leverage this popularity for good,
then I absolutely should. And it turns out when you
ask people honestly for help, a lot of them are more than
willing to give to you. (audience claps)
– Man, that’s amazing! Well thank you so much Drew, if y’all wanna help Drew’s
cause, and you should, go to the “Kelly Clarkson
Show” Facebook page right now. I’m going to officially like
your tweet right now Drew, I love it, I love your mission. It’s awesome.

30 thoughts on “Blinking White Guy Uses Viral Meme Fame For Good | The Kelly Clarkson Show

  1. Who EIse is a true fan of The Kelly Clarkson Show? 😍If you are watching this… Have a phenomenal day and rest of 2019!🌹

  2. 😂😂Does Kelly know that she's also a huge success in the GIF world😂😂
    Especially the ones from TheVoice

  3. I have MS and I love that he uses his popularity for this cause. This chronic illness needs way more awareness and research. There is no cure. They don’t know what causes it. So please, if you can, do some research and if you have a spare coin: donate. It is a hell of a b*ch disease, we need science to do more research and for that, they need funding.
    Thank you very, very much Drew Scanlon ♥️

  4. WHAAAT?! You mean to tell me the whole time I thought it was Cary Elwes from "The Princess Bride" and it was really just an ordinary guy named Drew Scanlon?MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!

  5. How amazing that he is using his instant fame for cause to raise money to help eradicate the disease some of his friends have. If ONLY people would have this mindset to help others unselfishly and without any expectation of reward or recognition.

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