Breast Cancer Awareness | A Short Clip | Noisy Geek

Breast Cancer Awareness | A Short Clip | Noisy Geek

hi I'm a barista my work is to spread awareness for breast cancer as we all know October is the breast cancer awareness month in 2017 to like fifty two thousand seven hundred ten new diagnosis of breast cancer are expected in women and around forty thousand six hundred women are likely to die from the disease if you notice any unusual changes to your breast visit your doctor straight away early detection offers the best chance of survival [Applause] hi I'm back a little bit early to rise makes a person healthy will the advice which is something people don't follow nowadays many woman's risk their life to danger because of abnormal routine which leads them to dangerous disease it's really hard to detect but it is affecting a woman's life lack of exercise unhealthy coding habit [Applause] excessive alcohol intake and the symptoms are first a pain in the armpit of rest that does not change with monthly cycle second a rash around the nipple third redness of the skin of the breast fourth a sunken or inverted nipple fifth are discharged from nipple possibility containing blood fixed a change in the shape or size of the breast seven peeling flaking swelling of the skin on the breast or nipple now look this follow the following steps though enough exercise eat healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable avoid excess alcohol intake maintain a healthy body mass index stay aware of your body and breast and get annual checkup and finally take action against breast cancer

5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness | A Short Clip | Noisy Geek

  1. This one is so good
    Spreading an awareness of such topics will make people to change their dietary habits!!
    Good job!! Team of noisy geek๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    You should also take some initiative for making an awareness regarding cervical cancer

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