Brushy Kanuche Demonstration

Brushy Kanuche Demonstration

And you get them as fine as you can get as fine as you can like but these these bigger pieces probably make them smaller To me it’s stress relief I can set on the floor and I can crack them all night long, (Laughter) We’re here at Brushy Community Center and Brushy Oklahoma and we are doing one of our traditional food demonstrations that the public health education program provides. See the nuts have fallen and the hulls have stayed in here. It should be more nuts than hulls. See the nuts have fallen and the hulls have stayed in here. It should be more nuts than hulls. put it in here, you put that in there Like you said take this stick and, I remember Mom used to use a big Folgers coffee can, and you pound it. Pound it like this, and what you are doing is pounding the nuts and they are sticking together. We have a couple of our elders that are doing the presentations with a kanuche and they are allowing their participants to participate in learning how to Make Kentucky by scratch from the nut all the way to the filtering of it to the preparation What your ingredients are going to be? And there’s about this much in there, so that’s how much you can make with that So how do you like it? I like it. Was the class good for you? I enjoyed it. More I understand a little bit more now This is the second class I have been to and I have enjoyed them. They’ve been the lesson real well Doing the presentations like this We hope to preserve some of these these foods in this area and allow people to know the nutrition values because what I understand from our professor here that actually is Good Eliminator of heart disease As far as the hickory nuts are concerned

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  1. So. Kanuche is from what is otherwise known as hickory nuts? Kind of a hickory version of marzipan? That's cool. This must be what Great-Gramma called the nut goo. Lol

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