Cabin Fever – YOLO Love (Paul x Marcy Tribute)

Cabin Fever – YOLO Love (Paul x Marcy Tribute)

It’s like being on a plane when you know it’s gonna crash All you really wanna do is grab the person next to you and fuck the shit out of ’em ’cause you’re gonna be dead soon,anyway.

4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever – YOLO Love (Paul x Marcy Tribute)

  1. Aww! I always wanted to make a tribute to Paul and Marcy!! They truly portray the side of us that is wild and spontaneous maybe even animal. They take a look at the crazy and life shaking dilemma around them and agree to partake in an action that allows them to push aside all of the crazy outside world around them while easing their anxieties. Its a truly beautiful unattached encounter when u think about it. I also love this movie! Its my favorite horror movie!

  2. Yeah, also the cast is so talented! And display the characters perfectly in their own unique ways! And if we are being honest, I don't really like the remake, LIKE AT ALL LOL All the guys pretty much look the same (and the 2016 Marcy looks like a man haha) there is barely any talent, and they don't put any emotion into the script either..its just very bad. The originals are ALWAYS better. Plus Rider Strong is in the original and hes a babe, I love his blue eyes 👀😍

  3. 3:46 when he went down to the lake and the blonde was there taking selfies. When they both got in the water, the music plays. Who sings that song? I like it. I wanna get it on Spotify but song was too short I couldn’t get enough lyrics. Help please and thank u.

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