Can An iPhone Get A Virus? Here’s The Truth!

Can An iPhone Get A Virus? Here’s The Truth!

Hi guys. My name is David from Payette Forward, and
I’m David from Payette Forward. In this video we’re going to answer the question:
Can an iPhone get a virus? So I’ll pose that question to you: Can an
iPhone get a virus? Well, the answer is yes, and I originally
wrote an article a while back where I said no, and I got a lot of angry comments. And so I did some more research into it turns
out that yes, it’s very rare, but iPhones can get virus we’re gonna do is we’ll talk
about a few of the ways that can happen and show you how to avoid those potential pitfalls. So number one is don’t jailbreak your iPhone,
right? So a lot of people are going to jailbreak
the iPhone and if you’ve never heard of jailbreaking before what a jailbreak is is it removes Apple’s
restrictions on what apps can and cannot do the protect your file system on your iPhone
from getting viruses. So for instance, um, when you open an app
on your iPhone, it opens them what’s called a scan box and that app has very specific
access to other apps or the files on your iPhone. It can only do these little things when you
jailbreak your iPhone you’re taking it out of jail. How this one app could do anything on your
iPhone including give it malware and install apps that you know aren’t approved by Apple. So no breaking right the other piece of it
is this Cydia is the sort of App Store for jailbreaking. Yes that the App Store they have Cydia so
city is full of apps that just do all sorts of stuff with your iPhone. There’s pluses some negatives. We just say don’t do it. So that’s jailbreaking. Number two is update your iPhone regularly
and we’re actually gonna show you to do that with the screen recording here. Yep. Let’s talk boy. It’s important to do that. Sure. Well, periodically Apple releases software
updates that address bugs and fixes. Um, they don’t always make everything public
they find um, but software updates fix problems. Yep, so that they can dry phones over the
Settings app. Yeah, you get here you’re now on tap General
software update and then it’ll say check you for update if an update is available. They’ll be able to see download and install
you can tap that. My iPhone is up to date. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, it’s a good idea to keep your iPhone
software up to date. Absolutely. Yep. The next one is when you’re using the Safari
or another web browser. Support unfamiliar websites because occasionally
get a bad pop up, which here’s the way that people get viruses on iPhones on Apple Computers. Usually it’s not that they just get a virus
from nowhere. What happens is they go to a website and it’s
like hey Adobe Flash needs to be updated, you know to keep you safe download now it’s
like or you know to virus have been detected on your Apple iPhone to virus. Well, I mean with the grammar we should have
been tipped off right away, right? But a lot of people see these things and these
types of pop-ups are meant to scare you. So people go ahead and just download the software
and by downloading the software that’s supposed to keep you safe. You’re actually installing a virus in your
iPhone. So especially if you go to a website and you
say virus detected on iPhone like that, you don’t have a virus right install, but if you
download that then you will have a virus. So what do you do when this happens? Well, first of all close that Safari and close
the app, right? So we’re gonna close out of it double click
the Home button to open the app switcher in to swipe that right up and off the screen
and then You want to clear? Uh, Safari history and website. This is the most important part. We’re going to go to Settings the Settings
of my software update. My iPhone looks great. Yep. We’re gonna scroll down here to Safari tap
that scroll down again clear history and website data tab that right. Do I want to do it? Yes, I do. It’ll clear history cookies in other browsing
data tap that. Yeah, and also close out all your tabs and
Safari so forth up is don’t plug your iPhone into devices. You do not trust then we actually went to
reset article on CNN recently which talked about this, right? So CNN interview someone from the security
firm authentic 8 and this is what he said just by plugging your iPhone into a compromised
power strip or charger. Your device is now infected and that compromises
all of your data, but the point is that public Chargers whenever you’re plugging your iPhone
into a charger, let’s say the airport or anywhere else you’re giving that charger access to
not just the power on your iPhone, but the files on your iPhone just every time Plug
your iPhone into iTunes, but data can be transferred back and forth. So hackers have found ways to infect iPhones
with just public Chargers that seem completely Innocent but not innocent. So those are the four steps and I want to
take it one step further. There are some apps in the App Store which
can help you to keep your iPhone secure like Norton and McAfee. Yeah, uh, but we don’t really think those
are necessary. It’s kind of Overkill that point. Yeah, a lot of people are scared. So I think that companies are here I’m going
to dissing can I just You can disagree I think a lot of people get scared and you know from
viruses, especially if their experience with PCs that get viruses, you know all the time. But um, what happens is they get scared. So McAfee and Norton other people have figured
out that they can capitalize, you know, sort of on the fear and put iPhone apps in the
App Store that do do other things to be fair, but I really unnecessary and iPhones and for
that matter on Max to so there you go. There you have it can an iPhone get a virus. Yes, they can because like my opinion on this
thing just to Cut to that is that if somebody is that smart like if you’re being hacked
by a governor or something, they’re probably going to find a way to get the stuff on your
iPhone. Yep, or they’ll do someone send someone to
steal your iPhone, you know, but Apple is wonderful at keeping just sort of the small-time
hackers, um at day. So, uh, you know, usually the answer is no
but we wanted to tell you the truth. So we actually really look forward to hearing
back from you in the comments section your thoughts on this topic, please feel free to
say, you know, your whatever you think be honest, you know, because they were really
mean to me on the website and maybe if we get enough comments we can do a nice little
negative comments video answering people directly. Yes. So thumbs up this video If you enjoyed and

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