CANCER Amor ♋ Junio 2019 💘 QUE SE VIENE?

CANCER Amor ♋ Junio 2019 💘 QUE SE VIENE?

friends of the cancer sign welcome
back to the channel for this reading of love for 6 of 6 forgiveness to 30 of
June of this 2010 and 9 singles and committed this reading is different
let’s see a little bit of past present and future to try to
guide them in a better way and I hope please serve them take what you most
feel connected from reading is a generalized reading and as always
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subscribers in this in these three months that we had uploading videos so
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cancer friends we start with the singles then from June 6 to June 30
but let’s see a little bit of happened to see how cancer comes
singles and then we continue with the committed
then cancer as they have been coming for some time
back the singles of the cancer sign to see the orders of the sign of almost me
I feel that they are perfect perfect because because of many of the sign of cancer
that it has already been that you are single because they ended a relationship or because
is focused on other areas of life or because still
it’s like it’s like cancer had singles things clear
eyes the singles of the sign of cancer is as they had clear things now come with
positive changes with right death I feel that they feel more valued and a
little bit more dear or maybe they are looking like
like that shows them love or find that person that you love or
that affection is being valued a little more although there are others that still
have feelings for people from past and have focused more on trying
to get ahead strongly with with claw with trying to improve their energy
and they have had positive changes but still not only manage to release
feelings for people from the past and a lot of eye because some cancer even
are waiting to talk or are waiting to come back with someone
from the past because it’s letters from talk to reach agreements then not
they are bad I do not see them badly to cancer but beware of those who want to return with
someone from the past or with not letting go of these feelings that they still have for another
person because maybe that does not allow them find this new person that what
can be happy already then I do not I see the cancer-keepers who have come
even with positive advances in the subject emotional but still with feelings
with someone from the past and even with waiting to converse with this person
how to take strength again to go of a reconciliation
and I do not know if it would be very positive that to see it for each one already but for
others also feel that they have come valuing yourself more as focusing on
labor issues with the clearest mind what is your north
then in general what are singles I see that they come well so
less than a few months a couple of months or three months towards now they have come with
more positive change let’s see the present of the cancer that you’re single to see
who shows the present already for the cases that are in the
present that they are single I see them again I say them well I see them
stable but sometimes sometimes tend to suffer from this instability and go back to
the same is like what I tell you because they still let us go
so sometimes good is super good and has been working well trying to
even doing spiritual work some cancer and energetic but sometimes
they tend to become unbalanced with the world invested then they can not continue in
this cancer friends have to some way try to stay
stable fight for you in fighting for your emotional stability for this
most beautiful connection you can have with the stars with god with the universe
in asking to understand understand why maybe in the past it has not done well in the
love or because they have not found the ideal person and part of it as they
I say is to let go of feelings for other people and because some still
they have hope in going back then there everyone will see true resounds but
to be able to say and start a new love relationship or
find that person who is waiting, they need to clean
total of what is the past just there they will be able to start after this
work new startup and this connection that is going to be a reward of destiny if
you achieve it in understanding that you no longer that should let go of the past let’s go
with the future that is the most important thing from June 6 to June 30 as seen for the
cancer singles wow cancer friends that in way
discard more spectacular here says that through the struggle of the force of
those feelings that you sometimes have someone from the past if you
they struggle with that they try to heal like appears here drop connects to 4
of gold that in the letter of the universe with maturity with life experience
of the hermit search seek that light that you are being asked with everything you have
learned from the past without committing same mistakes the letter of 6 gold that
is to give to receive they will find happiness then
all these letters take us in the way for you in this month of
June of June maybe that person arrives that cancer friends have waited so long
or that formalize a relationship finally with someone new but it will always be
when you give what you have to give by yourselves connect with this
universal energy keep fighting and Act especially with wisdom
maturity and learn the errors of past and look for that light and look for this
new path of heart as the hermit Cancer friends are wonderful letters
for those who are single take advantage the please do not go back we’re going to
get advice for cancer that They are single in this month of June
the birthday cycle is also approaching of you cancer that better to finish
with everything from the past start a new cycle and that love appear would
wonderful for cancer friends if you already come with positive changes continue is what
same we are going to take out a decree to see what appears
we get a decree you can do it for the singles and we get out I’m ready
for healing and willing to forgive everything is going well cancer friends is what
that what we have talked about is wonderful how the letters connects
with each other I just told you the healing let go forgive not return
past and here I know I am prepared for the healing and willing to forgive everything
I walk well I love and accepted my family and how cute is this can be
also theme related to the family that they have to heal and also things from
past with love can not be both things together that have family and an ex
couple then need some way decree this I’m prepared to
the action to healing and willing to forgive everything goes well friends of
cancer and they will see how this month can maybe the person that they have so much
expected to continue on this path we’re going now with those who
are already in a relationship either of marriage a friendship relationship and a
little more than have a person to his cancer side
that are in a relationship we’re going too same as the other group
let’s see past present and the future close until the end of June and cancer friends we go then like
come the cancer that are in a relationship a few months ago until now
Let’s see Cancer to see the cancer that is already in a
true relationship that many of you from cancer friends have had a problem
especially with toxic people love triangle lack of communication
things that are enduring from long time cancer situations negative people who do not
they can drop that they are dragging long ago and that somehow they did not
allows to be free many cancer I feel that they are in a
relationship endure endure endure There is always a turn away
theme related to love triangle maybe for some they have already solved it
but for others as they continue in what same then let’s see what we
shows the present to cases that they are in a true relationship of the past
that me that appears to me little by little or at least a few months ago it remains or
follow is the same clearly the magician has invested me
talks about that there is still a lie inside of the relationship that there is still there are still people who even
it involves for there are more people me they look like men like at least three
men for women who can be involved as you and to
Another case may be that you are being deceived by other people
or that there is a person involved within the relationship of couple that do not allow
that you are happy can be a friend of your partner can be for women
that are with one as one of more more man not with only one
and they need to somehow clean all this is toxic especially
for those who are involved in the loving triangle whether you are
doing this that you are doing then they need to free themselves
they need to decide they need to move the lie they need to make decisions and
get strong even if it hurts to be able to move forward on issues of
cancer friends couple otherwise let’s see how how they show us
the letters that at the end of June as it comes for cancers how much I love
sleep look at women especially the inverted justice another woman appears
appears sadness appears in home conversations
well especially for women to the women of the cancer sign that
are being deceived you already know that the they may be cheating they need to take
decisions because your partner is unfair they need to value themselves they need to talk
because if you do, I have a way and they already move away from this person
that is hurting you can get even to the love of her life, friends of
cancer and understand that for you there was something better prepared that for those who
those that manage to release those that already know that in this, this does not mean more for
others for others may have had problems already related especially to
the best men with a woman apart from your current partner and maybe they’re going to
be discovered et cetera and some way they’re going to have to stop all this from
side to be with your partner return to your home to be in a more
quiet etcetera for others may that I was indicating as I was saying that
this relationship does not give for more and that they need to make decisions because they
is waiting for something better cancer friends then those who are
in a relationship I feel that they are going to have to make decisions
it’s fine this for cancer can that you are being deceived as
you may be cheating and they need to not continue in the same
they need somehow to reach a agreement to be able to follow this path
alone and really be with that person that you love and do no more harm or
leave that person who harms them so that person arrives that you
he’s going to love them I have to wear both flat because this is so it is no longer that
everything is suffering and everyone is good or bad we are not all different and the
energy for the sign are general by so I have to put both
planes understood me cancer friends who are already in a relationship have to
make decisions make changes see what what’s up with these lying issues
love triangle and so on otherwise they will continue in more than
themselves will continue to be deceived or you are going to continue deceiving but
sooner or later you will discover then first of all they need
understand what love is what it is value the person or value yourself
themselves already and let go if you are cheating let go do not be
they give us in the other person if you they are being deceived, amen is respected
move away from that person so that you they can attract that person that really
he loves friends from home let’s go with a decree for these from here to late
June is very important for cancer who are already looking for solutions to these
issues especially not what they are avoiding that what is single
it seems super good is for those who are in a relationship you can no longer
follow more of this we get a decree then cancer that are in a
relationship we choose randomly and it appears to us life never remains
static every instant always new and cool
every day he did something new or at least different
every day he did something new or at least different need to make changes friends
from home who are in a relationship for that this changes life never remains
static every instant always new and cool therefore so that what
decree let’s take out another one so they are in a relationship that are
a little bit shorter more complicated than those that are are zero and it appears to me I know
that the negative model assets no longer I limit dropouts easily
then as I told them no more than same every day brings us a new
opportunity yesterday is over today it’s the first day of my future with this
totally with what I just did say cancer friends is the time
for those who are in a relationship of make decisions either for good or for
bad in terms of the relationship they have but everything is for one more way
positive for more honest more just already be for yourselves or for the other
person is going to be a prize to your life going to be a prize of the universe to its new
way of life friends of cancer but not if they win more of the same please already
please comment share the video get the best out of reading what
you serve them and that many thanks and see you

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  1. por Dios me leiste mi vida yo estaba en una relación y m di cuenta de que el me engañaba. gracias por la lectura muy acertada

  2. Muy acertado gracias. Soltando todo lo negativo y esperando a ver si Dios tiene algo bueno y mutuo para mi

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