CANCER DISEASE or MEDICAL CONDITION- Stress & Cancer- Dr. Bruce Lipton (eye-opening video)

CANCER DISEASE or MEDICAL CONDITION- Stress & Cancer- Dr. Bruce Lipton (eye-opening video)

If you believe genes control your life
you’re a victim of your heredity. There is NO CANCER GENE. There is NO GENE,
that CAUSES CANCER. NOT ONE. There’s only about seven diseases that are caused by
one gene, such as hemophilia, cerebral palsy another one, tay-sachs disease
is one. So you got about seven major diseases only one gene. If you got that
gene, and the gene card shows that, okay. You know you’ve got that gene you can
deal with it. All the other diseases are multiple genes. Cancer is a minimum of
twelve to fourteen genes, so it’s not an accident. You can’t change one gene and
get cancer. You have to change twelve to fourteen genes and all of a sudden then
the probability, is a chance? It’s like, no there, we are creating cancer and we
can uncreate cancer, people have spontaneous remissions. But they change
it not by changing their biology but by changing their mind. So it’s a mindset
shift that we don’t need the solution in a pill, that we’re not victims that it’s
not a fatalist in a way of looking at life that your future is predetermined..
Well you see that’s the old genetic story or you’ve got this cancer gene..
There is NO CANCER GENE. That’s an absolute truth. I can say it right here.
THERE IS NO GENE THAT CAUSES CANCER. NOT ONE. 50%, 50% of the women with the
brca1 gene never get cancer. What’s the point? If the gene causes cancer
how can 50% of the women that have the gene does not get cancer? And answers the
gene alone is not causing the cancer it’s associated with it, but it doesn’t
cause. You have to have some life stimulus, kick it off, and then we’ll
select that gene. And what would that stimulus be? Mostly in cancer, anger.
It is proven or is that just a theory? No, there, oh there’s a collective nature
of who are the cancer patients? What’s a characteristic of a cancer patient? Most
of them are very upset in their lives, they’re not happy they’re not you know
releasing their emotions, stress is holding them, bottling them in. And the
chemistry of.. Stress is a chemical,
and the chemical.. Here’s, here’s a simple fact. Stress causes at least up to 90% of
doctor visits. Well how can stress do this? And the answer is very simple.
Stress causes a hormone, called stress hormones, cortisol through this device. And what the cortisol do?
Number one. It causes the blood in the viscera,
the guts, where maintenance of the body and healing comes from all the organs.
Because of the blood vessels to shut down, because it pushes the blood to the
arms and legs. What stress means you’re ready to run. Fight-or-flight. So you push
the energy to where you need it. Arms and legs. But where do you get it?
From well you squeeze the blood vessels , on the gut. Well this is growth, the
viscera is growth, that’s what the organs are for. Arms and legs are for protection.
What’s the point? If I’m in protection, I shut off growth, and more importantly
stress hormones shut off the immune system. The reason is just energy, the
idea is, if you’re being chased by a saber-toothed tiger and you have a
bacterial infection how do you want to split the energy? How much energy you
want to run away and how much you want to fight to the immune system. And the
the answer is,` the hell with a bacteria`, I mean, if the tiger
catches you, the bacteria is useless. It does that meaningless, you know. So when
you’re in stress, stress hormones shut down the immune system to conserve
energy. Does the immune system use energy? Of course, it is. Never been really sick? You
never even got out of bed you have no energy. And if you’re into fight-
flight mode, you need the energy to deal with the world, okay? So stress hormones
physically shut off the immune system. When you’re under stress that’s when
the sickness starts to show up. In fact, it’s so good at shutting up the immune system,
doctors give patients were going to receive a foreign organ a graft of a
kidney or a long or whatever they’re grafting.. That’s foreign tissue. If you
put a foreign organ in your body your immune systems job is to eliminate it. So,
as they’re transplanting an organ, they give the patient stress hormones at the
same time. Because stress hormones will shut off the immune system so the organ
won’t be rejected right away. That’s how effective it is, it’s used
therapeutically to shut off the immune system. Yeah but everybody out there, in
this world right now with a small exception is under
level of stress. Stress of my job stresses moneys will I have health care
whatever it is.. And I said yeah, every one of those
people are dripping stress hormones continuously in their body, and those
hormones inhibit the immune system and the result is stillness and if you stop
the growth.. you say yeah, but I’m in adult I don’t need to grow.. and I said yeah, but
you have to replace hundreds of billions of cells that you lose every day. You’re
here to say that it’s not predetermined, there’s other things going on besides
your DNA controlling your future, is that right? Stem cells are embryonic cells. So
they have no potential until you put them in an environment. The gene didn’t
cause it, okay? But it’s related to a lifestyle. And if you change the
lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about the gene. But the problem is
95% of our life is coming from the programs of life, how to live the life that
we get in the first seven years of life.

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