Cancer Fin de Semana ♋ 11 al 13 Octubre 2019

Cancer Fin de Semana ♋ 11 al 13 Octubre 2019

hello cancer sign friends
welcome for this reading goes from October 11 to 13 weekend
Friday Saturday and Sunday of this end of week of October already entering the
last stage of the year cancer friends let’s see how it is affected for
you this weekend as always thanking all your support
In the channel my name is mauritius for people
who don’t know me yet likes me reading I invite you to press the
notification bell and subscribe to the channel so also participate in the
Live we’ll see
general energy takes out the number of the lucky advice from the angels of the
Fairies for this cancer weekend 11 to 13 we go
how is it affected for you cancer friends and cancer cancer
come with with complicated weeks the cancer especially the emotional line
some doubt sometimes they can’t pull upwardly so as
continuous it’s like they were moments good and then come three weeks
bad a good so good this end of week is positive and I’m glad a lot
cancer friends why because of somehow it is touching them heavy
it’s coming heavy and finally I I see this weekend very very good
the emotional line speaks to me the four of glasses of having an emotional stability
or feel that things improve feel as in general we are well here
we are well here also with the children With the family, work is better
I found a job they called me a lot I feel that everything will be or they will
feel that everything is progressing in a way positive that’s wonderful because already
with you with that feeling they will bring more positive things
ok cough emotionally in general is a very good weekend indeed the line
as a couple for the next cancer making changes
let’s say changes that although they are painful you know they are for
better comes that reward that has talked a lot for what the
single who managed to just let go of those people who hurt them that
sorry they are doing a process evolutionary in terms of energy in
how much is that inside reward given by fate to his
effort this is talking about knowing what it is
some new or consolidating couple some relationship with that person that
you like or are attracted to move forward as for the couple line or of
somehow start vibrating in one of such a positive way that they are going to
better to receive more than one opportunity or they are going to start opening the doors
in an unexpected way regarding love then the end of is wonderful
week for those with a partner what I feel that if you talk or
if you talked if you clarified situations put things
clear is going to come a reward that can you talk about your partner going to
start assessing that your partner is going to be change that they will feel more
dear they will feel that family it’s better
then for all who have made a decision-making effort work
it comes positive if they haven’t done it yet this weekend is the cancer moment
to take the bull by the antlers to take these decisions regarding
emotions that extend them stuck already be with a couple to consult
someone with family issues with everything that affects them this end of
week is very good for you already say nothing more and you can take advantage of this
wonderful energy and come what you are waiting very good already in
how much what has to do with work and the
money the queen of glasses already tells me that even for some cancer they can
find some work those who are out of work or can through their
couple receiving or the necessary help or the opportunity they were waiting for
work to find that job may maybe even start some
project with your partner to generate money ok
it may also be that for some to through work know some
person who will get your attention and it may be that person who were
waiting for singles understand me and for those committed to receive the
help through your partner or something or something like that very very well those who don’t
for those who don’t feel that through some close woman can also
you are getting that interview from work start that project continue
with your current job maybe but in a more positive way with more investment
I feel that there is still not going to be materialized the money because it is going to
depend on your work and your effort but still they are very good energies
ok so take advantage of the friendships with people close
right death tells me about changes positive after having a week
a bit complicated this weekend I feel that they shine I feel that they dialogue
I feel they feel better than they know new people very good very well so no
they close to no possibility cancer this weekend go out enjoy
celebration comes with even with the family can any children come
grandson some baby you were waiting and some member arrives
hundred new to the family or is created certain stability that product that
lets go one step further in the family evolution may also be that
decide for example to formalize some relationship or start a family with some
person or as I tell you that this weekend
there may be pregnancy so have be careful those who do not want to have children
but it looks great very well celebrate having fun enjoying it is like
that are going to scare cancer by so many positive things this weekend and of
done as a kick I don’t want it to end this weekend because they passed me
good things and hopefully everything goes on like this and fear like losing this happiness of
Weekend eye this is a general reading if
you intend that this end of week is going to be like this has to be like this
but if you are so depressed you don’t want go out they don’t want to do anything obviously
cancer that this energy so wonderful you will not reach them
so take advantage please because wonderful reading very very well
we are going to to go immediately with the letter that
going to represent cancer I loved it come every weekend not
they appear negative some will say many always all readings are negative
I don’t know how to tell you another sign, I don’t I can lie I can’t tell you everything
it will be perfect and energies me they leave that no but they must somehow
thank already and can prevent can avoid and that’s the good thing
if the future is not written you general energies create their future
may affect but it will depend on you that affects her more – or that doesn’t affect them
what letter will represent them in this weekend cancer look at the letter
the high priest who is number five lucky number to five and the
high priest wallet representing him he tells me that they came with a
disconnection with god with the universe with positive energy then this end of
week is the time they can harness this wonderful energy and of
reconnect to feel that god to board of you feeling that you have
that protection of feeling that they can change everything negative and transmute what
positive so take advantage of very very good menu
let’s go now with two fairy cards for
cancer in this weekend that we Fairies say for cancer to see
step ba sorry bit by bit stop strive so hard to control everything and
all the doors will open to you cancer for what this advice is for
Gradually stop forcing yourself so much for control everything and you will open all
the doors already and let’s go with the second that marriage tells us look
for some as I said to many they can even consolidate a relationship or
they can consolidate something get married or I will enter a stage beyond with
some friendship with advantage and move forward as I also represent this letter
as the cast is like loving you same cancer as understanding that nobody
more than another person is going to more like you
Fairies join you to celebrate our marital happiness
then in any way it is to go from friendship with advantage a pololeo or some
courtship or to marry or somehow if are you alone to value yourself
understand the power that the respect the feeling that you are worth
more than anything in this life very but very nice letter is this end of
week to consolidate what is coming positive leave what comes negative and finally we go with the angels tell us for cancer in
this weekend the law of the present cancer lives what
exists today releases the past and the future to live what exists today in this end of
week that’s why I tell you to enjoy not be afraid to play it to boost what
well, leave the past behind and not worry so much about the future live in the
present enjoy the present don’t have fear of making changes ok
wonderful reading cancer friends me I’m going to leave the final screen of
special work money for october and the special singles he does until the
October 15 but it will serve you now we will upload those from October 15 to
November 15 for singles and let’s also see if we do something to
the couple comment and share so that enter the raffle every Thursday
we upload the videos of the weekend and that cancer tell me you would like to
we would see in the reading that he likes that no and I appreciate all the support again
on the channel that is wonderful as appears on the cards and enjoy this
good energy thanks cancer

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  1. Yo tengo estas mismas carta del tarot marsella le llaman y siempre me sale al final el As de Oros segun leei porai esta carta es muy buena igual la reina de copas que entiendo soy yo ya que soy cancer. Huy espero en Dios todo vaya bn ya que en estos ultimos tiempo. Todo aido mal. Igual. Muchas gracias!!!

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