CANCER HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 16 AL 22 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

CANCER HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 16 AL 22 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

Cancer welcome to your weekly reading from 16 to 22 September greets jot and you’re here in my jack channel tarot I invite you to subscribe dale click activates the bell there for you reach all my notifications and recalls the comments tell you and let me know your name the country which you are to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings also remember to leave your fingers up your likes and share this Video that way you show me you like videos and weekly I will continue at the end of this reading will be a Interactive question of whether or not so stay with me until the end so that you can ask your question and your spiritual guides send you a yes or no for you the energies that you’re going to have this week 16 to 22 September warrior cancer leaves you the letter stress Be prepared because it will be a week quite heavy for you and it will be a week in which you will feel that everything you are accumulating a week in which you could be having to do many things at Once also take care of family brothers loved pets children your own studies your work that you are to feel maybe you want to explode quiet do not go to estresar from and the good thing is that you receiving this message a little earlier so you can plan can organize anyway though These moments feel that it is not need to talk to someone who I can help you take care of your home clean to clean your home clean the house that can help you with your children a nanny taking care of a family I can help with that as well start looking for ways on how You can solve this situation that’s I like to give the message send your guides and my advice also so you know then how can prevent this situation that the card you indicate that comes a week long stress hard work of many pressure situation does not mean that be that way you have to just surrender and come good all the stress and start planning now to that situation when given not so heavy for you and have people like in print and you have people there you expecting anything more than you tell them look this week is pending because such Once I need you to help me this day or the other day with something for me help at home to help me my son picking our son or something your partner or with your family for that are pending that then if you do you’ll see the week for more heavy and more stress to come up for you it will be much more manageable because this plan so that you He talks that comes a heavy week many things that you’re going to have to do some of you may already have clarity regarding this then Get organized because if you do you organize ask for help you plan you will see how this week then it is much more relaxed and much quieter for you That’s why this letter indicates you care has stress has many things you’ll have to do but you would we from now so you can that shape Find a perfect balance in your life for another group of you remember These are general readings not all the world will identify with them If you do not identify with reading as then it’s quiet you can hear your rising sign in the description is information on how to obtain a private consultation with me as I was saying for another group of you this may be that people around you will be asking favors to you then cancer warrior if within your means provide that help without neglecting yours without you out more weight on your back since then with all the taste of the world gives them Help your family to your loved ones but if you already have too many things in your hands to do do not go to compromise with someone only saying yes yes yes I’ll help dale dale quiet I’ll help me avisas in week very careful with that because when week come that person will have you and you can be a problem if not within their means instead of saying yes to the person and quedarle wrong then say I’m sorry This week is very heavy for me is more I was going to ask you to help me all my attention with these energies If these warriors that have to be working which is the message coming out for you because I think you had flipped one good letter’re staying This leaves you with the Emperor’s letter great responsibilities effectively they will come into your life speaks also like a boss one person one a chief supervisor a person who has an important position at work does not You will attend work during this week will have any problems or you will have to leave urgently and will you leave the restaurant manager enterprise business opportunity job you have right now and there when it happens suddenly you you will not know what to do because maybe your work is not completed or is not a day so he begins to put your day job do not leave anything for later or for tomorrow if you can finish today ending the day so that when This situation occurs during the week then you say I thought I will grab that way Jack and I had warned me and I prepared all’m ready perfect boss can I take care to leave everything should be under controlling so much attention with that It may be that this is planned or Sudden is something I see more than all as a lightning out of the head it could also represent that fired or resigns do not see it as dramatic but there is the possibility and also you’ll touch you then take the responsibilities of this person can be a fellow Work also is in yourself level on the scale of the company just that person maybe to will go spend your responsibilities Heads you or you are going to throw these you responsibilities will be heavy So week to put their stuff a day so that when it happens you you’re ready If you are seeking employment Warriors Cancer I’m keeping the letter of the wheel good fortune and I’ll talk about this also say here that You’re looking the wrong places you’re trying to get a job but you are seeking employment in a pharmacy in a shoe shop in a company restaurant sales an advertising company in a company of international sales of goods but you’re spreading too Why you have to find a niche in particular a particular area in I’m good I’m good with I will look for creative work Online advertising and marketing good communication with I will look work in broadcasting as seller and you focus there but I see some of you you are like looking I am working on many things at once and end of the day things do not add up because your energies are they dispersing too looks for a line work particularly this It could also be someone who could He is studying and is confused and You do not know what career to take on the college or career continue their higher education and are thinking So now I do I like I like this other thing I like to be lawyer but I want to be a doctor and also to study veterinary but also I want to study advertising I want to study management companies there are people who are in energy here with confusion and speech in your spiritual guides that that confusion ends you need then focus your energies on something one in particular that you focus on a certain area and in that area I seek your work just certain days bookkeeping for example you like focus on finance for jobs Management companies certified public accountants or finish their studies regarding this for you and he worked there are also saying Your guides are some might presented during this week opportunity to make some kind of boarding or intern and perhaps this has to do with numbers the advantage recalls that comes later interactive question we will see Now what is the message for those Cancer warriors who are in a relationship leaves you the letter from the Queen swords speaks to you that during this week you have to communicate with your couple because they will be taking some as short in their communication will not be They are expressing their opinion and they will be saying what is happening and some of you warriors of cancer They are waiting for your partner to be divine that is divine and know that what you’re thinking and what you want to do and this will result in some kind of shock you who have to work more communication especially if this will be a week of stress for you ok big cancer just dropped me message from your guides spiritual and listens to me and told me You could forget your child at school hopefully at school and do not know in a place where something could happen gravity so much attention because Some of you might think that not my husband will pick up our son but your husband is thinking you’re to pick up your son’s son you after and at the end of the day neither ends up picking up the boy or girl so much attention because they have to work on communication see a child they leave forgotten It is not intentional but this could eventually affect their relationship because What if something serious happens to the child much attention with that if you’re looking for couple what it is the message for you my Cancer Warriors leaves you letter you swords 4 you speak you have to have to heal heal their wounds is a time for you’re relaxing for you to be quiet so you’re not worrying about the couples or to get a boyfriend or girlfriend that is not the approach you have to have at this moment some of you have suffered recently some sort of breakdown in love you have not been able to heal but want use that term that says a nail and unfortunately takes out another nail in your If that will not work what will to do is feel worse so you They are telling your guides take a time so that you’re only take a time to heal to heal Warriors cancer and then then Open yourself to love again but in this moment is not convenient You have other things to which put priority rather than a relationship these moments or look for a person to fill a void that you should learn to fill yourself first then then be able to open your heart that man or woman you you feel dignified or worthy of your love let’s see what the numbers are Lucky for you this week my warrior It has cancer is number three No. 2 and No. 8 No. 7 remember that you can do combinations resonate most you you could use 82 this could be also a person who is born in 1982 or have 27 28 years for some of you 37 73 I like the 27 and 82 those are the numbers that I like to me you can do combinations the numbers that most resonate with you and lucky day for you and warrior cancer one day this week charged positive energies where you can be quiet and will start manifesting be very attentive on Wednesday with energies of this day because they will be very positive for you comes the question interactive as you think about your dale click the button question Subscribe give me click the button like and share this video with your group WhatsApp with your friends on facebook so then that tells me you like this video I continue doing These ready weekly predictions remember to ask your question of whether or not If you took the option is the answer for you is a yes but you leave something behind do not focus on If you took that last option is the answer for you is not kicking very well in these moments you It appears the following videos you I recommend and at the top is the link you have a query private with me and I am jot decree a week full of bright and progress

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  2. Mil gracias J toda la razon yo cuido hace 16 años a mi hermano con paralisis cerebral y a mis hijas con ellos lo hago por AMOR de ahi no quiero cuidar a nadie mas ,solo que sean mis padres o sea por enfermedad o que trabaje yo los puedo cuidar,por que tengo a mi hermana que le encanta dejarme a su hija sin aviso y no agradece nunca por el cuidado cuando le biene a retirar,se va de baile de chupa y yo como idiota cuidandola,pero hasta hoy me jodio cuando la intente dejar nuevamente le dire que no que no hay cama pa tanta gente. Y espero algun dia me llegue la prosperidad, abundancia material y economica el trabajo y dinero y que nadie mas me joda. Saludos desde mi amado ECUADOR ciudad ESMERALDAS

  3. J me encantó tú tirada , estoy embrazada y tengo una duda mi pareja es leo y mí amante es cáncer no se quien es el padre de mí bebé ayudame🙏

  4. Hola .Estoy stresado bloqueado . Naci 8 /07/66/. Deseo q ores x mi Dios me envie Salud .Economia .Herencia.Salud .Viajes etc Gracias Saludos desde .Ecuador

  5. Saludos desde Tultitlán Estado de México, yo soy del 24 -06-63, puedes decirme que signo es mi ascendiente, por favor 🙂

  6. solo dice cosas que cualquiera puede decir sin leer cartas, son cosas obvias de suponer para cualquiera y son mas bien consejos que aplican a cualquier signo; es una estafa total.

  7. Saludos de californiana soy cáncer quisiera saber si mi jefe me ba regresar mi trabajo soy mes 7 21 1972 estoy sin trabajo me ciento muy desesperada por favor ayúdenme

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