CÁNCER Pasado, Presente y Futuro Inmediato + La Buena Noticia del Mes Octubre 2019

CÁNCER Pasado, Presente y Futuro Inmediato + La Buena Noticia del Mes Octubre 2019

Cancer welcome your reading for October this is a special where let’s see the energies of the past They could be causing blockages in the This we will see the messages You have for the present and for the immediate future at the end of this Reading will have a message especially since I’m going to get you out the letter Good news for always have that in mind during the month of October and you load you energy positive I am jot and jot’re here in my channel I invite you to subscribe tarot activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications and recalls comments leave me your name and country to have you present when I’m I am doing my meditations before making these readings and let your fingers to Tell me up if you like this new and share this video format while more people see this video and get 400 thousand subscribers more opportunities I have to respond to a Random question whether or not so You can leave your questions there in the comments and remember also invite your friends to subscribe Look at the energy you have here the they are talking past me there energies in which several people around you were fighting for you or you were fighting you as a person in love and that person had several more proposals of love around and this is me talking about energy someone who was you too Spying could sneak around estoqueando couching the distance you have to someone in your past you were even watching some of you have You could have perhaps to take this to the law and to present some kind of demand for I see you got to have until some kind of fear because there was a person who was close to you but that distance when given the I was spying on you lap was He spent reviewing things always chasing you suddenly appeared the same places that you and this could have degenerated certain traumas distrust and traumas of course back out and meet people remember that these readings are general not everyone is going to identify with them if this message is for you because then take it because Consider the idea that passed since find the root of why he acts certain way right now and if you need to seek the help professional so you can heal and end this cycle because they are talking about many of you even for those who do not It relates thus may have She has been dating a man or leaving a woman who accosted other people who harassed other women harassing other men and you thought is that this person with whom you was dating had a picture of perfect man for the special person Blue Prince or woman as adapt if you are if you are male because it is A woman that I’m talking suit you but you had that idea wao then that I finally won I found the lottery man Ideal find the special person I found the person I will give everything I need love but in truth You did not know even half of the secrets I had that person with whom you you were a person who had certain or certain fetishes ways of acting that you hid in the privacy that when you came to find out what it was that made you You can even have even felt as jaded like wow I can not believe this man I trust to whom I loved who I was in my home who was part of my family who he was in contact with my children small can not believe this person It is in this way and you have those never doubt that constantly you end up knowing people I remember my warriors receipt the messages from your guides I do not give spiritual meaning accurate tarot cards because I I receive the message in a way intuitive for that as we go to google seek meaning in the letters and not nothing happens so you are talking about those energies here and some of you then could in this time in the present have that that insecurity still that distrust known that when the People do not deliver you try 100% to investigate and find who they are and all this insecurity really all the way in which you act when you know someone in love or if you do not want to meet someone in love and maybe because a lot of questions has to do with this situation your past for some of you this situation in the past may have to do just also with some a previous life experience that you are bringing in these moments to your This also because it has not closed that cycle of karma then let’s see what else brand for you in the past that have to work and let me know if you like these readings for definitely continue making a future for the next few months look Also check here for some of you of a separation is as if some of you were having to leave his native country to go to other lands and they were doing this in search of love may have Was one of your father away that was your country to go to another try to seek a better future to generate money and that parent in that country He met another woman and stayed with the wife and I leave to you and your mother abandoned or neglected because it was the reverse a woman can also be a mother she left her home left her husband with her children with her daughter with her son to go to another country to seek a better future and there met another man who He gave her what she was needing in that time is love is loving it money and she was turned off completely your family and you have these traumas then drop you have these problems of mistrust has problems that even some of you They might feel some kind of let me put it in a light way I could feel some kind of energy negative against men and you like this this crossroads this mess in your feelings because you want to be a Man definitely because you want have your family want to have a husband yet you feel like disgusts action towards some of them I’m not I’m talking generalizing am Generally speaking forgiveness chief I’m not talking to a person in particularly if this relates to you as it is for you the message and then you have those energies to your around that rare cancers in repudiation which feel that way Gender can be a man or may be also a woman depends on what you it happened to you and that is the root of some of your problems abandonment and separation also talk that some Cancer warriors of you could You have created some kind of conditioning in which you have attachment people or situations and It costs you break out of your routine and comfort zone because you do not know what so then you can proceed I want remind you all my grains I am here to provide the message sent by your guides This is the spiritual part of the past where we have to look at situations we have to heal and can be but there are difficult situations that to see them and to correct them close these cycles and move forward and continue grow spiritually By this I tell you if you need some support or medical aid not I’ll tell you go to and look at my page web and if you need a consultation not a medical aid where a doctor one Psychologist someone you can provide that kind of support I’m here to give you the message if you want more specific messages for you and do else if you can have a consultation equally the private me Tell me about your situation comments that many of us are here to and help it is hoped that other Warriors also will leave some word of encouragement but it is always important that you seek help with professional remember to share this video We reach 400,400,400 thousand subscribers and then I will come to meet again Your questions of whether or not we have to October 31 so shares video we will see the energies have in this as they currently look you out the trump card and victory if you were hoping to get some kind of position in your life in your social status if you were expecting acquire some sort of appointment If you were expecting the government I see Here a person of you who might work as advisers to the government either for president or for some Ministry or any department the government of your country some of you could be dating him that position to realize other just you are telling that You get an important position in a internationally renowned company if you are currently working as also applies to you because you could get a raise or a promotion a business competition much renowned want to hire you and company when I say that you can remember run from the small business from the person working in the market because then joins a company and work on the market as It is a proposition for you better where you can generate much more money but also I see this meeting I see I see as these support groups that could be driving work or giving people working solutions around you I see you could also be part of a team these moments are thinking of forming part of some kind of group on facebook WhatsApp group where searchers jobs and this is going to be very important for your life no triumph in your present there is success there no breakthrough achievements it seems that more than all locks They have to do with the line of love and sentimental have to heal those trust these wounds reclosing work cycles traumas abandonment and let’s see what your future immediately for October Hermit letter the letter dated 8 CLUBS and ace of clubs very well no signing of contracts for your future signing contracts immediately calls phone you will be receiving and important messages will reach ti I see the letter Hermit someone will come out of the darkness and this may represent that you go out of darkness in which you could sneak around finding regarding your life and now you receive these messages and you understand why certain things have given somehow particularly your life You can then see the way to go with more clarity You can see light at end of tunnel you’ve been waiting for others too this may represent that the immediate future you are repeating cycles with someone like this letter here it is representing the father which you are in the dark you could be coming to light a fan in the love that could then sneak around bringing certain memories of harassments and negative situations because that person may also be acting a similar way and take your turn then the necessary measures to ensure that you can not repeat that cycle your future righ now something will come to light a situation important could be a stalker could be a fan could be you salts definitely light suit you Important messages calls phone and when I talk about these Important messages are your guide me saying it’s like someone who hurt you it will communicate with you someone who hurt you and maybe you know these people have but with this letter the hermit me are saying here your guides you perhaps not be clear who is this person who has hurt you and that person will give you step forward and He is going to say look Mary francisco jessica rosario look look look That happened two years ago ago three years ago four years ago it was my fault and I want to apologize because it was acting upon feelings of anger and envy Selfishness when this happens Feel free to leave me your comments Remember that we are looking towards a immediate future This is for October if this these instants has not thus happened to you obviously it has not happened to you yet is for October must expect have patience but I think that person will bring to you and that is the news that person I also have been someone who he hurt you and hurt finally that person communicates you to repent and ask apologies you will do so well that you’re going to close those chapters of pain that sadness that situation could be even up to brother with whom you fought cancer warrior will communicate to tell you we will try things are going to fix everything again in our family but you get that call from someone repentant someone asking you I forgive you could make that call you repenting and asking for forgiveness someone also but that will open major roads with this letter Ace of Wands speaks of that most negative close one period in your past and head to a new adventure towards a new future that you have the power in the future immediately to build the future and the life you’ve always dreamed of this is a great opportunity that you is giving God the universe what you Believe is giving you this opportunity and that take advantage this reading comes the good news of this reading month has been very strong These are the same readings I I do for the present past and future in my private practice I wanted to do the overall time for you to have an idea of ​​how they are made and are very strong because you bring out more deep and things you might not like were you aware that there is hope you liked and are appreciating this reading let your fingers up and your comments then my cancer warriors for continue doing this way They are pretty intense remember that the goal is to reach 400,000 by October So invite your friends to subscribe and leave me your comments Asked whether or not’m going to respond random The good news for you are to be in October letter today leaves you value look says you’re not going to be afraid during the month of October claiming what is yours to get ahead and shine you’ll get out victorious no matter how many difficulties you have look at this beautiful flower It is here that is flourishing here vibrant born within those rocks and that’s exactly what’s happening you all these difficulties all those moments of sadness all those moments of pain all they are doing is strengthening you and allowing increasing its value believe in yourself and love yourself 100% to stop you firm against the worst circumstances and always leave in winner you’ll have an attitude positive that you will not give even notice when you’re triumphant and when you You have that value you’re going to say wow I do not recognize a few weeks ago a year ago this would have thrown the floor and uvb and would not have arisen but now I have the intentions and desire to fight and courage you you need will come to you and this is the good news for the month October I hope you enjoyed this reading’m doing very love to you all is something different know I always like make varied readings tell me if you like you can do leaving your up data and sharing this video and comments Tell me about you is important to me be connected to you draw these the following will appear moments I recommend this videos my channel Jota secondary tarot stars hay hay and varied daily horoscopes horoscopes also and above here is the link so you have a private consultation jotita me I decreed bright and progress

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    Todo lo estoy pasando
    Dios le bendiga.
    Hojala yvse haga realidad lo bueno.
    Alguien muchas personas me han hecho mucho daño.

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