CANCER TAROT 💰❤️ No Matter What Happened, True Love Comes for You

CANCER TAROT 💰❤️ No Matter What Happened, True Love Comes for You

Hi Cancers how are you welcome to the
show this is Rev. Renee I’m here with a tarot reading for you happy Friday
we’re gonna have some special numbers for you today so we want you to stay
tuned if you’re interested in a Tarot and Oracle reading so who is going to
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title these videos based on what they are showing let’s do your cancer special
numbers special numbers for cancer -2, 17 18 26, 47 and 54 now 26 is a pretty big one
if you look at those two numbers 2 & 6 it’s about couples it’s about
partnerships is about home it’s about finally getting to that point where your
relationships are at peace now even though Mars is in your sign it’s
not aspected negatively it’s actually expected in a more positive way it looks
like right now it is conjunct ting Mercury it’s trying the moon so it’s
giving you an opportunity to express yourself talk about how you feel it’s
just giving you that added impetus to do what you need to do and for cancers you
guys you guys aren’t mean you guys aren’t nasty if that it’s like you guys
are more like you just have a hard time telling how you really feel sometimes
because there’s this deep thing inside of you like I just can’t say that I
can’t say that so you do it you express it in a different way and you know it’s
so funny about cancers you know that they say according to the FBI that most
of the major crimes are committed by your sign okay cancers why is that why
do you think that is because you guys are so sweet and you’re so nice so why
is it that most of the major crimes psychotic type crimes are committed by
cancers according to the FBI I don’t get that I really don’t okay let’s look at
your reading okay I’m gonna put out some clarifiers
here I’m gonna lift all these cards up for you you got something really big coming up
for you this is cool okay we have the princess of Wands the princess of wands
indicates a person a young fiery woman a young woman who is really navigating
through life trying to make decisions forge ahead not be afraid to take
chances somewhat intuitive look at the white around her head even almost like a
halo but a lot of red that is kind of like around her may indicate some
financial difficulties or things of that nature that keep her from getting some
of the things that she wants to get in life it keeps her from getting to the
point of where she wants to be but she never stops she doesn’t quit she
continues going forward she continues doing the things she has
to do which is a good thing okay now we also have the king of cups meaning that
she is loved there is love around her she may have a father figure that she is
dependent on to a certain extent for financial support let’s put out another
card for this particular person she may even be in a relationship with
an older man okay so Ace of Wands is reversed so this could also indicate
this is a mentor someone where there is no physical connection there is no love
relationship involved at this time it’s just one of those situations where you
just got this person here in her life and he’s just there to guide her maybe
even somewhat of an older person at work or grandfatherly figure and then this is
the overall energy so you do have guidance you do have somebody helping
you somebody telling you what to do and then we have the king of swords the king
of swords is another elderly man I won’t say elderly he’s older he’s not in his
20s he’s probably in his mid to late thirties likely even over 40 most Kings
are and he has been through a divorce he has look at his loin area it’s in
blue he communicates with his loins now you don’t really like people to do that
because blue the number of the throat chakra where you communicate is down
here I mean like I personally don’t like people like that because it seems like sometimes it just makes you feel used
you know what I mean like when you’re trying to be with a person and you want
to talk to them they don’t have anything to say then they want to have sex no we
don’t have time for that okay so maybe that’s how you feel too maybe you feel that way
so now you kind of shut off to him you’re closed off to emotion maybe
you’ve been attracted to that type of person
and now you’re light you know I don’t I
don’t believe in people anymore it is what it is everybody’s cruel
everybody’s deceitful so I’m gonna close myself off and I’m gonna try my best not
to feel and I want to do clarification cards on both of these people the king
of swords and the two of swords so a lot of these things are thoughts but if
that’s what you think that’s gonna be who you are thoughts are important
because thoughts are the seed of action king of swords queen of swords possibly
some bitter let me let me refrain how I say this or rephrase how to say this
because this person may be watching she didn’t like how he handled her so she’s
definitely not gonna like this relationship here okay and you know
isn’t it sad most of the people if you’re over 40 so you’re you’re getting
ready to leave or go away all right most of most women who are over 40 you have
been the one that you kind of undergirded a man and he was he he was
basking in the in the beauty of your presence and thriving with the
foundation of love that you gave him but then going off and doing his own thing
and you have to really pick a man so especially for you women who are under
the ages of 35 and 30 pick somebody who understands relationship and how do
you know that he understands relationship look at his how he was
brought up was he brought up in a family that had relationship like grandmother
grandfather mother father mother stepfather or did he did he get raised
in a situation where he didn’t see love if he was raised in
the situation where he didn’t see love that means you’re gonna have to teach it
and it takes years so then we have the broken heart and it’s not a devastation
it’s just a disappointment just a learning lesson we’re gonna clarify this
three of swords you still have hope you still have dreams you still have fantasy
just did not honey it did not break you it did not break you in fact it inspired
you to think about you still have some of these thoughts about who you can
trust but it’s inspiring you to think about
what do you do next what’s the next step you may spend some time alone you may
spend some time contemplating your next move and that’s a good thing because
your next move is everything your next move is everything this is the world
card the the laurel wreaths that are around your head from victory
it’s about hey I got it I can fly my hair is grown I’ve got some history
behind me everything is going to work out I’m gonna pull a couple cards for
this I’m gonna look at that too cuz it just
fell out and I’m gonna look at it okay so you’re done fighting you’re done with
the struggle you figure it it out you put up you found the place for your
thoughts and you’ve kind of decided that you’re ready for the real thing and
you’re gonna let Spirit bring it to you real love I’m searching for a real love
okay so there’s something coming up here that the Oracles wanted you to see over
the two of swords where you are blindfolded and not knowing what to do
and the king of swords you have this two of Wands where this person is looking
out for their options but this is is semi reverse it was kind of catty-corner
like that meaning that you’re not looking at options right now you’re just
looking at maybe leaving and you’re gonna you’re in this stage right now
because that was kind of like the past and you’re in the stage right now where
you’re just by yourself you’re dealing with your wounds you’re
keeping your hopes alive if you’re writing your journals talking about what
you want and you can have it you can have it if I could just tell you guys
when you get to that point where you just feel like it is never gonna work
life will make a change and will just shock you and when you’re looking at all
the people who have what you think you want and you’re asking yourself how did
they get a love relationship like that and how come I always get this person
right here how come I’m always getting this and I see other people and they
have exactly what I want it’s just about seasons it’s just about seasons
because you’re gonna get it too it is on the way for you all right take care

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  1. People take our kindness for weakness too many times till we finally snap due to getting screwed over too many times

  2. actually, sociopathic crimes are not "cancerian" based… that is an overgeneralization…. just saying

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