Capricorn Woman Cancer Man – Be Patient & Supportive

Capricorn Woman Cancer Man – Be Patient & Supportive

hi heroes here with Sun science org and let's talk about the Capricorn woman in the cancer man the relationship between the Capricorn woman in cancer man is a supportive one the female goat is solid and reliable and the male crab is dedicated and intuitive she can help to keep his emotions in check while he helps her to appreciate all the beauty in life although she is in our sign-in he is a water sign the Capricorn cancer pairing creates a beautiful lake rather than muddy waters the different their differences are complementary where the Capricorn woman creates a strong foundation off of which to build their relationship and the cancer mad cancer man adds the emotional depth to sustain it the Capricorn female works hard all day and comes home to the comfort comfortable household that he is established he helps her to relax and enjoy the finer things in life things she would never have noticed without his keen eye and she listens and aids in calming his emotional outbursts when he's having a rough day since both the Capricorn and cancer um work hard to take care of different aspects of their relationship there is an automatic balance in their daily routine and with her patients in his caring nature this couple will have no problem moving things into the bedroom because both Sun signs take their time with decisions they will both be ready to build their sexual union the cancer male will start things off with a slow romantic courtship nothing too fancy just the basics to get them in the mood he knows she's not into mind games or fantasies so he keeps it genuine with affectionate gestures and simple foreplay the Capricorn woman appreciates him into detail and offers him a steady devoted partner even though she doesn't experience their lovemaking on the same emotional plane she shows him how much she cares in her own way his loyalty matches hers and that helps to strengthen their love bond the cancer man will do anything for his lover which can sometimes work in his favor and other times not but her planning does come in handy outside the bedroom with her ambition and his persistence this relationship can go further than either zodiac sign to match impossible the Capricorn woman likes to take the reins when it comes to the responsibilities and he doesn't mind but she knows the cancer man also pitches in to do whatever is necessary to keep things running smoothly and she can trust him to handle anything she misses and they divvy up each other's deep and they divvy up details that may require a gentler touch which the cancer man can take care of easy anything more serious in the Capricorn woman steps in to handle it with that kind of harmony their relationship is smooth and free of drama and this is important for both these star signs the Capricorn woman is not as invested in the actual act as he is so she may come off cold or distant at times this can be alarming for the cancer man for he needs reassurance at all as well she will have to focus on being in the moment with him rather than looking off into the future the only thing they will have to watch out for is her detached manner the Capricorn female may hurt his feelings from time to time and he will retreat into his shell for a while and his ever-changing feelings may annoy her on occasion but the rest of the time this is a lovely match indeed in conclusion Capricorn is a cardinal or Sun wears cancer is a cardinal water sign the Capricorn woman cancer man compatibility gets a 1 hearts rating the Capricorn woman cancer man love compatibility will succeed only if both the partners have the patience to list to each other I'm Vera Rose with Sun science org please visit Sun sign store for more articles and videos and don't forget to like and share us with your friends thank you you

6 thoughts on “Capricorn Woman Cancer Man – Be Patient & Supportive

  1. a while before I was reborn (christian reborn in the leo period in 2010) in 2008 a man with Sun in Cancer( and I had Sun in cancer) Had a obsession towards me, I had to flee for my life, it was a terror, he was a son of satan, abusive, obsessive a control freak and he abused me..he was the worst possible version or one of the worst of a man with sun in cancer

  2. Hahahaa! True. My spouse (now 40 yrs old) and I have been together for almost 24 years… married for 16 years.
    We do quarrel from time to time. But we are very much still in love with one another. We still stay up late to chitchat and cuddle. He is loving, nurturing and loyal (thank goodness) But he is super sensitive. Ack!
    He loves holding my hand even while dining (although I find it ridiculous) at times. And our teenage sons would tease us from time to time 😂

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