One thought on “CDC advises getting vaccinated before flu season

  1. My light bulb moment went off when traveling around the world. South America was getting the costlier pig fly strain/shot while the USA was not. Then I broke things down to production and costs. When I was done; I said what is model for the USA; to support other countries in ways that are unseen so the public does not get angry. Like a major hospital in the USA operating/building a major hospital in South America;… but I guarantee there is no one in Pittsburgh that knows this; because they would question why their own bills are so high. So shots are likely similar. The get the americans to pay for them (portion); they might throw in the wrong ingredients; say the cheaper or already made stuff from earlier batches; to work up something new (more expensive) for some poor countries. I think this is the norm for the USA. Will continue as such. Sadly!

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