17 thoughts on “Charity Skydive for Cancer Research UK – 10000 Feet

  1. Am doing sponsored skydive for a homeless charity if you think its a worthwhile cause please donate https://www.justgiving.com/Sean-Claydon/

  2. hi i am doing this in a months time same sort of thing i am absolutly shitting myself but i have always wanted to do it and i have signed up but still dunno if i have the balls and when it comes to flying up feel like i will just puke any pointers to keep my fear at bay and how was you on the day

  3. how awsome was this? me and my friends wana do it for the same charity summer 2011 and was wondering how much you had to raise? looks insane tbh :L

  4. it was fun wasnt it

    grats on the good intention behind the jump and keep up the good will towards life and helping to save life bud your an insperation to not only the free running/parkour as a whole but to the world keep strong

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