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  1. Please 🤩🤩🤩Make more videos about disease.. case report.. we medical folks are really interested..🙏🙏🙏

  2. Interesting about symptoms… weak face or drop, speech and arm weakness… these are the same symptoms as a stroke.
    So how do you know it is AFM or a stroke?

  3. Such an interesting video. Thank you for always spreading knowledge and concern and thank you for talking about vaccination!

  4. I was recently diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis after 2 years of testing for MS and NMO. I was sick with a cold or flu for about 3 weeks and then a few weeks later I was in the hospital. Is TM similar to AFM medically speaking?

  5. Is this linked to some kind of bug that produces during August – October and only comes out every other year ?

  6. Wow Dr Mike,
    This reminds me that approximately 10 years ago (my son was 6 at the time), woke up one morning like he was completely paralysed from the waist down. Not only was it scary, my local doctor was quite blown away as it wasn’t something he had seen before. He then diagnosed my son with a virus that attacks the leg muscles and said it could take time for him to improve. So for the next 10 days, my poor baby had to army crawl everywhere. He woke up one morning and screamed because he couldn’t walk and then woke up 10 days later again, squealing with delight, because he could walk. Strangest thing I have EVER seen.

  7. Hey Doctor Mike. My family and I are big fans. We all think you should do a series based on illnesses that may be less-known but still prevent lots of issues…just for some examples, I myself have been diagnosed with POTS, MALS, and EDS…and surprisingly, lots of doctors and even more everyday people have no idea what these diseases are. Raising awareness for my own and others’ diseases would be awesome!!

    Either way, I love your content and love what you’re doing for the medical field on YouTube.

  8. This was very interesting, I liked it! I am watching a few of your video's and wait till my painkillers finally work🤪.

  9. ahem

    I’ve been having a runny nose and a lump on my left ear for a over a week now, what the hell is wrong with me?

  10. For me your are someone prefect doctor because you sharing all about carrier doctor the real story in YouTube video,so interesting for everyone watch from anywhere country,so wonderful thing and amazing,i get everything answer about how to take care healthy from your sharing in video,because i am never have a cancer lukemia before that my old 15 years but i believe miracle and medicine

  11. I literally lost my voice and I couldn’t talk. my parents still refused to take me to the doctor and kept trying home remedies. I live in Canada so health care is free for us not like we’re living in Canada. Y the hell are my parents so scared of going to the doctors. I had to go through so much pain.

  12. Ok so, this is kinda a theory that just came into my mind, literally just right after the video ended. No hate please 'cause I'm not a medical student.

    So you've already noticed the pattern as to when the virus strikes. Why not observe the pattern of the environment where these kids came from and see what happened to that environment when they got the virus.

    Because when getting a virus or an illness the main factor here is the environment and how healthy the person/patient is.

    For example, one child came from a place where a tornado struck, and then s/he acquired that virus. Now remember a tornado is a massive force of wind spinning that eradicates everything it comes through and when small enough it can fly with that tornado. If it can happen with physical objects… Why not Viruses?

    And what I mean by pattern of the environment is. For example, 2014 a tornado struck a child got infected. 2016 another tornado struck, same place. But did a child get infected?

    I'm not really educated in this medical field so tell me my wrong and errors in this theory*

  13. Woah, the paralysis would be so scary!!!! One time I had a non epileptic seizure at school and I woke up and I was paralyzed. It only lasted half an hour but jeeeeeeez it was terrifying!

    Most embarrassing part was that I was in English class, and the whole class me lying on the floor not moving🙊

  14. After watching these videos I worry for my younger sister because my parents tend not to take us to the doctor when we obviously need to. For example, I most likely have a syndrome that causes me to be overly flexible in unnatural part of my body, like my wrist and my hip. Meaning I can get my thumb to touch my wrist and I can put my feet behind my head. But it also gives me aches and pains in my joints, wich sometimes would keep me up at night when I was younger because of how painful it was. It took my parents 4 years to take me to a doctor about and yet my parents and even the doctor has just said it is growing pains. I have them in the joints in my knee and my and my ankle the most and sometimes my ankle kilts out to the side on its own causing me to be thrown off balance.

    Another example is that it took my parents over an hour to take me to the hospital when I broke my wrist. I broke it so bad that when I pull my hand back you can see parts of the bone after 4 years.

    And this isn't really the it fault but once I had bronchitis when I was really young and one night it got so had I suffocated and my parents had to take me for the hospital.
    And I have many more stories, but I'm not going to bore anyone with those. So sometimes I worry for my little sister because she could easily have something like this and my parents would desire just to diagnose her themselves.

  15. People who are making fun of moms who don’t put injections into their kids can shut up. Maybe the moms are wrong for being ignorant but you are wrong for insulting them. They’re scared for their children and that something will be caused due to these injections. You guys have no hearts swear ..

  16. As an expecting mother, every time someone tries to tell me that I shouldn’t vaccinate my child, I die a little inside 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. September is Interstitial Cystitis awareness month. I have a bad case. Self cath now. You should talk about it. Painful bladder disease. I have The Hunners ulcers to. Just an idea.

  18. I had
    Stomach pain
    Stuffy nose
    Arm and leg weakness (makes me feel heavy and can barely walk)
    Really bad cough
    Lots of mucus in nose
    what does this mean?

  19. Thanks so much for making this video. My friends son was hospitalized for AFM when he was 4 years old 4 years ago. He’s now walking again and may soon be breathing on his own again.

  20. I think the problem with most diseases they all start with similar symptoms which makes it hard to know which disease it is

  21. If a patient comes in complaining of symptoms which are commonly associated with autoimmune diseases, (pain in the joints, fatigue, brain fog, low grade fever, bowel issues, rashes, etc.), and they test negative for the main suspects such as RA, Lupus, Lyme, Sjorgren's, MS, etc., but DO test positive for ANA at a level of 1 180, is that result, along with the symptoms described by the patient, sufficient enough to not only be cause for concern, but enough to refer that patient to rheumatology?

  22. This had me scared af. I am sick with many of the normal symptoms you mentioned. But pretty sure it's just a cold considering the lack of other symptoms like arm and leg weakness.

  23. That’s weird usually antibiotics would still used been with a virus because your immune symptoms is compromised and bacteria can occur

  24. Dr. Mike, because you have the willing attention of so many people, you should consider starting a podcast or continuing to focus some of your videos on various diseases and illnesses, and how to prevent/ avoid them. The patients I get are always in critical shape. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how many lives would be different if someone had taken the time to do what you are doing. I applaud you for using your social media platform to try to educate others

  25. Hi Dr. Mike! Just wanna ask if Mycosis Fungoides is also a rare illness? Is true that it's treatable but not cureable? ♥️💙

  26. I had transverse myelitis and it took a whole year, a bunch of test and physical therapy… just to get a diagnosis. I lost profound sensitivity on the left side of my body and lost strength on my left leg. It was sooo scary but my 85 year old neurologist had it very clear it was myelitis. I received 12 steroid injections in 6 days and in 3 months i was fully recovered.

    Thanks for talking about this rare condition. Greetings from Venezuela

  27. first question to ask:
    "have u been vaccinated recently?"
    research and court cases both point to the link between recent vaccination and transverse myelitis, or afm.
    for example:
    "Description: 11-year-old male received an HPV vaccine and developed symptoms of transverse myelitis within two weeks.
     Result: Awarded a lump sum of $269,256.64."
    vaxtruthdotorg has more information in regards to all this, but i can't link it, because the comment wouldn't show then.

  28. Hey Doctor Mike , I’m commenting a little late but I just saw this , my sister is currently at Valley Children’s hospital in California she’s been there since mid august and is supposed to get DIscharged in October , she had a Cerebroperitoneal Shunt put in back in December because she had meningitis and encephalitis as a result of Histoplasmosis/Valley Fever . She is currently taking Ampho through a central line every night to combat the histoplasma which was in her brain. She is actually getting looked at by NIH and they will be publishing a study on her (they already got her consent and everything) and they drew blood to do some genetic testing to see why her histoplasma reacted differently than what is common as she never had the fungus in her lungs it was located in her CSF and affected her brain.
    She also might get sent to Washington DC to do some more research depending on what these genetic tests say
    It started with her getting really bad migraines and often her face would unilaterally droop , mouth and eyes and she wouldn’t be able to speak well and would also drool . This occurred several times and When I first noticed I thought it was a stroke that she was having . Her arm and leg and face would go numb and feeling would return on its own anywhere from 5-60 minutes thereafter . Whenever she would get these episodes she would also sometimes get delusional and would lose awareness of what was going on .
    Was curious to know if this could have been undetected AFM

    If you would like more information feel free to reach out to me maybe I can also have her doctors forward you some of her case details .

  29. Since you’re talking about mysterious illnesses, you should research Conversion disorder! Most doctors do not know what it is or how to help patients who suffer from it

  30. Let me first say I am NOT anti vaccine so dont even come here with that.. BUT there are some that has AFM as an adverse reaction which is written on the insert that you can get from the CDC… I'm not saying that's how all these kids are getting it but it can be an adverse reaction but it's definitely something that needs to be researched a little more

  31. Is it a symptom of anxiety to not tell people when you need help? I have heart palpitations that can vary in time from 1 hour to 6+hours and my friends and family always asks why I never let them know in the moment. I wondering if I’m that socially awkward or is this a normal social anxiety to not be a burden?

  32. Dr.Mike, I have medical problems that have been tested over and over and over and no doctor has found an answer. They’re looking into something called MALS but there’s only one doctor in my state that can treat it/diagnose it. I used to have SMAS and gastroparesis, neither caused by anorexia or a body cast so we aren’t sure how I acquired them, and those were both fixed. I’ve had to stop attending school and have a teacher come to my house and it’s all very tough, as I’m a social kid and I dance which I no longer can do. Since I’m at home by myself so much, all I do is watch your videos , they really make me laugh and realize others have it worse. Thank you so much !

  33. Of course great shows from the US are not available to watch in Europe cause we still live in the digital middle ages and companies are too stubborn to give licenses away. Like the US was the only country in the world… I am sad. Looks like a great show though.

  34. At first I thought from the symptoms you might be talking about polio, using the present tense for dramatic effect but describing the situation back then.

  35. Dr. Mike, you should do more rare disease videos.
    1. It’s interesting and I am a nerd 🤓 and love science.
    2. I have a rare mutation ( well two of them) driver mutation for a myeloproliferative neoplasm.
    3. You’re videos are educational and can reach a lot of people. I love this. ❤️

  36. I wonder if it spikes at those months due to kids going back to school and more transmission to each other? Doesn't explain the year skip tho 🤔

  37. The way you described it in the beginning, as a med student, i immediately thought about polio. Later you told that it's AFM.. fuckk, you just educated me regarding a new disease

  38. This happen to me it first started with a cough then my arms got soar and then my legs like 1week later I was not able to walk for more than 5min like 3 days later I asked my mom if I can go to my grandmas house my mom said yes my mom carried me because I could not walk my grandma has stairs so I sat down and lifted my self and sense I’m pretty strong I was able to do this I was very scared because I play sports I went to the doctors they said it was nothing my grandma said let’s put u In the hot tub and she put this weird salt in it out of no where I was able to walk and could feel my legs again I cried now I play football basketball and every sport u can think of Thank you for listening to my story✊🏻👊🏽

  39. Polio has been eliminated in the United States, but polio has not been eradicated. Polio is still endemic in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, and India and even the Philippines have recently experienced outbreaks.


  41. Speaking of rare illnesses, what is your take on cyclic vomiting syndrome. I have a family member that was diagnosed with this at the Mayo Clinic, when he goes to his local hospital during an episode they blame it on marijuana when there is no marijuana present in his system or they tell him he’s going through heroin withdrawal once again with no drugs in his system. Why are doctors so eager to attribute cyclic vomiting to marijuana use, especially if they can’t find any in the patient’s system ever. Because of how he has been treated at the hospital he won’t go for an episode, he will stay home and throw up to the point he goes into renal failure therefore doctors are doing more harm with this condition than help.

  42. When I watch doctor mike, I want to become a doctor or nurse, but then I watch untold stories of the er, I be like


  43. Alright Doc Mike, I'm with you on antibiotics. I'm 30 and have had two courses in my entire life. I've fought off infections myself. It takes a little longer but I trust my body to do it's job. Hilariously I haven't even had a cold in 6 years since I stopped eating processed foods/sugar/breads and have stuck to lean meats, veg, fruit and eggs (No other dairy) and my Fibromyalgia has improved dramatically. I'm able to put physical stress on my body again and my inflammation levels are better. Unfortunately, still have severe hypothyroidism (tertiary Hypothyroidism) Please do a live Q&A some time. i'd love to have a doctor try to actually answer my questions.

  44. This happened to the daughter of one of my colleagues, last year. She was 14 though. If I remember correctly, she was treated with cortisone. Scary to watch your kid paralyze like that!! 😲

  45. *polio isn't completely eradicated, but it's been eradicated in the US. Meaning no new cases have originated from here, but during travel or immigration someone could still have the disease and bring it to the US. Only 2 diseases have ever been fully eradicated, with only 1 of those being a human disease (smallpox)

  46. In my country polio is very high but people do not give there children the polio drops because of some fake rumors .

  47. Dr Mike: a young child shows up with a stuffy nose, sore throat, mild fever, 5 days later they’re paralysed

    Me, on a Dr Mike binge while sick with a stuffy nose, sore throat & fever: ……………👀

  48. I would ask if there's a genetic component at play making the affected patients more susceptible for this complication but a) I'm not a doctor and b) the disease only spiking every other year wouldn't make sense. It doesn't make sense as it is but you know what I mean.

  49. Ok so yesterday at work I was given a list of illnesses that must be reported ASAP if discovered or suspected.. AFM was the first one on the list. I googled it because I never heard of it.. and now I just happen upon this video……. so weird.. and such a scary diagnosis. I'm a mother of 2 and my youngest is 5.. I just could not imagine watching something like that happen to your baby, so scary

  50. Occupational therapy assistant here!! Love that you shout us out. Everyone always says we’re PT, so it can be a little frustrating. But we do so much more!! 💜💜

  51. I'd like too know what kind of diet you think would be best for someone with BAM from gall bladder surgery. I have an incredibly hard time figuring out what too eat as well as I have a lactose intolerance and I'm assuming egg intolerances as it hurts my gut and always have heart burn.

  52. I'd love too see a video dedicated the side effects of gall bladder surgery ( B.A.M) and how to best take care of yourself afterward.

  53. august-october is when school starts. for young children that aren't desensitized to public illnesses in school, colds are really common. even in college i still get colds after every summer

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