100 thoughts on “Chipotle Offers Manager Fired After Viral Video Her Job Back

  1. Everyone in the comments is bashing on the title. I think we should give them credit. I mean its not often a news station lets retarded people do their headlines

  2. They were just a bunch of kids trying to play the typical race card, and trying to be act like they were being victimized. But, the kid is an idiot, because on his page all he talks about dining and dashing. Corporate was stupid for firing the manager without getting the fact straight first. I would have sued the company for even being fired in the first place. As far as i'm concerned, if a company fired me for something that I never did wrong, and then tried to apologize? well, its a bit late for that. I hat that shit.. People want to go and play the race card everywhere they go. When they know they are wrong, they try to cover up themselves. Here is how it goes: ***********A white man walks into a black neighborhood, minds his own business, doesn't say anything to anybody. These two black men start calling him names, and says something derogatory for no reason. The white man isn't having it. He says something right back to them. The two men being the typical blacks that they are, get mad when they get called out of their name, so they approach the white man, and threaten him. The white man calls the police. When the police show up, they approach the black men. Of course like usual, the black men get defensive and argumentative. It results into the police putting cuffs on the black men. The black men resist, they argue back, and then they play the race card. When they end up getting brutalized, or something bad happens to them, after the fact the people in the "Community" try to play the "Justice for so and so". "Black lives matter". So, none of that would have happened had the two black men had minded their own business, and didn't start anything to begin with. It just makes me laugh how people could play the race card, but they were the ones who were doing sneaky shit to begin with. Don't cry out "the race card" when you know what you were doing to begin with. Society doesn't owe you anything, you get off your ass and work for it.

  3. My gosh, people with titles these days: Chipotle manager gets fired for viral video then later gets offered her job back

  4. I'm honestly asking if they have a dyslexic person on the job of writing the headlines and the tags under people's names… I've never heard of a "Repuatation" manager

  5. The problem with these videos recorded on cell phones is you never see what leads up to the moment you're seeing. You don't get to see the full story.

  6. "I found myself taking the tobasco sauce, didn't even want it just took it"

    Wow yeah you deserve life in prison saying shit like that

  7. Love how they jump the gun about the manager. She was probably tired of kids ordering food and then doing a dine and dash. She was doing her job and making sure they could pay, and she is the bad guy.

  8. I wouldn’t have taken the job back 😂😂😂 Hell nah bitch, you gonna fire me over a video online? And without proof I did anything wrong? Nah… Get the fuck on bitch

  9. Manager: Sees same group of guys come in who dine and dash frequently
    Manager: Instead of calling cops or kicking them out, she offers them a chance to pay beforehand

    Group of ignorant boys: RACIST!!!!!!!

  10. When i worked in fast food, my co worker got caught robbing the place at knife point and the restaurant offered him his job back only after he had to write an apology letter to the company owner. Not even a month later he was hired as a manager. Fast food restaurants don't take anything seriously and will hire felons so people really should't take fast food serious to begin with.

  11. I quit eating at Chipotle, i don't care much for their food, but they are politically correct on what firing the manager, and those self entitled worthless wastes of space, knew they were going to Dine and Dash, punk ass low lifes.

  12. People who dine and dash piss me off so much! They have no idea that's a waitress or in this case a manager might have to have their paycheck garnished for the food that these people did not pay for!

  13. Bob hit the nail on the head, social media has encouraged this kind of outrage where action needs to be taken immediately. This can lead to so many cases of the actions being taken without having the whole truth at the decision maker's disposal and lead to situations like this one.

  14. What the manager should do is never let those guys in her restaurant and call the police on them because dining and dashing could be considered as theft.

  15. Post a video on his Twitter complaing about the store, same Twitter ge brags about stealing things what a jackass

  16. " America is the best Country in the World " yeah still racism af, me as a German, can only Laugh about that stupid Country every time

  17. For her to get fired, wouldn't Chipolte needed to have viewed the video as proof or evidence for justification? And if so, was the only reason she was offered her job back for damage control; to avoid bad PR due to the video gaining so much traction?

  18. Another dumbass on social media gets himself caught! Btw those two reporters at the end look like skinny female jokers…. Whatever happened to hot young reporters??? Oh yeah feminism

  19. They had obviously got food and not paid for it before so of course shes going want know if they have money 1st. Media should waited before bashing her .

  20. That's the issue with "the customers always right" . I work at a restuarant and got in trouble for trying to stop two kids that walked out without paying.

  21. She looked like she was joking in the video. And even if she wasn't. Thay dine and dashed and she had a reason to. How dumb of Chipotle to fire just for that

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