[CKD] Stem Cell Therapy to Replace Dialysis for Chronic Kidney Disease in 2019?

I’m really happy to be here today, it’s not
so common to see this kind of breakthrough in the medical field. Is stem cell therapy going to put an end to
chronic kidney disease in the near future? According to several scientists and researchers,
the answer is yes, and we may actually see the working therapies earlier than we thought. Hello, how are your kidneys doing? This is Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney – don’t
forget to like and subscribe! Here’s why everyone is so excited about stem
cells. The promise of stem-cell technologies is to
develop regenerative therapies and lab-grown replacement kidneys to stop chronic kidney
disease for good. This is a bold claim: in the United States
more than 20 million people are suffering from kidney disease. This means one in 10 adults. Of them, more than 100.000 people are on a
kidney transplant list. Each month, 3000 new patients are added to
the list. For them, the median waiting time will be
about 4 years. Every single day, 13 people die while waiting
for a kidney transplant. Another 10 people become too sick to receive
a transplant and are removed from the list. Every single day. This clearly calls for better therapies and
the most promising new studies involve stem cell based treatments. You may have heard about the breakthroughs
of stem cell therapy in the news, and may be wondering if there is a chance that stem
cell therapy could actually be useful for you and the other kidney patients. Recently, researchers and doctors have made
impressive steps forward in treating very complicated diseases using stem cells. The lives of thousands of children with leukemia
have been saved thanks to the use of blood stem cells. Diseases that were incurable, like type 1
diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, spinal cord injuries Parkinson’s disease and even
cancer are now being successful treated with stem cell therapies. Giving the huge success of these therapies,
big and important clinical trials are underway for many other conditions and researchers
are very optimistic about treating kidney disease with stem cells. The kidney is one of the organs of our body
with the greatest capacity to regenerate after damage, and stem cell based therapy will greatly
benefit from this peculiarity. So what are stem cells, exactly? Stem cells are the raw material of our body. Our body can use these cells to generate cells
with specific functions, such as brain cells, blood cells, heart muscle cells or renal cells. Stem cell therapy involves injections of stem
cells and tissue transplant to heal injured organs and treat diseases. Now, these cells will even be grown in a laboratory
to create new tissue to be used in regenerative medicine or organ transplant. This is called therapeutic cloning. These new therapies are incredibly effective
and a huge amount of money and resources are being invested in what most pharmaceutical
companies see as a new and growing sector. So, is stem cell therapy already available
for kidney patients? Unfortunately, chronic kidney disease is still
not on the list of treatable diseases. Yet. The ethical debate on stem cells slowed down
the development of these therapies for years. There are two sources for stem cells: embryonic
stem cells and adult stem cells. Embryonic stem cells, coming from human embryos
have a much higher therapeutic potential, as they can repair any organ or tissue. On the other hand, adult stem cells are coming
from a specific part of an organ and can only be used to replicate that specific organ. The therapeutic potential of adult stem cells
is limited, because liver stem cells can only turn into liver, fat stem cells can only turn
into fat, and so on. Still, adult stem cells are the most used
in therapies today, due to the federal law regulating the availability of embryonic stem
cells and making much harder for scientists to obtain them. So, while today there is still no FDA-approved
stem cell treatment for kidney patients, there are several clinical trials going on testing
very promising therapies. For example, The Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Kidney Group is testing Mesenchymal stem cells against kidney damages. These cells are found in the bone marrow and
researchers say that injecting them in a damaged kidney can aid kidney repair. The final goal of these experiments would
be to create an artificial kidney in laboratory, using stem cells and nanotechnology. This kind of technology could impact our lives
in a way that wasn’t even imaginable just a few years ago. The future has never looked so bright for
kidney patients, so never lose hope. Hit the subscribe button to stay updated on
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