78 thoughts on “Community concerned about police oversight meeting

  1. The only way that area is treated better is that police station is disbanded, let them transfer put new cop's into their rotation…

  2. We have to stop marching and take action vote stop shopping at the white store u have to put these people out of business and the chief she not for u she's all blue.

  3. So civilians have to use the “proper route” to express their concerns- while officials do nothing by the book, & incite the backlash? I commend these citizens of Dallas for even attempting the proper avenues- but frankly, if the rules mattered nobody would be there, already “past the point” of sadness and anger. It’s too late for reason, yet the Dallas PD absolutely repeatedly chose to seed mistrust in their own community.

    How long ago was it when a man killed 5 officers at Dallas PD HQ?? 1-2 years ago? This organization clearly does not mind sacrificing their officers to maintain the status quo. Shameful all the way around! Now they have to worry about the scrutiny the entire nation. Again.

  4. Chief says, "I won't let us in this room act like animals." However it's okay for her officers to act like animals on the streets!

  5. Great job my people I admire you guys for standing up for the black community remember if you don't break The law you can never change The law

  6. Black votes does matter. Arise you Mighty Nation the spirit of Nat Turner is within all of you guys Load the Guns and pass them

  7. Wake up …In Dallas not long ago they had lynching sundays where they lynched any blacks for fun to amuse white crowd

  8. Ahhh, blacks trying to be civilized….. and it’s funny, the city actually thought keeping the police Chief black would help things…. lol

  9. Black people are upset because of the continuing overlooking of our issues. We are tried of being mistreated by the police and city government. Every other group in Dallas are getting their issues and needs met by the city. A lot of black citizens of Dallas don’t trust the police. The police have a horrible history of police brutality, police falsified paperwork and police harassment of innocent black people.

  10. Jessie Johnson? I see Ms. Jessie in her shades. lol. I hope she got paid to say what white folks wanted to hear. It appears DPD has burned bridges with their community. Under Trump DPD has the potential to get worse then it is now. There needs to be a mass exodus out of Dallas. Apparently its unsafe to live there.

  11. You can't run a criminal organization under the guise of law enforcement and think there will be no consequences

    The real trouble will come when you don't listen to the people and inspire more Micha Johnson's who feel hopeless and there only means of being heard is by 2nd amendment means which are always promoted as liberation from tyranny so long as the wielder of the guns are white

    but what happens when all marginalize, oppressed, excluded, ostracized and criminalized groups push back against violence with violence?

    You cannot police people you do not respect nor they have any incentive to show you respect

  12. I just want to know where these guys are on social media, and why those mugshots look hella dated?

    If it’s three guys how come the third one isn’t mentioned lol… 3 WHOLE GUYS against one?

    Where is the gun residue?

    Were the cameras not working?

    How come this is just now coming out lol

    C’mon DPD…

    I can’t be the only one that saw how bad that officer was sweating, and how hard he was swallowing andddd the white cop next to him was like 👀 okay that’s what we’re gonna go with…. yeah bs

  13. Remember folks, Controlled opposition is used to create confusion. Everyone at these meetings aren’t who they pretend to be. Does DPD have a PSYCH -OPS unit?

  14. Way past talking point in Dallas , until real action is takin nothing will change. Talk has always been cheap and the wrong doers say just enough to appease the citizens. They know exactly how to stay in control, at the end of the day you guys get played once again!

  15. We the People have a problem with our public servants (police) they seem to think We the People are their punchline bag ………………..
    You know the Supreme Court said the police don’t have any obligation to protect We the People………..
    Think 🤔 about that …………………


  17. corruption, lie's, false promises, people it started when JFK was killed. dallas has always been a department of secrecy and brute force…

  18. we are re living yester year, where the police, media, and corruption ran a muck in Dallas in 62nothing has changed since…

  19. Simply look at the mob,
    Y'all are sad this is being played nation wide,
    You are how you act,
    Just uneddcucated bunch of jungle brats

  20. Sounds like the whole police dept needs to be shut down looks like to me thay have forgot who thay work for vote them all out

  21. Dallas is a tinder box just waiting to go up. From what information that's available, the police and politicians are hiding too much.

  22. They found another mammy tammy to take their side for an interview. She looks like she hasn't voted since 1993. Don't know what going on. They just showed her the footage on a laptop of what occurred.

  23. Black People Some How have to get Organized and mobilize Themselves to such a degree that They will match up equally against the police.Remember The police are a Gang too.Plus in addition to that! The People need substantial Organizational backing for support.Just Like The Police does.With The F.O.P and The NRA.Black People need this.And Until We obtain this! The outcomes will never be totally in Our Favor.

  24. A true Community Police Oversight board is one which has full subpoena power which includes police officers and city officials. State mandating the handling of police misconduct investigations and disciplinary actions into the remit of the oversight board and out of the hands of the police. To ensure independent and credible investigations. Board investigative powers should include but wouldn't be limited to direct access to body cam video, police reports, officer disciplinary records and use of force data. Disciplinary powers that give the board full control over decisions to reprimand and terminate officers of all ranks within the PD including the police chief.

  25. Need black police officers working around white police there are too many white police in every state it’s a disgrace


  27. DPD corruption!!! Sad!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬💯💯💯✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿Stan’s up black people that young man that got shot trying to be a upstanding citizen could be your son father or husband!!! Racist state !!!! The chief of DPD should be fired!!!! These whites don’t care we need to stand together and push for equal justice!! Everyone sitting around thinking it’s none of their concern is wrong!!! It could be you family one day✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿💯💯✊🏿✊🏿👌🏿👌🏿😡😡

  28. Looking at the family of Botham Jean I see what we could all be. Looking at the Dallas mob and reading all of the hateful comments I see what we are.

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