Dead by Daylight – Demogorgon Review (PTB)

Dead by Daylight – Demogorgon Review (PTB)

In this video, I’ll be sharing my first impression
of the Demogorgon, and its new map. Let’s start by looking at the killer’s attributes. It has the standard killer 32 meter terror
radius and movement speed, as well as being very tall and easy to see. So unless you’re using the Demogorgon’s tunnel
ability, it’s going to be pretty hard to sneak up on survivors. Also in case you missed what the Demogorgon’s
perks were, here’s what they look like. Keep in mind that these numbers and anything
you see in this video may change when the Stranger Things chapter hits the live servers. Now let’s talk about the Demogorgon’s power. There are three components to it. The first is that you can create portals similar
to how the Hag creates traps. Portals only take 1 second to set up, and up to six of them can exist at once. You can travel between any 2 portals and gain
stealth for 2 seconds after exiting one. All survivors will hear a notification
every time you use a portal. Three important things to note about portals. One: survivors cannot see or destroy portals
until you’ve used them at least once. Two: if you’re teleporting to a portal that
survivors are sealing, teleportation will always take priority. And three: survivors who interact with portals
suffer the Oblivious status effect, which means they will not hear your terror radius
until they stop. The power’s second component is that you can
hold right click to reveal survivors who are near your portals. However, a portal only reveals survivors
if you’ve traveled to it at least once. Portals marked by white auras have not been used yet, while portals marked by yellow auras have. And the third component is the Demogorgon’s pounce attack. It takes 1 second to charge, and slows your
movement speed slightly, but lets you perform a long range lunge that can allow you to land
hits on survivors in situations where you otherwise couldn’t. As for the Demogorgon’s add-ons…I found
them to be pretty boring. Most just increased things like power recovery
or activation time. There were only a few that did something beyond
modifying numerical values. I feel like there was definitely room for
more creativity here, but it wasn’t utilized. Maybe the team’s creative energy was poured
into the new map, which I quite admire for the level of detail that was put into it. There are plenty of easter eggs from the Stranger Things’ series to be discovered, and they definitely nailed the atmosphere with elements like flickering lights and spreading corruption. Speaking from a gameplay standpoint, almost
every section of the map is a narrow corridor, which I suspect will make it fantastic for
killers who use traps. It also has multiple floors and short lines
of sight, so stealth-based killers will also probably do well on it. There are some killers I could imagine not
liking this map though: Huntress, Nurse, Clown, Hillbilly, and Spirit will probably have a
hard time since there are many hallways and corners survivors can use to avoid their powers. When it comes to the map’s pallet spawns,
most pallets are unsafe or can be mindgamed, but there are a few rooms with double pallet
spawns that need to be looked at. Overall, I see it as a killer-favored map
similar to the map, The Game. But let’s circle back to the Demogorgon and discuss how it actually feels to play. In most games of my games, I started off by
setting up portals near generators. Placing them behind corners or walls worked
best since survivors wouldn’t know exactly where I would pop up when teleporting. After I’d set up my portals, I’d wander around
looking for survivors. If I couldn’t find any, I’d backtrack using
the portals I’d set earlier and would almost always find them on a generator I’d already
patrolled. Now as for how chases felt with the Demogorgon…I
found there were largely only two scenarios: short loops where I couldn’t use my Shred
ability, and long loops where I could. Because charging Shred takes a second and lowers your movement speed, loops that involve frequent turns will make using the Demogorgon’s pounce ability impossible, which effectively turns him into a killer with no power. But when there’s a loop that requires the
survivor to run down a long path, the Demogorgon can shut those down quickly. So overall, I think the new killer is pretty
strong. Probably around the power level of the Huntress. His portals give him both map awareness and
map pressure, and his Shred ability lets him end chases faster than a lot of other killers. His early game is a bit slow since he has
some set up to do, but he can still chase survivors just fine even without his portals. I think the Demogorgon will make for a great
addition to the game. So that’s it for my thoughts about the new
Stranger Things map and killer, thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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100 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight – Demogorgon Review (PTB)

  1. Thank you PR I was waiting for an in depth look at the Demo. Hopefully he's gonna be my main, don't really like the others except Myers.

  2. This map is definitely in favor of survivors if they have balanced landing the middle room and all the spots to drop down and little areas for mind games make it very difficult for killer unless the survivor makes a mistake not to mention double pallet spawns

  3. You forgot to mention the new chase music for demogorgon! for the first 10 seconds it's actually interesting, then you realize, it doesn't change at all, so it just sounds like a sinister sounding washing machine.

  4. You forgot to mention how his shred lunge can easily close gaps and can be spammed to move around faster. Overall, cool video.

  5. The Game isn't killer favoured. Almost every single pallet on that map can't be mind gamed and the room above the bathroom and next to the bathroom guarantees 4 god pallet spawns.

  6. Ok, so everytime as a Survivor you can hear if the Demogorgon uses a portal. But can you tell if its 10m away from you like a directional sound source, or is it like the new lullaby of the huntress?

  7. As I said on another terrific YT channel, this looks like a one-night stand between DBD and Fallout 4. And I still wish I had a Gauss Rifle to play this map.

    Another excellent vid, PR., and because of your persuasive reasons, I'll keep an open mind about it…even if the killer has the face of a poinsetta.

  8. I found the demogorgons shred is easy to counter since its like billys chainsaw, you can just turn 90 degrees to counter it and if you cant i often found that some objects actually block the hits completely even if they should have hit you. Id also say that its easier to counter than billy since there arent add ons to help him turn like billy.

  9. Uh also ST's Demgorgen is not at all like Demogone form d and d. WHERE IS MY 2 BABOON HEADED MESS OF A CREATURE!!!?!?!??!

  10. TBH I'm glad this killer's addons are nothing to write home about. Addons aren't very fun, oftentimes, to deal with if you ask me. Some addons are just outright stupid and clearly not balanced. Some are even just not fun at all to play against (eg: insta-kill myers)
    That said, would've liked to see a bit more creativity for sure.

  11. So game a map pro killer? … just outchase a bubba for 4 gens and escaped with one teamate being dc is he serious?

  12. I feel like these portals plus the legion's discordance perk would be perfect together, couple this with ruin or BBQ and you have a pretty nice little prevention loadout

  13. No offense but you always have amazing thumbnails but I just can't listen to your videos because of the artificial creepy pasta voice

  14. I feel like you should redo the perk teir lists after this chapter releases since a lot of perks have changed and are getting reworked (Left Behind, Dying Light, etc.)

  15. You literally just admitted that the majority of the map has unsafe pallets. Why would two pallet rooms need to be "looked at" ? killers already have the crutch of 80% of the map having unsafe pallets. Survivors need something to survive.

  16. I bet you are a fan of documentary channel. The way you speak is very similar to the narrator of national geographic. Good video by the way

  17. Finally! A video narrated with a calm, smooth voice. Most other DBD youtubers have screeching, pubescent voices that make me wish I'd been born deaf.

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