Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Diabetes & the Food Pyramid

Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Diabetes & the Food Pyramid

Hi, I’m Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian
and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. This segment I’m going to talk about the food guide pyramid
and the dietary guidelines. There are a few different kinds of methods in controlling
your diabetes with diet and this one I’m going to talk about the food guide pyramid. If you
look here, you can find the food guide pyramid at www.mypyramid.gov. Now the mypyramid is
not made for people who has diabetes, so if you’re not going to use this method, is very
important that you consult with your diabetes educator and your registered dietitian. However,
this is a great way to control your diet because it does have, it does recommend a balanced
diet. Here you’ll see that they recommend grains and you’ll want to make half of your
grains whole which we talked about. Whole grains includes chromium which helps regulate
your blood sugars and it also gives you lots of fiber. You also want to talk to your dietitian
to find out how many servings of vegetables you would like that you need to consume. And
this also provides you with fiber. Fruits provide you with lots of antioxidants which
we have not talked about and they also provide carbohydrates and fiber. Oils, we talked about
consuming Olive Oil or Canola Oil are your best options when consuming diabetes and this
is also recommended by the mypryamid. There is also the recommendation of milk which they
recommend you get enough calcium-rich foods and they also recommend low fat choices are
one percent choices. This is the meat and beans group and you want to go lean. It’s
very important to talk to your dietitian to figure out how many ounces of meat and beans
you need each day. The mypryamid.gov also has a program on there where you can go in
and put in your personal information and it will provide you with etiquette calories.
This is a great idea, however it should not be replaced by seeing, consulting with a dietitian
or a diabetes educator.

17 thoughts on “Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Diabetes & the Food Pyramid

  1. no it does not. you are saying HIGH and the article clearly states low carbohydrates as in LOW GLYCEMIC level carbs. no contradiction there.

  2. Excellent point suesara.
    Aqueous Diospyros is persimmon juice. Here's real juice research:Food Chem Toxicol. 2009 Aug 3.
    Antidiabetic activity of Diospyros peregrina fruit: effect on hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and augmented oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes.
    (aqueous extract of Diospyros peregrina fruit in type 2 diabetic rats) Oral administration of extract at 50 and 100 mg/kg body weight per day for 28 days to subjects possess dose dependant hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity.

  3. In my opinion MOST of the diet recommendations for type 2 diabetics are insane. The majority of diet recommendations are for between 40-55% of the calories from CARBS. To me, that is similar to a doctor recommending to someone with badly arthritic knees, train for a marathon. I think that if a doctor recommends that type of diet, they must buy into government propoganda or want to sell a lot of diabetes medication. On a low carb diet you can have normal blood sugar in weeks if not days.

  4. @suesara47: That is really funny, that post of yours. You do know that ttdm is a CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM DISORDER…..RIGHT. Ave you suggesting that the best nonmedical way to overcome ttdm is a VEGANCULT DIET? Tell me how many people would stick to something sooooooo repulsive and unnatural? A stict low carb diet is healthier and much more tastealicious, yummy meat type animals included! Go back to giving classes on ARMPIT HAIR BRAIDING, WTF!

  5. @suesara47 Uh, I think that too much protein is a waste, excess just gets converted to glucose/fat and stored. But, your rip on low carb is off the mark. The idea behind low carb is to decrease the need for insulin which lowers the storage of fat. Ideally a low carb diet is a diet that provides adequate protein for the bodies needs, not excess. Fat is a very useful part of the diet, the Lipid/heart disease/athero hypothesis is coming under more and more fire because it is just faulty logic.

  6. @PROFLOP1 So, are you in agreement with the doc or do you think he is wrong? I cannot really tell from the tone of your post. I was having some very poor blood sugar readings doing the low fat diet, lots of prediabetic levels. Went low carb and my blood sugar levels have never been better.

  7. @ERNIEMAC2 I am not a total ideologue, I think that there are a lot of different way to maintain a healthy diet. I just cannot see how someone with diabetes can eat a lot of carbs and expect to be healthy. I just got done doing about 5 months of very low carb/no carb and it worked great. I switched up to a different diet with more carbs and it has it's plusses and minuses. I see being flexible when it comes to eating a huge asset. High carb/low fat is something I will avoid.

  8. @ERNIEMAC2 I think that some people can get away with being healthy on a fairly high carb diet, as long as they do not go overboard. The niche group that does ok on a high carb diet are the very acitve, very disciplined folks who make very good use of all the carbs they eat. I myself do not do so great on a high protein diet, the kidneys do not seem to handle the protein that great (BUN goes up, Creatinine goes up, Gfr goes down, energy down). I do really good on high fat/moderate pro/low carb.

  9. @ERNIEMAC2 You might want to try cutting down on the protein and upping the fat, that is the best diet for me. When you eat a lot of protein it is harder on the kidneys. As you get older it is normal for your internal organs to not work as good. You might want to get a blood test for BUN, CREATININE, and GFR. If your kidneys get overworked it can lead to decreased mental functioning due to build up in your blood, high levels of various byproducts of a high protein diet. Less pro and more fat.

  10. @erniepond1 Yep, my pleasure. I have slightly weak kidneys, have had abnormal readings of Bun, Creat, Pot, Gfr. So I know what happens when I eat too much protein, fat really goes down great. And yes, fish oil is great.

  11. The USDA Food Pyramid–not to mention this video and this woman–is full of shit, . The same old hack about a grain-based, high carb/low fat diet based on faulty science. They follow the party line, give out poor advice that has resulted, since these erroneous recommendations were put in place, in an epidemic of type ll diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Kinda' funny, huh, how these problems weren't nearly so rampant back when Americans ate fewer carbs and more fat?

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