Diabetes | Wim Hof Method Testimonial

Diabetes | Wim Hof Method Testimonial

Nice! Hello, I am Andrea. And I am a massage therapist and personal trainer. For 10 years I have been practicing boxing Until I got sick with diabetes when I was 19, Which I control pretty well But after this week I’ve noticed a big improvement in my health. My glucose levels are much lower. And by practicing the breathing exercise I had a great improvement in my health, And in my control of diabetes. And I noticed my endurance is better. My strength is better as well. And my recovery time it’s even shorter. Yesterday we went to the mountain. We had a 4 hour hike up to the mountain, just in shorts. By exposing ourselves to cold We learn how to breath, and we learn how to be mindful. The experience has been amazing for me! It was my first time up to the mountain, And the first time only in shorts. And I felt good, from the beginning till the end. I felt energised, I have been surrounded by beautiful people. So, please guys, if you have the chance, come to Poland! Start to do cold showers, start to breath deeply. And start to live a happy and free life! It’s okay, huh? I put my foot in shit… I smell the dog shit though. But it’s not on you… It’s not on my feet. I hope not.

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  1. Did anyone get a sore throat after like 10 mins of taking a cold shower? I had no issues till yesterday but suddenly when i got out of the shower my throat started to feel sore.

  2. Great video.  Message to Andrea – If you;re not vegan already, please try a purely plant based whole foods diet.  You will find this to also have a great improvement to your diabetes!

  3. Sometimes when doing the breathing, my mouth/throat gets dry and I start to kind of gag to the extent that I can’t continue. Does anyone have this problem? Any advice?

  4. this has helped me stay free from addiction and pushed my boxing training and overall health. I was 280 pounds and diabetic. Now I'm 230 and pushing my bodies limits every day.

  5. "PHOSPHENISM is a group of techniques which has the goal of increasing cerebral capacities through the use of a method based on physiological reactions: the PHOSPHENES, multicoloured patches which persist in the dark for three minutes and that can be obtained by focusing on a source of light during a short period of time. Dr LEFEBURE was able to measure the effects of all the traditional exercises of yoga, in a scientific manner. This led to the creation of a scientifically improved yoga: Phosphenism. The invention of various devices permitted the improvement of the practice of the exercises. This electro-yoga is totally adapted to Western culture.
    The world is changing, and, with it, new technologies are developed. The medicine of the past is not today’s medicine nor it is the medecine of the future. Thanks to the works of Dr LEFEBURE, the ‟ancient” and ‟archaic” Initiations of the past are superseded by techniques based on the most elementary laws of cerebral physiology and which are exempt of concepts based on dogmas."

  6. I've had type 1 diabetes for 16 years and seen that Wim hof can suppress his immune system's response to things – since type 1 diabetes is an auto immune disease, can I prevent my body attacking itself and become diabetes free? I'm interested to hear that it improved your diabetes but I'm wondering if that just isn't down to increased exercise

  7. YES SIR I'm grateful for THIS. I have PARKINSON and diabetes off all MEDS.
    Vegan lost 30 pounds. Eyes are GREAT, TRIMMERS are less . Feeling better a lot.

  8. I'm diabetic type 1 too and started a week ago. 3 days ago I started with the cold exposure. As a vegan I already saw the bloodsugar levels drop. I'm excited what will happen, when I do WHM and a plantbased diet.

  9. Andrea, please be so kind to contact me regarding the little girl with diabetic diagnosis and zero immune system.
    Already tried to find your contacts over the WHM main office, but your email is not working!!
    Please be so kind to respond!
    I am trying already half the year to find any kind of support from the team and WH head office. They replied to my mails but no proper info and contacts!
    All I am trying to do is to save little life.
    Just as human being, just usual help to stay alive for little girl whose name Alisa.

    Please find my contacts over support team in Netherlands (head office).

    Will try and try again ad I have no choose

    Best Regards,

  10. If it is necessary I can forward all the messages were sent earlier to support team and to you personally.

    They suggested to contact the participant with similar diagnosis either experience. Because Mr. Hoff personally does not provide any assistance/course to anyone.
    However, he did some personal trainings with the world fighter. And these support is nothing compare to little girl willing to survive and to stay alive. Nobody can’t help!!only suggestions from the WH center and people with no desire to help.

    Strongly believe Mr. Hoff would help and spend five minutes if he has heard about the little girl Alisa. 8 years old. Little kid who trying to survive!!

  11. My contact available over the support team in Netherlands and personally Ralf and Emily both mails are: ([email protected])
    As well as automatic respond with suggestion to read the FAQ.
    I am sorry!!!the question is how to save the life for the little 8 years old girl!!!
    People!!please someone!!!switch on your brain!!!

  12. I so want this to work. I've been type one since 25, now 31. I've been cold showering for 6 months, but I need to incorporate more breathing exercises as well.

  13. this isn't a testimonial..i'm glad for the guy, but wim, show more convincing stories of recovery..there must be 1000's by now

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