Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality

Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality

[Song begins – ‘Time of my Life’] [Nervous whooping from crowd] [Quiet gasps and ‘ooo’s from crowd] [Scattered approving noises from crowd] [Drumbeat starts in song] [Approving whoops from crowd] [Crowd starts clapping in time to song] [Approving cheers] “I think she gets this from me.” [Crowd cheers enthusiastically] [Loud cheering from crowd] [High pitched whoop] [Big cheer] [Crowd cheers] [Crowd resumes clapping in time to song beat] [Huge cheer] “Sit down, Jake.” [Applause from crowd] “You have sheet music on this stuff?”

100 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing – Time of my Life (Final Dance) – High Quality

  1. This music video is awesome and features hot, really cool scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIaiT3ckvm8

  2. I was twelve years old when this movie came out. I was too young to understand any significance of the plot. I do remember Jennifer Grey having the most beautiful smile I had ever seen then. My favorite scene.

  3. Annnd in 2 days september 14th Patrick died 10 years ago. Also I have the same birthday as him which I never knew.
    One of my favourite movies of all time

  4. Jennifer grey how gorgeous she looked in this movie. Great song very uplifting and will always remain an iconic song. RIP Patrick Swayze gone but never ever forgotten.

  5. Y a T’il des français qui regarde toujours ?tellement beau ce film ❤️❤️dommage que l’acteur qui joue le mec est mort …
    Ce filmé tellement magique 🥰❤️

  6. I haven’t felt this way in years! I have always loved this part of the movie. Patrick Swayze top notch always! Gone way too soon.

  7. Re-watched this on VHS thinking i was going through the Mandela effect…nope..its just the unnecessary adding of edited scenes. Damn you copyright bs!!

  8. 10 anni che non ci sei piu , ci basta ricordare i tuoi film o le tue gesta per rimanere immortale nei nostri cuori <3 (

    10 years that you are no longer there, it is enough to remember your films or your exploits to remain immortal in our hearts <3)

  9. J'avais enregistré ce film quand il est passé à la télévision , j'ai dit à mes filles de le regarder , et elles sont devenues accro ! Cette danse et cette musique sont mythiques .

  10. Os grandes cantores de grandes e belos repertórios (coisas q ao s ouvir; n agredia o tímpano ) tb estão indo N mh família gostava mos
    Mt de Roberto Leal E uma pena td está acabando
    Deus o acompanhe e proteja a família

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