Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death

Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death

One of the many perks about living in Southern
California is that there’s no smoking and it’s been going on for years, specific to
many cities. It’s banned, which means I don’t have
to smell it, let alone deal with the potential health risks. But then a few years ago, people started using
“healthy” forms of tobacco from e-cigarettes and now they’re just called vaping. In fact, I was originally asked around 2010
or so, to consult and be an investor in one of these companies. I refused because at the time, I didn’t
think they were safe or good for people’s health. I was assured they were very safe and was
shown lots of clinical studies giving more proof. However, I still said no because I didn’t
believe it. The bad news is that I lost millions of dollars
because I didn’t invest in the company. The good news is that I still have my integrity. Granted, I will always have my integrity because
I want to treat people the way I want to be treated. However, it would have been nice to keep my
integrity AND make millions of dollars. So, where am I going with this story?…. Illnesses, Death & Cancer Around 2015 I noticed much higher use of vaping
and even more so the past couple of years. And because of this, we have a lot more user
feedback and real-life effects from vaping and using e-cigarettes. Here are just some of the facts so far: Personally, I believe one of the biggest issues
is that vaping has now become an “epidemic” among teenagers, according to the FDA.1
There have been well over 180 vaping-related lung diseases, according to the CDC.2 … and
the numbers are growing quickly. FDA has stated that vaping can also cause
seizures, with over 150 reports.3,4 There have also been numerous vaping-related
deaths.5-9 Lastly, these are still drugs and thus, also
very addictive! Keep in mind that maybe e-cigs are probably
safer than smoking regular cigarettes simply because they don’t contain the thousands
of additional chemicals found in regular cigarettes, known to cause illnesses, cancer and death. However, they are by no means without risk
or “safe”. Safer, but NOT safe at all. In fact, so many of the vaping side-effects
were missed early on or simply ignored. Thus, the point of today’s information is
that if you vape, you are now INFORMED that these products are horrible for your health,
fitness and longevity. If you want to keep doing them, that’s your
choice! What About Vaping & Marijuana Today’s topic was mainly about vaping tobacco
containing products. However, the use of marijuanna is on the rise
because it’s being legalized and thus, people are vaping it more. Is vaping marijuanna safe for your health
or lungs?… NO! Can you vape pot and not have negative effects
in the short run and especially long-term?… NO If you’d like more details about vaping
and marijuana in a future video, let me know below in the comments section. At the end of the day people, a drug is a
drug. Use it often – and addiction will take over
(whether physical or emotional) and long-term negatives will eventually kick in There’s NO other way around it. So either “give it by not taking it up”
in the first place. Or, just do your best and use it occasionally.

49 thoughts on “Doctor Reveals The Truth About Vaping – Illnesses, Cancer & Death

  1. I have ADHD. And marijuanna is only thing that works for me in the days and my sleep, i would like to fint something else but there isnt…

  2. Dr Robbins, thank you for this video. I am sick and tired of people including friends claiming vaping is safe. Thank you! You the man!

  3. This is what i usually tell my patients especially call center agents. They think its okay its safe,,,i like your line doc.. safer but NoT safe..thanks

  4. Is vaping, regardless of the substance, generally bad? If someone takes three or four hit off a vape pen, with CBD, at night, really that bad for you?

  5. Other than “lung disease” and “seizures,” the health effects from vaping were not detailed. Is there not more data or specifics available? Just wondering

  6. It’s happening and vapes are going to be banned. This has been the plan all along. People getting sick and teen vaping epidemic is the excuse. Phillip Morris releasing a new tobacco heating device soon.

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