Dr Sebi – How To Get Off Dialysis And Heal Kidney Failure

Dr Sebi – How To Get Off Dialysis And Heal Kidney Failure

Yes sir. Hello doctor, I recently got on dialysis, right. Sometimes I wonder that, of course I feel good and I say to myself, I think these doctors played a game on me, you know. Because you go in, I go in there and I see so many people that are really in bad shape. I know I lost a lot of weight, but I feel good and uh I was just wondering what you have for it. You are on dialysis? Yeah. That the iron. Iron? The liquid iron. Iron, just take
the iron for now. Okay. Because what happens we take your pre actin level test. You’re
going to tear the pre actin is high, right. Yeah. Or the potassium may be high if I
give you what you really need. Right now, but I could begin and this is how I
begin people on dialysis. This is going to give you energy. What this will do, they wash your blood to remove the impurities. They also wash out the
minerals that makes you strong. That’s why when you get off the dialysis
you’re hungry. You want to eat because they rob you of your energy. Well if you take
about six tablespoon of this, you can heal that. I would have repetitive minerals. Then
gradually I would begin to give you potassium phosphate to open up the
kidneys. So that your urine could start again and a diuretic. We have done it. We
have done it before, but like I said, those of us that we treated because they
couldn’t maintain that diet. It was difficult, but this one man said I’m
gonna go all the way with you and he’s off the dialysis machine. Say that again. Because he had
adhered to the diet. Oh okay. He went along with the diet that is most necessary. Oh okay. Alright, another question. Like veins in your legs. What do you suggest for that? The same treatment, it’s an intracellular cilation. We are cutting through all the calcium
buildup or the cholesterol. All the fat, all the grease we made it out,
cleanin it out. Okay. Alright, thank you very much. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Dr Sebi – How To Get Off Dialysis And Heal Kidney Failure

  1. Do you know where I can find potassium prostate to open up the kidneys to be able to urinate as Dr. Sebi states?

  2. so the iron is MADE by Dr. Sebi or YA were inapired by Dr Sebi? 🤔 cz if it aint from him i dont want it. dont use the face of ONE person to sell ur product. that just makes ur product look really bad and unsafe.

  3. does anyone know how often your supposed to take the 6 tablespoons ? ex :. before every dialysis, or once a week ?

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