41 thoughts on “Fear Itself S1E04 °° In Sickness & in Health °° -subtitulos español-

  1. The bride was a stupid annoying bitch. I was all like "Come on, somebody kill that snotty sorority twat already!"

  2. Ha! Awesome & unexpected ending.  If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and don't skip to the end too soon.  Nicely done.  Most "who done it's" are too predictable….Still smirking…..

  3. The shittiest episode of the show…Actresses are all bad and the twist is obvious…The "Eater" episode is much,much way better

  4. the first time i watched this show when her friends mentioned "creepy brother" and ex boyfriends "up and disappeared" i should've guessed.

  5. wow…
    Es de lejos, mil veces mejor ver el capitulo original que el traducido …
    ¡La traducción al español apesta!

  6. A white on white version of GET OUT. She gets with guys then kill them like in Get Out when the white chick gets with brothas–and occasional sistahs–then lead them to . . . NO SPOILERS!!!

  7. I think she wanted to get married and stop serial killing (Dexter would have a ball with her) but then when her new husband admitted talking to another woman her eyes changed that means that she is gonna kill him.

  8. Guessed the ending 5 mins in after she said her boyfriends kept disappearing. Obviously there's going to be a twist, it's a suspense/horror show

  9. Shaun and Jules – I know you know I'm not telling the truth. I know you know – you just don't have any proof.

  10. I'm so tired of them running back and forth between the church and the dang wedding reception, get somewhere and sit down… Great episode though!!

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