General Medical Information : How Is a Staph Infection Transmitted?

General Medical Information : How Is a Staph Infection Transmitted?

Hi, I’m doctor Savage. I’m here to describe
how staph infection is transmitted. Staph is a type of bacteria that is transmittable
and staph itself actually is in multiple parts of the environment. It can be on this desktop,
it can be on my clothes, but when someone has an open wound, that bacteria can get in
and setup camp and cause an infection there. Now if you actually were to have an infection
anywhere in the body, anywhere on the skin with this bacteria staph, and you were to
expose that area or the content from that infection you know by touching it or direct
contact with another person, that bacteria can then spread over that person’s skin. Once
its exposed to an area in which it can setup camp, either an open wound or you know, anywhere
else in the body, such, you know in the skin or in the mouth, anywhere in the eyes it can
actually, you know it can cause infection pretty much anywhere. Most commonly would
be the skin. Nonetheless, basically that’s how it happens. If you’re having symptoms
of recurring infections or even an infection like this that doesn’t go away, this is a
situation where you should speak to your health care provider and that’s basically it. I’m
doctor Savage. Here’s to the best of health.

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  1. Ok folks, gather round. So we're going to be filming Dave here as Dr Doogie Howser talking about medical bacteria type shit. Obviously he's as much as a Dr as I am an astronaut so we're going to need Hospital props.

    (an hour later)

    How did you get on?

    (Simpsons teenager voice)
    Well sir, we found a light box and borrowed my dad's x-rays of his gammy foot.

    Good, good.

    We also got a stethoscope, an office plant, a medical book and some glass containers that used to have my dried spaghetti in. Oh and we got the white coat from Gavin's house. It was a fancy dress outfit from last new years eve.

    Great job guys. Great job.

  2. Dear Lord! Write A Script, Memorize script, repeat script with camera recording. This doctor's explanation of Staph is like listening to me explain quantum physics and I don't know diddly squat about quantum physics.

  3. Hi dr. Savage. Are you savage? It sounds a fake name. Just go up to people and say hi im name is ken savage.

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