hi everyone I’m Diana Palm of dianapalm.com
and today i want to discuss with you why some of our pets seem to take on our illnesses
yes healing pets really do absorb our illnesses and if you have a pet like this it is really
important that you know what to do for them to help them heal from your sickness
animals are really so amazing and they come to us with unconditional love and it is very
natural for them to automatically heal us when our cat comes beside us and begins to
purr they are actually emitting a frequency in that purr that is healing for the human
body dogs give us unconditional love they lick us they make us laugh but all of our
animals even horses birds turtles everything that we give love to in the animal kingdom
is actually healing us so not only do they uplift our spirit provide companionship joy
happiness a sense of purpose they totally unconditionally love us at all times and their
absorbing your illness so when you become aware that you have a healing animal that
is absorbing your illness it is really important that your able to do some healing work for
them when you become aware that you have a healing animal that is absorbing illness it
would look something like you have arthritis and your closest pet to you has arthritis
you may have a tumor and then suddenly your little kitten or your dog or your horse gets
the same kind of tumor it could be anything from a cold to a cancer to problems with arthritis
if your limping one of your animals may take on your limp for you and they are doing this
because they want you to feel better how amazing is that and so some of them don’t know how
to process and get rid of this pain animals don’t get sick for the same reasons we do
humans get sick largely based on emotions unhealed issues and things we hold in our
body that creates illness and then we have our pets that are absorbing that from us so
that we can heal and move on and be happy sometimes when a pet is healing you they don’t
know how to release the illness from their body animals operate so close to nature and
much like shaman do so often times shaman will absorb an illness for a sick client and
then be able to transform and release it into the universe without it affecting their vessel
animals do the same thing they absorb our illness they heal us they take our pain and
our suffering to make us feel better and sometimes they don’t remember how to release it sometimes
it really does get trapped in their little body and what we can do for them is to help
energetically to shift it because when an animal is showing up with your illness they
haven’t created that on their own they didn’t have the emotions and thought forms that created
it they may not have been exposed to same chemicals that created it but they have been
exposed to you and they want you to be healthy and happy so that’s a gift they are doing
for you the first thing i like to do is go into a meditation where i can actually create
an image or picture in my head of me being happy and healthy and then i also see my animal
my pet my dog my cat what ever it is as being happy and healthy and both of us being in
a good space instead of projecting how much you want them to heal project that they already
are healed show pictures of them running around being happy having a shiny coat purring getting
treats and being very lively those types of pictures can make a very big impact on your
animal instead of what we tend to do we tend to project how much we wish they would be
better and that we feel sorry for them for being sick and how much it hurts us to see
them that way but they get confused by that and they just absorb more of what we are projecting
so its really important for you to be able to meditate and create pictures of happiness
joy and health and then send those to your animal companion i have another tool that
i have used remotely and it has been so effective that i just really want to share it with you
here its kind of expensive for a healing crystal and i don’t get any benefits out of saying
this i don’t get any kickbacks or anything like that but as a healer i have personally
used this device on many animals to help them heal i have had some at the brink of death
where the vet has already visited and agreed that the pet is dying their losing their bodily
functions their having strokes and the vet’s ready to put them down and at that time i
get calls sometimes from owners that say is there anything that you can do to help my
animal heal one of the things that i do aside from sending the energy work going into meditation
sending the pictures is i also can remotely use this particular device so along with my
spiritual gifts this is one that you guys can do for your own pets or your family’s
pets or your friend’s pets even its called an etheric weaver its really important to
know that animals are very sensitive to energy work and they heal very easily because for
the most part they don’t have any beliefs or limits to block their healing so all that
beautiful energy that is sent to them they can actually receive and it makes it easier
for them to release the illness that they are carrying for you if your healing pet has
absorbed your illness here are some lovely things that you can do to help heal them spiritually
and energetically I’ve had this healing tool for about 10 to 15 years now and its a quartz
crystal with earth magnets wrapped in copper that really really enhances the healing attributes
of the quartz crystal now an etheric weaver is not a diving tool so this is not used like
a pendulum this is only used as a healing device and what it does it actually weaves
the aura back together and this can be uses for animals humans its very very effective
in healing sessions and you don’t have to be trained to use it this is such a powerful
little healing tool that all you have to do is hold it over the individual and allow it
to do its thing often it will go left and right zig zag sometimes its weaving in circles
sometimes its trembling and shaking and then when it comes to a complete stop you know
that the healing has finished or completed for this session ive actually used this healing
device um at the very very last moment before a pet receives euthanasia and brought them
back um they regain their composure their health they’ve had these miraculous recoveries
um and lived two more years a very happy healthy life ive done this remotely and when you are
doing it remotely to help you know exactly where to send it is to have a picture of the
actual animal that your sending it to and then you just hold the etheric weaver directly
over the picture of the animal this can be done for people too this can be done for anything
but animals are very very receptive to energy and this is one of the most beautiful gifts
that you can give them back it can help alleviate some of their pain and suffering and sometimes
its enough to extend their life and give them a couple more healthy years the final thing
i want to say is that while your doing this amazing work to heal your loyal companion
is that your loving yourself and taking really good care of yourself the more your actually
healthy and happy the more your pet can be healthy and happy as well and so they will
watch you they will learn from you they will absorb from you and when its going down the
negative side their taking that for you but when your getting happy and confident and
feeling loved and appreciating life that’s what your projecting and that is the gift
you can give to your pets as well thanks so much for watching you guys i’ll put the link
for the etheric weaver below in the comments so make sure you check that out if your interested
in getting one to have in your home for your pets also make sure to subscribe if you enjoy
this video and you want to see more like this i’m all about healing the spirit world animals
and can’t wait to teach you more thank you so much and have a great day


  1. I read a story relatively recently about a lady who had cancer and then her dog would always be by her side and then she got better and he got cancer and died 🙁

  2. I have 3 Healing Animals, they are soooooooo loving. Thank you for sharing the Etheric Weaver, I never heard of them. Great video Diana 💟

  3. My little Daisy notices it all. When my energy is off, so is she! And she loves Reiki and when I have Reiki…she's just full on love!!!! That etheric weaver is very cool. I've never seen one. I could feel it even in the video! Thank Diana.. .another great video! You are amazing! ~Elizabeth

  4. Hi Diana, what a great video! So if you wanted to do any self-healing, would I just hold this in front of me or over my head? What if the animal is taller than me? Can I just have it in front of them? Does it need to be "cleansed" like crystals? Thank you for such an interesting video!

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