14 thoughts on “Here Is Why To Avoid Sodium With Kidney Disease | Salt And Kidney Diseases & CKD

  1. Your welcome Addy grl … check out some of my other videos about kidney disease and will be adding more videos shortly.

    My goal is to help people with kidney disease avoid dialysis, kidney failure and a transplant like I had to go through. If you have any questions about chronic kidney disease or any form of ckd feel free to contact me or comment. All the best …

  2. Hello, Thank you for posting a comment. If you are used to eating salt it does take some time to reduce and get used to the taste. If you have kidney disease it is something that you want to strive for, as salt makes blood pressure increase which further damages the kidneys. What I would recommend is to start reducing it in your diet in a slow manner. With the gradual change you won't notice the taste difference. Begin by reducing the amount you are adding to foods. Thats a good start.

  3. Hello, Thanks for commenting. People with kidney disease should strive for 1000 to 1500mg of sodium per day. 1000 is good but tough to attain in the average persons diet. If you could keep salt/sodium to 1500mg it will benefit any blood pressure issues and will help your chronic kidney disease. If you have ckd you really need to due your best to lower your salt intake and avoiding processed foods which are high in sodium.

  4. Hey Puddin .. refer to the post above which will answer your question of how much sodium to use in kidney disease.

  5. Sodium can really impact everything. My dad had a heart condition due to excess sodium in his diet. Personally, I think everyone should lower their sodium intakes just for overall better health.

  6. The body does need sodium but in small amounts. In our society people consume lots of excess salt per year. This can lead to high blood pressure induced kidney damage and heart disease. Not just people with kidney disease but everyone should avoid excess sodium in there diet.

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