High blood pressure and heart disease | Stop Heart Failure | High Blood Pressure Management

High blood pressure and heart disease | Stop Heart Failure | High Blood Pressure Management

hello viewers welcome to our channel to
doctor Dr C. Venkat S. Ram is with us hello Doctor
greetings ladies and gentlemen I am Dr C. Venkat S. Ram from Apollo Hospital
Hyderabad I’m in charge of BP clinics and also Apollo Institute for blood
pressure management we today in connection with the World Heart Day I am
going to make some comments on high blood pressure as one reason why many
for country men and women are suffering from heart disease unfortunately heart
ailments are on an increase in India whereas all over the world they are
decreasing and we are seeing an opposite trend and this has to be detected this
has to be acknowledged and this has to be reversed for a healthy nation our
nation cannot progress without its citizens being in good health and many
of our citizens in the most productive part of their life under the age of 16
they are robbed of their health by heart disease by heart disease people think
about it as heart attack that is correct heart failure that is correct
irregularity of the heart that is correct all of them come under heart
disease the main reason for heart disease in India is high blood pressure
the risk factors are high blood pressure diabetes high cholesterol obesity lack
of physical activity tobacco consumption excessive alcohol consumption
all of them are responsible to cause heart disease amongst these so called
reasons for heart disease high blood pressure
is most important condition high blood pressure can cause heart disease in all
age groups including young people normally the blood pressure in the body
should be under 130 or blick 80 when people ask what is my blood pressure the
ideal number is any blood pressure that is less than 130 or blick 80 if the
blood pressure is more than 130 more than 80 oblique that is high blood
pressure and when you have high blood pressure that is not detected and that
is not treated it only gets worse and worse 130 becomes 140 140 becomes 150
150 because 160 170 it keeps on going up so the only way that you can prevent
complications related to high blood pressure is by making the diagnosis
early on as early as possible one should know what is their blood pressure if it
is going more than 130 by 80 then you should ask your doctor or healthcare
professional on what needs to be done to prevent it from going much higher and
higher any blood pressure that is less than 130 by 80 is good for healthy heart
any blood pressure that is more than 130 by 80 is detrimental to heart and heart
disease unfortunately is very rampant in our country let me give you an example
worldwide 235 people per lakh population die of heart disease world 235 people
per 1 lakh population die of heart disease in India 275 people per 1 lakh
population die from heart disease that means when you compare to the rest of
the world many Indians are dying from heart disease early early on both men
and women so ladies and gentlemen one risk factor that can be easily diagnosed
and easily treated is high blood pressure
that grossing high blood pressure is very inexpensive it does not require any
special machines your doctor or a nurse can check your blood pressure and
dejected two or three times and the number comes whether it is normal or
abnormal if it is abnormal you need to be under surveillance of a healthcare
professional if it is normal you need to have it checked at least once a year the
current recommendations are for people over the age of 18
you must have an annual checkup and for people who have high blood pressure it
should be checked every three to six months so that it can be controlled
high blood pressure unfortunately does not have any symptoms until it is too
late high blood pressure causes symptoms when it causes stroke when it causes
heart attack when it discusses kidney damage but by that time it is too late
the best way to treat high blood pressure is to detect it before it
causes any damage to the body both men and women are equally susceptible to
high blood pressure and also young people are susceptible to high blood
pressure if anyone crossed BP like 130 so can we
consider this is like an a dangerous sign yes
okay very good question anything that is above 130 by 80 is abnormal anything
above 140 or 90 is red signal between 130 to 140 it is orange between 80 to 90
it is orange so when you go from 130 to 140 you are entering from green zone to
orange zone but if it is above 140 or entering the red zone but what you asked
is very correct the best time to diagnose is when the blood pressure is
between 130 to 140 between – 80 to 90 that is the best way because then you
can prevent it from entering the red zone means how come we know that BP is
going high so what are the symptoms they may appear this is the reason why people
suffer from complications of high blood pressure
high blood pressure does not cause any symptoms until it is too late then it
causes symptoms and then those options are very limited the only way that you
know that you have high BP is to have it checked it is not like fever it is not
like asthma it is not like arthritis it is not Recology it is not like
headache you don’t feel any different if it is normal or high the only way you
know you have IBP is to have it checked when we check yeah when you check it
then only you will know for example people think that high blood pressure
causes headache it does but it is very late stage people say that high blood
pressure can nose nose bleeds there is no relationship between the
blood pressure nosebleeds and people say that they feel giddy due to high blood
pressure no high blood pressure does not cause any of these symptoms until it is
too late so can we take this as a like a myth
it’s an absolute myth there is no relationship between nosebleeds
giddiness headache and the habibi so what have to do doctor if they crossed
150 by 80 that their BP level so at the time what type of precautions they
should take ok all the guidelines and in India we also have guidelines unless it
is dangerously high the first step in treating high BP is what is known as
lifestyle changes you have to change your lifestyle what are the lifestyle
changes there as follows number one cut down the salt in your food intake the
salt intake per adult in India should be less than 5 grams per day but average
Indian consumes 15 to 20 grams so we are eating a lot of songs because we’re used
to eating a lot of salt World Health Organization has suggested that India is
a worst offender of salt of all the countries because we eat a
lot of salt so first thing we suggest is not eliminating salt but cutting the
salt intake we’re not stopping this all we’re only cutting it down now somebody
will ask me dr. ROM what is five gram you don’t need you tube
you don’t need Google you don’t need to read books about it very very simple
five grams means 1 TSP the TSP that we use to stir coffee or tea that tea spoon
that is when you fill it up with tea spoon it is 5 grams
tablespoon is 15 grams larger so when you take a salt
anybody who cooks in the family you put the salt in that teaspoon and one should
not eat more than that amount for 24 hours and don’t per day and you should
not use salt at that salt at the dining table and that is very easy so that is
the number one is salt restriction number two is also due to expansion of a
middle class and economy our body weight has increased average body weight of
Indians has increased in the last 25 years and so one should prevent increase
in body weight prevent obesity the third thing is to stop tobacco consumption to
eliminate tobacco consumption as much as possible no you should actually
eliminate tobacco consumption so one should not eat too much of so-called
unhygenic foods which are easily available some people call it fast foods
some people call it comfort force and one should avoid once in a while one can
eat but not on a regular daily basis and one more myth that people have when you
say a fast food they immediately connected to Western fast food like
McDonald’s or KFC or pizza no our Indian food like samosas like chart like pani
puri all of them are I sold Indian fast food
has more salt than Western fast food so this can affect doctor this can
increase the BP so one can avoid high salt food and one should maintain
regular physical activity and one should maintain good body weight our national
statistics show only less than 10 percent of Indians undertake regular
physical activity every day ninety percent are not active walking is not
activity you have to be brisk walking or doing something so they the first step
would be lifestyle changes doctor as you said they should avoid tobacco how
tobacco is going to affect tobacco causes the same complications as high BP
it can cause heart attacks and one more thing to buy cocaine cause is cancer
cancer so for there’s no reason at all for tobacco consumption I know the
government of india has tried very hard to discourage smoking by increasing the
excise tax they have increased excise tax quite a bit to discourage it has
discouraged some but the only thing is this is so-called conventional tobacco
products like cigarettes which are very conventional which are sold people buy
there is excise tax on this but there is a large volume of Indians who live in
rural areas they consume beedis babies are not subject to exer sex yes you see
so and a lot of our rural brothers and sisters they take BD so they are
unaffected by any standard the government is imposing on regular
tobacco doctor so what they need to do if they cross the limits of BP what they
should be okay and so in that situation every month
our first three months we recommend so-called non pharmacological or non
drug treatment non drug treatment lifestyle changes okay physical activity
salt restriction avoiding hydrogenated oil in cooking that means same oil being
used for cooking and cooking once you die why
yeah hydrogenated oil yes when it is there for 24 hours same oil yeah that
those are those are the thing first three months if after three months the
blood pressure is still above normal then there are nice medications that can
be given their blood pressure medicine that can be given to lower the BP I can
tell you with great confidence all the blood pressure medications we have in
India are quite effective they are safe and they’re free from serious side
effects there could be minor side effects like weakness or fatigue or loss
of sleep but these are what I call it as nuisance side effects they’re not
serious so many people are afraid to take blood pressure medicines thinking
that they cause serious side effects no the benefits outweigh the side effects
benefit side effect ratio is very very high graphics are here benefits are high
no side effects some people have there are only nuisance and you tolerate them
Yes Doctor so if they miss the dose so what will
happen in that okay if they miss the dose which is quite often on the same
day let us say let us say you’re supposed to take one or two or three
tablets a day supposing you miss it either because of
travel or you forget or work you forgot it does not mean you should double up
the dose in the evening no if you miss the morning dose it does not mean you
can take the monument safe night no that is it if you miss the dose you go back
to your shade you next day okay if you miss I don’t say publicly if you miss a
one or two looses the blood pressure does not shoot up it raises the pressure
rises gradually it never shoots up like this and some people will means complain
about I missed a dose so because they’re afraid because people are afraid their
blood pressure might shoot up yeah but doesn’t shoot up it it always goes like
this not like this okay so the four that they
doubled yeah it takes time yes so that’s they because of that fear they
double the dose and because somebody in the family or friends had a stroke or a
heart attack or sudden death yes and they’re afraid they might have the same
thing so the double their loss no one should not double the dose one should go
back to the regular schedule the following day doctor they should
continue this medications lifelong lifelong one should continue because
blood pressure diabetes high cholesterol these are so-called
lifelong conditions once you get it you have to bring it under control and you
take the medications lifelong when you take medicine lifelong you live longer
yes and you live longer free of disease okay you can become easily 75 or 80
years of age without heart attack without kidney failure and without loss
of memory so you do have to take medications indefinitely but the bonus
benefit is you’re living longer which freedom from side effects doctor I have
a small dot here so they have to reduce the amount of salt so then they will not
face any iodine deficiency no no no fine that is the reason why we put this
quantity of salt we are not eliminating so we’re reducing it eliminating we’re
not eliminating just reducing and it causes no deficiency of any minerals no
some people have this dot right doctor by using these medications can we bring
the level back to the normal in majority of people using proper medication in the
proper dosage the blood pressure will become normal blood pressure can be made
normal with appropriate correct medicine in the correct dosage the problem is
when the BP becomes normal the patients stop the medicine yes thinking that it
has become normal no you are not cured you are controlled this difference
between controlled and cure this is not like coffin cold
or infection yeah where you take an antibiotic and you finish the pores yeah
five days seven days what are the doctor says no many people in our society
including educated people once the BP becomes normal they stop it
and suddenly they will get a major complication sometime later so when the
BP comes down it is a good signal to continue the medicine yes not
discontinue the medicine doctor the BP condition can be hereditary yeah I
mentioned to you the factors that cause VP but there are some people who develop
BP because of parents nothing wrong with the parents if one of the two parents as
BP you have a 20% chance of developing high BP if both have BP father and
mother you have 50% chance of developing high BP so there is a genetic factor but
genetic factor you can’t avoid it we can’t yeah but genetic factor can be
kept there but you modify so-called the environmental factors yes doctor so
there’s some if anyone is suffering from BP so first step is to take in a diet
that’s that’s what we recommend lifestyle changes if the blood pressure
does not become normal within three months we recommend drug treatment there
is not nothing to worry about drug treatment
there’s no dangers to drug treatment they’re very safe they’re very effective
and the prolonged lives they prolong life and then some people when the blood
pressure doesn’t come down easily they may have a special kind of high BP that
requires more advanced testing for example at the polar BP clinic for
people who need it there is advanced blood pressure testing where we measure
the blood pressure for 24 hours so called 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure
monitoring that means the blood pressure machine is hooked to your arm and then
you go home go to work wherever you go come back
next day when you return next day we know what the blood pressure has been
for 24 hours day and night and that is a very good way of knowing whether you
have IBP or not I know that many centers don’t have it but Apollo has it this is
called 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and some people are still not convinced
that they have high BP despite that there is another technique that we have
in Apollo which is non-invasive we measure the blood pressure in the heart
there is a non-invasive way of knowing what is the blood pressure in the heart
if the blood pressure in the heart is high we definitely have high BP no
matter what you have high BP and it has to be treated so there are some centers
where advanced diagnostic rules are available to make correct diagnosis and
therefore render appropriate treatment can we control this BP by using any
homeopathy allopathic medicines people ask me this all the time there could I’m
not I’m not trained in homeopathy I am not trained in Ayurveda having said that
if somebody is using homeopathy if somebody is using Ayurveda if the
pressure is improved I have no problem with that
I because my goal is to make the BP normal if the patient says that he went
to this he went to that person he went to this hakim
he went to this Ayurvedic specialist they spent all this advertisement that
you see in the passage if the BP is normal I have no problem
but if the BP is not controlled then you should choose appropriate changes yeah
as long as the BP is normal I would not fight it so we can control a BP by using
home remedies if the home remedy is lower the BP no issue but don’t assume
that they lower the BP you need to have it checked doctor this BP condition can
leads to more lately can we take this as a dangerous
disease condition yeah BP if it is not control can cause stroke
can cause dementia can cause loss of memory can cause body to retain fluid it
can cause kidney failure it might require dialysis it might require kidney
transplant they’re very very dangerous complications of people doctor would you
like to give any take-home message to of yours okay
the take-home message is very important but fortunately very easy to embrace in
the real world high blood pressure is a condition that does not produce any
symptoms until it is too late and that is the reason why it is known as a
silent killer it can kill you silently the only way that you will know whether
you have BP or not is not because of symptoms but you need to have it checked
by a doctor or by healthcare professional or any of these automatic
machines that’s the only way once the BP is above 130 by 80 you need to be under
surveillance to see if you need treatment the first step in the
treatment would be to try lifestyle changes including that if they are not
sufficient then once again one should take blood pressure medications to
control it to reduce it because if you don’t treat BP it can lead to various
complications heart kidney and brain and more and the other thing is you lose
productive aspects of your life for example if somebody is the main bread
winner bread earner for the family the only wage earner for the family is
disabled due to heart brain or kidney ailment the whole family is devastated
so that is the reason why one should be aware that it can cause and one should
have it appropriate treatment women are not protected from BP people used to
think women and men have the same vulnerability children and you
are not protected from BP they’re as vulnerable as adults people who live in
the rural areas villages are not at all protected from heart disease they’re as
much vulnerable to heart disease as in people in the cities so heart disease is
an equal opportunity killer it kills people with no distinction who you are
whether you are a male or a female younger role it causes damage equally so
importantly you should be aware of this condition and you should be diagnosed
either you have normal BP or high BP if you have high BP it has to be monitored
for a short period of time and then treat it with lifestyle changes and then
the drug treatment but however you control the BP once you achieve normal
BP you are going to live for a long time free of any complications
yes doctor thank you for your valuable time doctor thank you that you’re having
in our program thank you thank you for the opportunity I hope you found this
video useful so don’t forget to Like share subscribe to channel for more info
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