Homeless woman got sick and lost her home. She now lives in a tent city in Orange County.

Homeless woman got sick and lost her home. She now lives in a tent city in Orange County.

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  1. That sucks for the actually people who are homeless…I see so many “homeless” people who beg for money then drive away or when they beg they throw the food that they are handed away they ruin it for the others that actually need the help! Homeless people aren’t bad people they could be your mother, Dad, brother or sister treat them with respect!!!! And please stop with the 3 wishes shit it’s condescending as fuck

  2. There's a lot of good and a lot of bad about America but on the whole it's such a selfish society like she says, I didn't believe it when I got told you had to pay for medical help if you have a stroke or even a baby !? :O

  3. No first-world country is completely horrible, or completely wonderful. There are many causes for all the horrible things happening in the US. Perhaps it is because of unbridled capitalism, or not having universal health care, or unbridled greed (Why is rent so expensive in California, (and other cities) anyway?). Perhaps it is because the US is a country of extremes–extreme wealth, education, research, NASA, medical research–, and, extreme crime, shootings, homelessness, etc. There is not a one-word or one-sentence answer to how to solve these problems, but these problems need to be addressed meticulously, thoroughly, and, NOW.

  4. I have read several comments from people claiming that homelessness doesn't exist in x or y country. (Sweden and Switzerland). People, please do a simple search before posting erroneous information! Homelessness exists in both Sweden and Switzerland.

  5. Sir, I understand what you're doing. And I believe it's right to shed light on our homeless populous. But if I may say, I'm quite sure that it's the Church's duty to feed the poor. The Government shouldn't, nor are they justly obligated to shoulder this responsibility. The shame rests solely on the "Bride". Christians were told to feed the poor. The Government has been burdened as a result of the Church's apathy. Furthermore, Our Lord's judgement will fall on America because of the Church's failure to "Let their light so shine" and failure to "Love thy neighbor as thyself". The Christian community thinks judgement is due as a result of the corruption in Washington, or perhaps the homosexual culture. Not true! We, "God's children" have failed to Love God first….As a result, you see the current climate our Nation is in.

  6. All the who felt bad for these people are living human beings, and negative comments come zombies👹, the walking dead, you know like the dead man that shot up that church in Texas.

  7. I too got sick husband divorced me and I lost my home. My mom was taking CHEMO at the same time I was taking treatment. I was taking care of her put my stuff in storage. 3 days after the funeral I had a Dr's. Appt. When I returned my half sister changed the locks and set my luggage on the front porch so I was homeless again. Neither sister would take me in or let me stay in moms house until we probated the will. Never happened. It's been 12yrs her house was sold never got my inheritance and still have cancer. Have had colon.ovarian melanoma now it looks like bile duct. It's hard being sick and having no support. I married again he died 11 mos later. Drs get all my money. I just trust in the Lord but it is still hard. Some so-called friends say they can't handle my illness. It's just very lonely.

  8. Americans should ask themselves what is wrong with their country/government, when people end up homeless after being sick? This is insane, no health insurance, no social security, no institution to catch people from falling into nothingness…..it's sick!!!

  9. The reality is, you are all on the chopping block! 8 out of 10 Americans Live pay check to pay check. The GOP has with other by the tax bill sent you all to hell. No one is safe but the very wealthy- all these loud mouths chirping here, keep talking, you are not far from the streets– one nice Down Turn or a War both of which are looming big, and your going be looking the mirror with no eyes

  10. SAD!! No reason that people should be treated this way. Same in Canada. The immigrants are being welcomed like royalty but, the homeless, seniors, disabled are being swept under the rug. With the new carbon tax scam in Canada, the provinces, feds are raking in billions. The legalization of weed they are going to do the same. All in the name of GREED!

  11. Miss a few house payments you will be homeless banks don't care you can pay for 17 years miss a few payments home gone

  12. It's a shame there are so many citizens living like this. I see people living on the river all the time, but the ones I mostly see are standing around grocery stores with bloodshot eyes

  13. People wouldnt mind the homeless if they werent to dirty. Would it kill them to clean up after themselves? But i guess thats too much to ask

  14. Put the homeless to work, people complain about immigrants. Why do the homeless want a free pass? They have a choice just like you and I. But homeless rather not do nothing and have other people pay for them.

  15. This is insane. There will be a bubonic plague epidemic. We need to house people and provide
    sanitation and food.

  16. Everything she's saying is absolutely true , but she's leaving out the fact that she''s a speed freak like the rest of them .

  17. The government requires a person to work a minimum of 10 years to be eligible for disability. Otherwise you will not get disability, Our government big brother is not much help , yet they do care about the muslims they are bringing here. They get housing, food and a monthly check. The culture of Islam who hates us and our freedoms and beliefs taking advantage of our system and our government helping them. I am sorry I love America but it is now a hell hole of poverty , homelessness , selfishness , like never before.  Nothing will change in years to come just more videos of more homeless and suffering , while the tyrants in congress both Democrat and Republicans live like kings . They love it we are poor and work for low wages , high taxes  and high medical costs ,that keeps us down and poor so they can control us even more. Those bike riders  are asshole leftists Democrats they do not care about the homeless most are well off or trust fund babies who do not work just ride bikes all day thinking they will live to be 100 ,  and think they are better than everyone else. They are same way in Colorado.

  18. i have a hard time beleiving this lady if she had a sezure she wouldn't be hearing some1 say move out of the way.. she's a loser..

  19. I'm confused….aren't there shelters and social programs for these poor people. Living in a riverbed is no place for anyone to be at. No sanitation, showers, etc.

  20. It's typical of the cock sucker corrupt criminal government of this country to criminalize homelessness sending out it Muppet actors and agents to do their bidding like $2 blowjob whores. Let's face it at the end of the day that's all these actors and agents who work for the state really are, blowjob whores. Obeying their pimp Masters, or more appropriately there bankster pimp Masters. Protect and serve? No more like collect and serve. beat shoot and kill defenseless innocent citizens and residents. The government is nothing but a fucking Cesspool of criminality murderers and pedophiles and needs to deconstructed.

  21. Look for the title "A New Hell for the Homeless" here on Yt.
    It is said there that California was given 100 million dollars to aid the homeless problem, 87 million of that went to law enforcement. There is your answer as to where the money is going.

  22. 90% of you are disposable. Don't even need a Disaster, all you need is your Landlord to sell their House, in a Market where its impossible to Rent! They aren't even required to find a replacement for you first! If you can't find anything, enjoy the Streets! Don't get me started on how Employers see you as a Disposable Asset. You are only an Employee Number!

  23. Its all the effect of ursury…commecial bank came to us as a good finance solution but its true face is a vampire…if it does not get stopped..it ll get worse

  24. God bless you Sir, keep up the good spirit give thank to HIM everyday for what little you have and communicate with him everyday and you will see the changes in your life HE LISTEN!

  25. Stroke, cancer, seizures, bipolar/mental disorders, can't be around other people…?? Wow that's a long list of malfunctions for one single individual. Thank Christ she can adequately care for two dogs though.

  26. There are 1,000 homeless people here in Des Moines Iowa who are now being forced to loose their homes on the streets and there's only one shelter for everyone to go to. My old campsite was demolished so they can build a $120million dollar shopping center and houses that will take 20years to build. Where does these cities expect the homeless to go with no reliable help?

  27. Jerry Brown Governor of California is stupid Nancy Pelosi they're all vaccine drug pushers yes I had Polio in the early 50s but I'm a Survivor take those homeless people let them go to another clean Park please

  28. That poor woman! My heart aches for her and others like her. Too easily people like to paint every homeless as a junkie or felon, etc., but this just shows what happens when you aren't blessed with a support system like the rest.

  29. Here in Omaha your dogs must be tag and shots every year or it's off to the glue factory and how much did that tat cost.. really………..

  30. Everyone makes fun of countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden, Canada, etc. But in Germany this does not happen. German Medical care is very good for the average person. Too bad for the average American.

  31. God Bless America. Make America great. I don’t believe all she says .,,like the seizures..she shouldn’t of heard the man say get out of the way if it were a true seizure,,,the people are obtunded and don’t hear anything during a seizure or remember what is going on during a seizure I’m a RN and deal with seizures all the time and this lady is not telling the truth ,,,she is full of bull 💩

  32. the goverment should seriously make action on it.i am so sad happening more coming homeless,God Blessed America.

  33. It is a wise thing to put away a good amount savings in the good times if you possibly can because you never know what can happen tomorrow.

  34. I’m very familiar with this area . My mothers home 🏡 is off this trail since 1986. She moved 10 years ago but lived in this area for over 22 years . We used to bike this path and take it all the way down to HuntingtonBeach from Anaheim Stadium area . Back then there were no one on these trails except a few pedestrians 🚶🏽‍♀️ and / or bikers 🚴‍♀️. It’s absolutely shocking to see this HUGE homelessness migration. It really hits home how much our economy has tanked and …… what a true travesty our government programs have let many good people down . I’m also saddened to see so many hateful comments towards the homeless . The more I watch these videos the more my heart bleeds for them ! God bless you all ❤️ never give up hope !

  35. Someone should help these people. People worked they have paid into the system it's inhumane not to do something to help. This country sends millions of our tax dollars to help other countries, and towards military defense to fight wars that we have no business being in. That money can be used to build low income housing to get these people off the streets.
    We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We shouldn't have people living on the street or going hungry, and medical treatment as well as medicine should be free.

  36. God bless her but this taking care of other countries angle is lame….foreign aid is a minuscule percentage of our American budget….we spend far more on people here.

  37. California Democrats want to send in illegal immigrants and kick out US citizens. That's why This Democratic State is turning into a shithole.

  38. they gave the homeless an option to stay in a hotel for a month or something like that when they made them leave the river trail. but most of them refused.

  39. Only in america, u get sick and u r fucked and become homeless. so grateful the rest of the developed world has universal healthcare.

  40. There’s a radio station that trashes the homeless on a daily basis, if you live in Southern California you know what station it is. They are cold blooded. These people need some help to get out of the situation that they are in. They are not all bad.

  41. You should give these ppl more then 4 minutes it’s like a puppy mill nexxxxt nexxxxt …. get to know their story give em 10-15

  42. I feel bad for the dogs only. I hope they are ok. Homeless can’t care for a pet and I wish none of them were allowed to own. No reason for the poor dogs to be homeless too.

  43. America cant afford to take of its people because all the money has been spent on wars and military. your president work for the defence contractors like Lockheed Martin, Boeing , General Dynamics Corp….not you. wake up americans

  44. Obama gave Iran 150.billion dollars to iran,and they chant death to America… that's 3 billion per state that could have been used to house the homeless food and rehab programs…

  45. What the hell?! America is one of the richest country in the world .. how can you do this to your people! It´s disgusting. She should have a home she is sick. She should have a home! I get so angry!

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