Homeopathic Remedies For Kidney Disease

Homeopathic Remedies For Kidney Disease

The kidneys are two organs located on either side of your spine In the middle of your back just above the waist They perform several life-sustaining roles They cleanse your blood by removing waste and excess fluid Maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your blood And help regulate blood pressure When the kidneys become damaged Waste products and fluid can build up in the body causing swelling in your ankles Vomiting, weakness, poor sleep and shortness of breath If left untreated diseased kidneys may eventually stop functioning completely Loss of kidney function is a serious and potentially fatal condition Thankfully mother nature has some answers of her own She has been busy the last few hundred million years Formulating specific plants to provide the same benefits as drugs The only difference being that there are virtually no side effects That is not to say you can take any at random, no that is definitely not the case In fact you have to be just as careful prescribing natural remedies during kidney disease as you do drugs The only difference is that when you select the appropriate plant The side effects are always less than the pharmaceutical drugs counterpart Natural Cures For Kidney Disease Here are some of the best herbs to reduce renal edema and improve urination Cucumber Cucumber is a natural kidney cleanser Eating raw cucumber cleanses kidneys of acids and toxins Drinking cucumber juice alone or adding cucumber juice to carrot juice Is a great home remedy for kidney problems Celery seed Celery seed is a fantastic remedy, one of the best But those categorized with stage 3 to 5 kidney disease need to avoid it It may be consumed freely as part of your diet but not as a concentrated supplement The plant is also fantastic at treating gout, rheumatism and urinary tract infections Green tea Green tea has been used as a diuretic in China for centuries and is very safe Green tea is also beneficial for atherosclerosis Prevention of cancer, high cholesterol and infections Gravel root Gravel root is a gentle herb used to eliminate excess fluid Also beneficial for rheumatic conditions, prostatitis Urinary tract infections and of course kidney stones Hence the name gravel root Juniper This herb is excellent for eliminating fluid retention But like celery seed it needs to be avoided in cases where stage 3-5 kidney disease is present Also beneficial for rheumatism, digestion and cystitis Butcher’s broom This herb is a great choice in those Whose main contributing factor for fluid retention Is poor circulation which is common in renal failure There are many natural therapies available Combined with appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes You can both reverse kidney damage and protect from further damage to your kidneys in the future Get an effective step-by-step program Proven to start healing your kidneys today By Duncan Capicchiano N.D. A fully qualified naturopath, author and medical researcher specializing in kidney disease Take action by clicking the link below you’d be surprised how well this works Thanks for watching If you’re ready to take action Click the link in the description below this video now

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  2. There are a few ideas to try
    drink lots of water.
    eat watermelon – this can reduce kidney disease naturally.
    try taking pomegranate seeds and drink organge juice – these help reduce kidney disease naturally.
    cut down on tomato, asparagus, radish and alcohol.
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  5. here's several suggestions to try
    drink lots of water.
    eat watermelon – this can reduce kidney disease .
    try taking vitamin A and drink organge juice – these can reduce kidney disease naturally.
    cut down on tomato, cucumber, spinach and alcohol.
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