24 thoughts on “How Is Epic Games' Aggressive Exclusive Strategy Affecting PC Gaming?

  1. Why people less complain about EA/origins exclusive games than epic game exclusive?

    No offense please, sorry if i dont know some shit, im just asking.

  2. Considering everything I'm hearing about Epic's recent sale news, coupled with the problems they've had with possible viruses and their apparent apathy toward building a community this many months in, I have to say that, despite the exclusivity of a couple of titles that still have a while to come out, I'm not interested in giving them my business at all. We'll see if that changes, but I'm not sensing that it will. Change my mind, Epic.

  3. I dont realy care i can play the game and that is the thing for me… i have like 4 or 5 launchers but who cares ??

  4. Can someone answer this question for me
    If 40% of Epic Games is owned by tencent why did tencent sue epic bcuz of fortnite?

  5. I didn’t buy metro exodus because I didn’t want another launcher nor do I like the fact that it’s exclusive to that launcher. I already have uplay blizzard orgin and steam. Not to mention vortex and mod organizer for fallout and Skyrim. It just gets to be a bit much. If metro exodus had of been on steam it probably would be 20% off by now and I would have grabbed it. I think it hurt their sales.

  6. what is good for gamers is a single launcher? that's kind of tantamount to saying what's good for consumers is a single store. I don't really understand how that argument holds up to monopolies and their negative affects on consumers. And nintendo has payed for exclusivity forever, they just had octopath traveler, a paid third party exclusive. Sony had detroit become human, another paid third party exclusive. You are being unfortunately just as hypocritical as the angry masses on this one falcon, expected a bit more from you.

  7. It's because developers lied to consumers. Plain and simple.
    Bait and switch.
    If you're not going to release on Steam, then don't announce it for Steam, ya crook!

  8. Epic is just spyware launcher also disguised as game store witch is PRO anti consumer. Ill just boycot all the games that choose to be greedy or I might still get Metro after a year from some 3rd party seller for like 5£ just as 'stfu'.

  9. its not that i crack but , cracking is better than the epic launcher , even that i may crack fort…wait no one ever like fortnite but kids

  10. My only dream is to have every game on steam without any other laucher because all other laucher suck.

  11. I didn't mind Epic being "competition" to steam at first, the better rates for developers and things seemed great, more money for devs = less studios that will have to be eaten by EA or Activision, more games coming out, less studios closing and more happy people all around as far as profits go. However… Once you pull something like exclusivity even temporarily, that ticks me off. That's like turning PC into two consoles. This isnt cool.

  12. People need to realise that it doesn't matter if it's steam or epic or origin etc, they can take down the games whenever the developers want and you get the stick, take dark souls 1 that got taken down from steam and you were forced to pay to play the remaster.Whatever you own on stean or epic, or whatever matters not ,since you can lose them at any time if the developers want to.

  13. I will never use epic as long as they use what I see as unethical practices. I will just wait for these games to come out on steam or other platforms when the exclusivity deal ends. End of the day these days I have more than enough games to keep me occupied, I don't need to buy these games on day one even if I would like to.

    I disagree about being against voting with your wallet. The dev is already getting their money from Epic, so are they really missing your money? No. Let's be realistic for them to take these deals they must be getting substantial amounts. And if you are doing what I'm doing buying when its released elsewhere they are still going to get money off you, just not through epic.

  14. Having multiple launchers will get annoying but Steam needs to keep going not sit on it's ass. Those asset flips got to go.

  15. Let's face it Epic is only a thing because of Fortnight. That is the reason they have tons of money.
    When Fortnight fails because it will, because all multiplayer games eventually fail, then Epic won't be throwing around tons of money anymore.
    It's that simple. The business model of Epic is "Throw money at problem." That strategy doesn't work forever.

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