How to heal from chronic illness with Monica Hershaft | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 020

How to heal from chronic illness with Monica Hershaft | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 020

(elegant music) – Alright guys, Trina here
again, welcome to The Healthy Me. I am super, super excited for this episode because I have a special
guest and a personal friend and if you know me at all,
you know that I have suffered from health issues that have
been like very mysterious, I have no idea, can never
pinpoint it, go to the doctors, they all kinda just say, they
have no idea what’s going on. So, I’m really excited
to be talking today, to Monica Hershaft and we’re gonna be
talking about those like, crazy things that you
think are all in your head or you’re being told
they’re all in your head but they’re really not,
they’re really issues that you can actually
take care of, get rid of and live a healthy, happy life. Monica Hershaft has been the top-rated, holistic health practitioner
in the Los Angeles area for the past nine years. She is the best-selling
author of the book, Undiagnosed! How to Heal From
Your Chronic Mystery Illness and it’s sold on Amazon
if you’re interested. Monica is also a
motivational health speaker. She has helped thousands of
people get their health back and go on to live happy
and fulfilling lives, free from the obstacles
of chronic symptoms. Monica helps people who
struggle with chronic symptoms but can’t get a real diagnosis
or get any sort of answers. So, if you struggle with health issues and you don’t know what the cause is, she is here to tell you that
you can get your health back. Just because your labs are normal, doesn’t mean you’re not sick. We’re going to talk about that today and how you can truly learn
how to get your health back so you can keep it. As someone who struggled
with unanswered questions pertaining to her own
health, for over a decade, Monica knows firsthand, what
it feels like to be sick and unable to function and not to be able to get any answers. She was told time and time again that nothing was
physically wrong with her. Monica is not just a healer but she is someone who
went through this herself and she knows exactly how you and I feel and how it impacts your
life and how to help you, that’s the key, she’s here to help you. I am so excited to partner with Monica because our products and our mission and our lives and our
views and everything, align with her holistic program. So, when you have your health, nothing is standing in your
way to be your best self and live your most powerful life and that’s what we all want. If you want to get the owner’s
manual to your own body and find out how you get your health back, stay tuned, ’cause she’s
about to teach us how. We’re so lucky, Monica, to have you here and she’s also created
a special gift for us. We’re gonna provide a secret code that you can be a part of
this really great opportunity, so, we’re gonna be providing
that later in the podcast so, stay tuned. There’s only a limited space,
I’m telling you that now and this offer is only gonna
be good for a short time so, stay tuned to hear more
about it, but first of all, Monica, thank you and welcome to the show. – Thank you, it’s so exciting to be here, I love talking to you and
I love talking about this. – I know, we both have such great energy, it’s positive energy and it
comes from positive mindsets that we never give up which
is why we’re both here. We’ve never given up in our lives. Tell me a little bit about
your story and how you got sick and what you went through
and all the details. – Yeah, so, it’s kind of a crazy story because I was living in Los Angeles and I was working as
an actress at the time. Everybody in my school and my friends, were all doing this really
hip and trendy detox program and I really wanted to be a part of it, ’cause I wanted to do what
everyone else was doing, so, I did it and I immediately
got sick on it, it was crazy. It was like a visceral
reaction right away. I went to talk to them
about it and they said, “You’re just detoxing,
don’t worry about it,” and so, I kept doing
it and I kept doing it and I didn’t listen to my body,
which is the first lesson, listen to your body. If you know something’s wrong,
it’s wrong, you’re not crazy. They kept sending me to doctors and the doctors kept telling
me nothing was wrong with me. And so, I kept doing this program. The program entailed very
high doses of supplements. The reason I bring that up is
because a lot of people think, just because supplements are
available over-the-counter, it’s completely safe to take them, nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re taking a bunch
of synthetic supplements that are not right for your
body, you can cause deficiencies and you can actually hurt yourself. So, you should actually
get your supplementation from a qualified professional
that knows what they’re doing. Anyway, long story
short, I ended up getting really severe reactions,
I stopped sleeping, the skin under my eyes was coming off and I had red slashes under my eyes and I’d never seen
anything like that before. I got really moody, I
was having nightmares and I had a lot of brain fog
so, I couldn’t think straight and I started having trouble
just working at my job. And I couldn’t remember
things, and it got so bad that, I couldn’t sit up for long periods of time and I thought that was really weird. I said, “God, that’s more
than a detox reaction.” But every doctor I went to
said, “You’re perfectly normal.” In my case, what ended up happening is, because I was raised a vegan,
I had a choline deficiency because my diet didn’t
provide enough choline. So, on the detox program, they
gave me high levels of niacin which most people can buy over-the-counter and think is perfectly safe,
but if you have a deficiency in a certain area, any
supplement can affect you badly. As a result, I became
severely choline-deficient, that affects your ability to digest fats, your Phase 2 liver function,
which is how you detox, it’s how you remove toxins from your body. Mine was broken, so, the
toxins just went right back in. I was constantly getting
sicker and sicker and sicker and it went on for 10
years, I’m not kidding, I lost 10 years. – Wow, that’s crazy. – Yeah, ’cause everyone kept telling me nothing was wrong with me. The doctors don’t know to
check for that stuff, you guys, so, it’s great to go to a
doctor and get your labs run to rule out serious things but then, you need to go and find a
holistic or nutrition specialist to help you get to the bottom of it. – How did you finally figure that all out and get your health back? – That was tricky because
the first five years, I had never even heard of holistic, I was raised by a scientist. Finally, somebody said, “Hey,
my brother’s an osteopath, “go check him out.” An osteopath is a medical
doctor, but they are more trained from a holistic standpoint
to look at the whole body. He’s the one who finally found
something wrong and he said, “Your Phase 2 liver
function’s not working,” but he didn’t know how to fix it. Then, the next journey, the
second half of the five years was me going to holistic practitioners and trying to get the
solutions to fixing it, now that I knew there was a problem. And it took a really
long time and ultimately, I ended up finding
somebody who told me that they could not heal me, unless I started eating animal protein which was difficult for me, ’cause I was born and raised a vegan. This is one lesson I learned, is that, from the very beginning of my practice, when I started working on my patients, I used to not be as strict
with them about the food but when I started eating animal
protein and eating organic and incorporating more
of a paleo lifestyle, I got my health back so fast. Within weeks, I started being
able to use my brain again, I started being able to laugh again, I started being able to feel
like a normal person again, as opposed to being trapped
in this invisible prison, it felt like I was
being tortured every day because I was suffering so much from what I was going through. – And it’s such a shame that
it took 10 years, 10 years. And the fix wasn’t that
elaborate, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary or
crazy or anything like that, it was really just your
diet, was being affected. – It was diet and I really had
to take choline supplements in my case because the
deficiency was so severe that it would have taken
too long just from diet, but diet would have eventually fixed it, it just would have taken
longer, in my case, because the choline
deficiency was so severe. – How did you end up
becoming a practitioner and then becoming the
top-rated holistic practitioner in Los Angeles? – Yes, well, thank you for asking that. Basically, I was so mad at
everything I went through because I have a New York temper and I just really wanted to make something out of this 10 years I lost. I thought, I can’t have gone
through this for 10 years and lost everything, and
when I say everything, I lost all my money, I lost my job, I had to close my business down, I was running a plant
business at the time, I had to quit my agency, I
was working as an actress and making money and booking campaigns and had to leave my agency
and leave all of it. And all of my friends dropped off because after that many years, people start to lose faith in you when you don’t have a name
for what’s wrong with you, there’s a stigma. It’s almost like, you’re not really sick because nobody has a name
for what’s wrong with you. You’re embarrassed.
– You’re kinda making it up or you want attention
and things like that. – Yes, or you’re being dramatic. Or you get the whole,
hysterical female thing from some doctors which is really annoying or, it’s your hormones. And this is the part that
makes me the craziest, they try to put you on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication because they can’t find
out what’s wrong with you and you’re tired, you’re
listless, you don’t have energy, you feel like you can’t do things, that’s depression in their book. – They start treating your symptoms, but not looking for the source
and what’s causing that, because your body’s always
trying to go back to normal and normal isn’t depressed
and no energy and brain fog, that’s not normal. – Exactly, and I knew I wasn’t depressed ’cause I was perfectly
happy and fine and active and then one day, I wasn’t, in one day. In my case, I was kind of
lucky there was an event that triggered it because it
helped me stick to the reality that I knew that this was not in my head, no matter how many people
told me, over and over again, really high-end doctors,
like at Cedars-Sinai and really, renowned
physicians were telling me nothing was wrong with me and I was like, “No, you’re wrong.” I was able to stick to that and that’s one of the hardest
challenges for you out there, if you’re sick and you
can’t get a diagnosis, is believing in yourself over what a professional doctor tells you and that’s the biggest lesson
you can learn from this, is, you have to stick to
what you know to be true. – And don’t give up, keep searching. I know you talk about layers of disease, can you explain how and why a person starts to feel symptoms or get sick? – Yes, absolutely. When I became a practitioner, one of the reasons I became
so popular is because, the people I worked with, I saw
through applying my training and the diet, being stricter with the diet when I saw how well that was working, I saw that there was a system that worked for every single body and I started to see this pattern emerge. What I realized, with the
combination of my training and observation through the many people I helped over the years
is that, the bottom layer that was causing inflammation and this is also in the
training we received, but actually witnessed it,
is heavy metal toxicity and chemical toxicity and
food can cause toxicity, so, food is either hurting
you or it’s healing you, there’s no in-between, it’s
either doing one or the other. – It’s either good or it’s bad. – Yeah, there’s no gray area. – And really, for some
people, what’s good for them is not good for other people, it’s not just sugar is not
good, it could be certain foods that even are healthy,
aren’t good for you. – And let me speak to that for a second because I kind of don’t, 100%
agree with that, here’s why. Because if you’re really doing
it right and you’re doing, free-range, grass-fed,
paleo-centric raised animal protein, which you can get in any store, people, and you’re doing organic
vegetables at every meal and you’re staying away from legumes, you’re staying away from all sugars and you’re staying away
from pasteurized nuts, even raw nuts are pasteurized
’cause most of them come from California, we’ll
talk more about that later, and dairy and soy, and you’re
really eating real food, you actually are okay, ’cause some people think they’re
allergic to certain things and they’re not, and allergies, we’ll talk about that later as well, are an inflamed response. People who think they’re
allergic to, for example, I had someone who thought
she was allergic to lettuce, for example.
– I was, no, that’s me. – But let me explain. – No, ’cause I had, that was so funny, I’m the girl that eats like
salads every day, 10 times a day and they told me I was
allergic to lettuce, I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” – The reason those kinds
of allergies showed up is because of an inflamed immune response. That means there’s other stuff
you’re eating in your day that are causing the
inflammation that then in turn, cause the aggravation with the lettuce. – Yay, I didn’t stop eating lettuce. – Yeah, but no, I mean really,
I’ve had people be like, “I’m allergic to water,” not really. What happens is, if you
eat certain allergens with a healthy food,
your body gets confused and thinks you’re allergic to that food that you ate with the
allergy producing food, which would be a sugar or
caffeine can cause stimulation and allergy reactions in certain cases. And keep in mind, if you’re
really not doing organic, pesticides that are in
the food you’re eating because we use pesticides
that are outlawed in other countries, in recent years, it wasn’t like this
back in the day but now, we use pesticides that
no other country will use as part of our conventional
growing, and so, that causes an immediate
allergic response. So, if you’re eating
lettuce that is not organic, you will be allergic to it, for sure, ’cause you’re allergic to the pesticides that are on the lettuce. – Right. It’s not really the lettuce, it’s everything else that’s
with it, you’re right. And to speak to that just a little bit from my background too,
not just pesticides but like here in the U.S.,
we’re not as health-conscious. In other countries, they’ve banned like thousands of chemicals from
cosmetics and in the U.S., we’ve banned like 35. It’s really, what we’re
speaking to is really, the fact that you need
to understand your body, you have to be responsible because, if you leave it to the government and you leave it to your
doctor, you’re gonna be sick or you’re gonna get sicker. – Yes, and that being
said, the FDA’s priority is basically, it seems like
they wanna keep you safe but it’s actually, a financial protection. A lot of times, just because
the FDA says something is safe, you have to understand,
it doesn’t mean it’s safe. It’s your responsibility to
learn what is safe for you and act from that, because doctors aren’t trained
in nutrition either, FYI, they have no nutrition
training in their degree, it’s not their fault. They’re not being purposefully unhelpful, they just are doing what they’re trained which is to squash
symptoms with medication and that’s pretty much all they
know how to do or read labs and if the labs are abnormal,
then they have a system for how to handle that. They don’t have any other
training, that is not their fault so, you have to do your due
diligence and know who to go to. And part of the program we’re
gonna to talk about today that Trina and I are partnering on, is how to learn how to pick
the right practitioner for you, how to find someone near
you, how to find somebody who knows how to fix your unique issues and how to know if something’s
working for you or not. But I know I’m kind of
like, jumping ahead, so, let me just finish answering
the question that you asked. Basically, to get back
to what you were saying about the layers of disease, so, toxicity, that is one of the places
toxicity comes from, not just food but I wanna use examples for
the chemical and metal toxicity and this is why Trina and
I are such great partners, your cosmetics and toiletry
are a huge source of that. I’m not even gonna get
into Botox and fillers because there are alternatives
that are really easy for that, you guys, but also, just what you’re putting on your face, how you’re washing your face,
your lotions and creams, what you’re putting on your body, what you’re using to wash
yourself with in the shower, the chlorine in your shower,
which is easy to fix. Trina’s products are solutions
to all of the cosmetic and toiletry issues. The aluminum in deodorant,
the fluoride and aspartame in your toothpaste. There’s so many things, those of you getting your teeth whitened, Trina has a new solution for that too. There’s so many hacks that are easy to do that I teach you in this program so that you can eliminate the toxic burden because if you don’t do that, it doesn’t matter what you do to get well, it’s not gonna work. You could take as many
supplements as you want and go to the best
practitioner on the planet, if you’re not fixing the
source of the toxicity that’s suppressing your immune
function, it’ll be a band-aid and you’ll be on a hamster
wheel, literally, not fixing. – And when is the last time
you went to your doctor and he said, “Let’s test
you for heavy metals,” because a lot of people
like that, seriously, that’s a big issue and
people don’t realize that? The toxicity starts with in utero, I don’t know if you talk about that at all and how you can actually,
it crosses from mom to baby so, you can actually be
born and I know people that have had this issue
from birth, because of it. Like, they go back and
their mother’s been toxic. – The firstborn child
gets the brunt of it. They’re usually worse because they get most of the accumulation of the toxicity but the other point to add to
what you’re saying is that, they now give vaccines in utero too, not just from the mother. You’re actually getting
vaccinated when you’re– – Now you’re opening that can of worms, that vaccine can of worms, ’cause really, we could go off on that
and talk about poor kids, this doesn’t stop with you, this is something that you’ll learn and then you’ll be able
to take this information and help your children who
might already be suffering with brain fog, that you have
no idea why your kid’s not, they’re hyperactive or
they’re brain-fogged. This isn’t just for you, it’s to protect your family as well. Tell me, did you finish
answering that question? – Almost, let me just try
the rest of the layers, I know, there’s a lot in the layers. Anyway, I want you to
think of it like this, you’ve got like this bucket and there’s a drain at the bottom. Our bodies are actually built
to get rid of the toxins, you guys, it does that on its own if you don’t overburden it. What happens is, you have
a bucket with a drain and you’re putting in
water which is the toxins, and then it drains out,
that’s what your body does. If you start putting more in there, faster than it can drain out, what happens? – It gets clogged. – It overflows and it overflows. It’s still draining out but
now, it gets fuller and fuller and it’s starts to overflow everywhere. And that’s what happens
with the toxicity layers. Then, that inflammation
from that overwhelm, then, what happens is it starts
to interrupt your digestion, you stop making pancreatic
enzymes properly and you also stop producing
the hydrochloric acid you need properly, to
assimilate the nutrients you need from protein. Then the digestion problem, now you’re having issues
with fungus Candida because that also starts to
develop when this happens, and now you can’t fight
things off and as a mammal, guess what, you’re getting
exposed to bacteria, parasites, virus, fungus every day,
’cause you’re a mammal. And you’re built to fight that stuff off but now, your immune system is
overloaded with this toxicity and now it’s not digesting properly so, the things you normally
give it to repair itself, which is the food, now it’s not working. That’s why and so, then you stop fighting
that stuff off properly, it’s still not enough to
show up as abnormal labs. And that’s why.
– You’re still healthy. You’re still okay. – You’re feeling that though, you’re feeling the symptoms,
soon around the disease chain, then it’ll show up in labs and that’s why your labs are normal but you feel sick and
the doctors can’t find it and that’s okay because you can fix it through nutrition and holistic experts. – Yay, that’s what you need, you need us, you need us to save your life. Tell me, why do the doctors tell you nothing’s wrong with you
when you feel so sick and have chronic symptoms
interfering with your life? If they’re interfering with your life, you’re not making this crap up. – Exactly, and that’s the segue of what we were just speaking about. It’s because, when you have this bucket and that overflow is happening, you are feeling the symptoms. Let’s say the disease chain
looks like this and over here, is where you have enough degradation for abnormal labs to show up but you’re showing up
with symptoms over here. Let’s say if degradation
needs to be at 60% to have abnormal labs,
you’re at 30% degradation, your labs are normal, but
you are feeling it sooner. We’re more sensitive because
in today’s day and age, we have EMF radiation from
cellphones and laptops and Wi-Fi and we’re pinging off of cell towers and we’re having a lot
more chlorine in our water than ever before because the
bugs are getting more resistant to getting killed by the chlorine, so, they’re adding more
chlorine, we’re showering in it, we’re cooking in it, we’re drinking it and it’s suppressing our
immune function more and more so, we’re feeling more sensitive. The food has more pesticides,
it’s genetically modified and nobody gave us the memo
that these things changed in the last 10 years so nobody
knew to make any adjustments. – Right, like nobody told us, that was my whole spiel with skincare, nobody told me they were
putting poisons in there. – They don’t exactly release an alert when they make these
changes, they just do it. – It blows my mind. In a society that we feel
like we’re supposed to, like we’re advanced and really, we’re not, for health.
– We’re the worst country. In fact, there is a syndrome, I can’t remember the name of the syndrome but there is a syndrome, when people who have grown
up in Europe move here, within one year, – They develop.
– They get sick. They’re not used to this. – And they’ve proven that
too with dental health too. Even from third-world countries, because the soil is depleted and because they start
eating processed foods, their diet changes, it’s all related. – And the chlorine in the water. – And the chlorine and all
the toxins, they come here and they get sick, and
we’re making them sick, we’re making ourselves sick. – But, we have easy hacks for all of it, and we can teach you. – We’re gonna hack you, we’re
gonna hack you back to health, how’s that? – Hack you back, I like that. – Hack you back!
– Hack you back. – What are some examples of diagnoses that may not really be
a true diagnosis, like, if people hear these things, they’re being labeled these things, let’s stop that right now. – Yes, you need to know
what’s not a real diagnosis because a lot of times, I find that patients would come into my
office and they would say, “Oh yes, I was diagnosed with
this or that,” and I’m like, “That’s not a real diagnosis.” And that’s because a lot of times, if they don’t have an answer, they’ll give you a blanket diagnosis just to give you medication, because if they give you the diagnosis, then they have a way to solve it. And then a lot of times,
you get put on meds that squash symptoms and actually, kind of band-aid the
problem but that’s dangerous because if you squash the
symptoms with the medication, I’m gonna explain how that works. It bypasses your nervous
system like a bully. It goes in there and it’s like, nervous system, get out of the way. And it forces your body
into a certain desired state so that you don’t feel those
symptoms, but in doing so, it doesn’t fix the underlying imbalance that’s causing that symptom. That continues to grow and get worse and turn into other new symptoms. And you also get new symptoms
from that medication. – I was gonna say, and that medication, every medication you take, it’s
a killer of something else, of other cells. So, you have to look at
it, it’s a trade-off, when you’re taking it to
take care of this symptom, it’s killing cells of some
other area or whatever, so, you’re gonna end up with other issues. And it’s not even solving
the problem most of the time. What are some of those
things, like depression? I would imagine like,
depression and anxiety and things like that, chronic fatigue. People say, “I’ve got.” Don’t use it as an excuse,
let’s get rid of the labels that give us an excuse. – Problem with those
labels is they’re hopeless. – Yeah they are. – They basically say,
there’s nothing we can do, so you have to take this medication to cope for the rest of your
life and that is not true. – And sometimes you feel like, at least now I know what it is, but it’s really not that so,
let’s figure out what it is so we can move on. – Yes and things like IBS,
sometimes even Crohn’s, yes, it is technically, like an autoimmune in the digestive area
because your body’s attacking its own digestive area,
the intestinal tract, whether it’s large intestines or anything in the digestive tract but, a lot of stomach things get misdiagnosed because it’s inflammation
in the pituitary, FYI, ’cause pituitary rules the stomach. And the other thing is, a lot of times, overgrowth of Candida and
fungus, if you handle the fungus, all your IBS is gone, not in
every case, but a lot of times, people over diagnose as IBS
when something is really, just bacteria that’s
been missed or parasites. I wanna speak to parasites for a second because that’s something
in the holistic community that we have tons of solutions for. You can’t find a medical doctor
that knows how to find them unless they specialize
in infectious disease, regular doctors don’t have
that in their protocol and guess what else, they only
know how to do stool samples. The statistics for stool
samples are 11 out of 12 are false negatives, and the
reason for that is because, good luck getting the
right part of the poop to find the parasite and
then, even if you do get it is in the poop, they may be hanging out in your gall bladder or liver area, they may not even be in the intestines. So, you may not even find
them through a stool sample. I did a home stool sample one
time through this one doctor I went to back when I was
sick, I took that same stool, one piece of poop went to this lab and one piece of poop went to
that lab and one lab found it, and the other one didn’t,
so it is not a good way. – And it makes a huge difference. The result makes a huge difference ’cause it impacts your treatment. – Exactly and also, the
way they treat most, especially the microscopic
parasites like the amoeba and the protozoa, they usually
treat it with antibiotics which causes more fungus. So, it’s not a good treatment
– No. – And also, if it is a bigger
parasite like let’s say, it’s something, I know it’s goss but they call it egg layers. Let’s say it’s a bigger
parasite and the problem is, is that, even if they kill them,
they are actually secreting a substance that prevents
their eggs from hatching while they’re there. If you kill them, it
stimulates eggs to hatch and no one’s doing anything about those new little hatchlings. I know.
– Thanks, that’s really gross. – That’s how it works, what can I say? It’s nature, nature. – This is right up my alley,
that’s the nurse in me who loves to talk about
this kinda crap (laughs). Why do antidepressants or
anti-anxiety medications seem to work for these
symptoms, why are they working? We think they’re working,
we think okay then, I must have been depressed. – Exactly. It’s like, what do they call that thing? It’s like a Gaslight. What happens is, it actually
affects your neurotransmitters and so, that impacts your body’s ability to feel the symptoms,
it masks the symptoms, because it keeps your
brain from communicating with the area that’s out of balance. The other thing that
happens unfortunately, when you’re taking an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, is it impacts your digestion greatly. It actually affects your
pancreatic enzyme production. They don’t talk about that and
so then you, down the road, develop some kind of a issue,
whether it’s GERD or IBS and now you’re taking Prilosec
and some other medications for your gut. It’s really a slippery
slope and it should be, I understand, if someone
loses a parent or a child and someone dies, sometimes
it’s just overwhelming and if somebody needs to go on that, just think of it as a temporary
band-aid if you do do that. It’s better to find alternative
solutions if you can. There are supplements that you
can use instead of the drugs that are out there and
you can get a practitioner to help you with that and there are also, a lot of holistic
practitioners that can help you manage the grief, you
don’t wanna avoid the grief but help you manage the grief. That’s part of what I teach in the program we’re gonna be talking about
today because I teach you, you get a holistic modality resource guide that lists all the different
holistic modalities out there, a description of what they do and how to find someone near you. And a couple of the ones in
there are for emotional issues, whether it’s, some people have
emotional eating problems. There’s a practice called,
NET, neuro emotional technique, that helps pull the
effect from the emotions out of the body. There’s amazing stuff out
there and it’s not your fault you don’t know about
it, but this is a place, a resource guide that
teaches you how to find it and exactly what’s out there. – I love that and you know what? We as a society, have
become so disconnected, not just with each other
because of technology, but with ourselves so,
part of these therapies just help you get
reconnected with your mind which is so powerful over your body. So, really, just the reconnection. For me, one of my favorite
therapies, I call it my therapy, my cheapest therapy, is my yoga. I go to like a hot yoga, I could do it, sometimes I’ll go twice a day, once in the morning, once at night and those are my therapy weeks. I’m just, like you know what,
it’s my one hour, in my mind, by myself, with my body
and it’s my therapy. I stopped calling it
yoga, I go to therapy. I love it, I think it’s awesome. Reconnecting, re-establishing
those connections with yourself and your body, and then you’re gonna be more in tune and you’re gonna totally understand and then when you take this course, you’re gonna really get
it, you’re gonna be like, oh my gosh, how could I, I
felt awful and it was easy, it’s just an easy solution. – Yes, absolutely. – Let’s talk for a second,
the difference between what a medical doctor is and
a holistic practitioner is because some people, I know a
lot of people in my audience, probably have holistic
practitioners or might but there might be a lot of people that still don’t understand
what the difference is, so, yeah, speak to that. – I think that’s an important
distinction because, when I first got sick, first
of all, I lived in Los Angeles, which is like the Mecca for holistic and I had never even really
thought about or understood what a holistic practitioner did or why they mattered in any way. After going through, what I
went through for that 10 years, I went to so many different
holistic practitioners all over the place and I had no idea there were so many
different types out there. What I learned is that,
medical doctors are trained, as we spoke earlier, to identify symptoms and create a diagnosis and
they run labs and then, if they find an abnormal
lab, then they treat you based on the lab with medication or drugs. Sometimes they’ll advise lifestyle changes and they don’t do anything
about nutrition at all. In fact, I’ve heard
doctors, with my own ears, tell people with cancer, it’s
fine to eat sugar and dairy, which is not true, that feeds cancer. But not because they mean any harm, they just haven’t been
trained differently. They’re basically, to
put it in a nutshell, medical doctors squash symptoms. All they wanna do is get
rid of your symptoms, they don’t care how, they don’t care, and I don’t mean, they don’t care but, they’re only taught to squash symptoms. How that happens is irrelevant,
it’s more so about– – And there is a time and a place for, I don’t want any medical
physician out there to be angry. There is a time and a
place, because everybody, it’s always great to have
your medical professional, but there’s other alternatives especially when you’re
not getting those answers because there’s other alternatives. – But that’s why we’re
speaking about people who can’t get a diagnosis
specifically, in this podcast and for this program because,
yeah, if you have diabetes, you should take insulin. Also change your diet and over time, you could probably deal with
certain types of diabetes but a medical doctor is very
important for interventions with real diagnosed conditions, 100%. But for these vague, kind
of, I can’t diagnose you, nothing’s wrong with you or
you’re probably just depressed or maybe exercise more, for
those kinds of things where, the number’s growing, hundreds
of thousands of people are suffering from chronic
symptoms that interfere with their ability to
live their normal life and they’re not getting
a diagnosis or an answer. – What I like to think of the
medical doctor, like you said, if you have diabetes take, take your meds and do what your doctor says but you– – Or if you have cancer, God forbid. You need to know, you need to know. – But go beyond that because,
the answer in curing it or healing yourself or
getting off the medication, isn’t gonna lie probably,
from your physician, it’s gonna come from the next
step which is your holistic, who could take a look at
the whole picture and go, your diet needs to do this, you need to get out and exercise, let’s put you on a program, let’s get you in some
support groups or classes, things like that, so that you
have the support that you need to go beyond the disease
and maybe get off it, so you can kiss your doctor goodbye for that diagnosis, right? – Yes And the other thing with doctors,
it’s really important is, if your body is in an emergency situation, God forbid, you break a bone or there is an emergency surgery that’s required to save your life. I know people who have used certain IUDs that cause ovarian cysts that burst that had to have emergency surgery. Things like, of course,
that’s very important, delivering babies, going
through a pregnancy. There’s a lot of that, is very important, the medical doctors are very important but they’re being used incorrectly and that’s what I’m talking about. A holistic practitioner, the
training is 100% different. They’re taught about nutrition and how that heals or hurts your body. They’re taught how to treat the source, the underlying source of the problem as opposed to the symptom,
that’s why my tagline is, Treat the Source not the Symptom and my program is, Treat the Source. Because if you go, let’s
say a thyroid is showing up as being abnormal or it’s inflamed or it’s not showing up as abnormal but it’s causing a problem, it’s inflamed. We go, instead of going,
what should we take to force the thyroid to
do what we want it to do? We say, hmm, why is the
thyroid doing that?” It looks like it’s because
these metal fillings are causing trouble with the thyroid and it’s having trouble
processing all the mercury that’s leeching into that area right next to the parotid glands. So, let’s replace those fillings and get some minerals in there, oh, the thyroid’s working great
now, that’s fantastic. It’s more about figuring out
what’s causing that imbalance and fixing it from the underlying source. – What’s interesting about
heavy metals is that, a lot of times, your body
gets the signal from the metal that it’s a mineral and thinks
that it’s mineral efficient, when really, you’re mineral deficient, you’re metal toxic but your body can’t
distinguish between those two. – Yes, exactly, that’s 100% right. – Yay, I passed. Tell me, you used to
have a private practice. I know you were very successful,
I can tell, I can tell why but why did you close it and
what do you have going on now ’cause I know that you’ve got a program that I’m excited to be able to offer, the three pillars to reboot your health? Tell us a little bit about
why you closed your practice and what’s going on now, what’s the future look like for you? – Yes, the reason that I
have joined forces with you to do this program is
because, first of all, so much of what I’m
teaching in this program is 100% connected to everything that Primal Life Organics stands
for and offers as products. That really addresses the
underlying layer of toxicity that is literally, the
source and the initial cause of the inflammation that causes
all symptoms and disease, literally, it’s really,
that is the serious problem. The reason I closed the
practice is because, I was able to work on about
50 people a week at the time and I saw that there was
a growing number of people that were really having issues
and the program in my office, everybody would come in
every week for about a year to get through this intensive
program and I realized, if I could just teach
people how to monitor this on their own and apply
what I’m teaching them through an online course
that breaks everything down and creates systems for
them to follow and apply, they can achieve the same results and I could help a lot more people. I can help thousands of people
instead of 50 people a week. I just started feeling like
it was really important for me to create a system so that
more people could get educated and conscious to be able to stand up and take their health back
and know how to communicate with potential practitioners or doctors and be able to say no to certain things if it’s not right for them and be able to stand
up for what they need. – That’s amazing and I
think it’s so important, like you said, that everyone
takes responsibility for your health, you
investigate everything and that you have a plan for
yourself and for your family. And I love the fact
that you have a program that you can now reach and teach people how to do this themselves. Let’s talk a little bit
about this program and, see if my listeners or if
they’re listening right now and they’re thinking,
what is this program? Would this be a good fit for me? I know that you’ve got some things that you can help them decide, would this be a great fit for me or not? – Yes and it’s not right for everybody. I’m gonna ask you some questions and I want you to just think about, huh, that sounds like me. So, tell me if any of
this sounds like you. Are you suffering from chronic symptoms but can’t get a real diagnosis? And that means a real diagnosis, not, you are suffering from fatigue, you are suffering from
depression but a real diagnosis. If you’ve got symptoms and
you’re not getting answers, then this program will save you, it will give you your
life and your health back. Or if you’ve been told,
nothing’s wrong with you, it’s in your head, you’re
probably just hormonal, then this program will
give you your life back. If you’ve been put on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication
because they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you physically,
this program can help you. Let me just tell you, I know
of a young girl as an example, and this happened to many, many people that I encountered over the
years that went to the doctor with stomach problems and
got put on antidepressants because they couldn’t find
something wrong with her and you know what, it
masked her stomach problems but then she had a horrible pregnancy and her baby came out a little messed up. So, you have to understand
like what you’re taking. Let me just break in here
for a second and say, I forgot to mention this earlier, those of you on medications
please look them up. Go to, Look up what you’re taking. Less than 10% of the people
that came into my office over the decade that I was in practice, ever looked up what they were taking, they didn’t even know what
the side-effects were. – Good point, totally. – Let me ask you also listeners, if you’ve been put on
medications to squash symptoms and it was working at first but now it’s not really working anymore
or it’s causing new symptoms like what we talked about before like, now you’re having stomach problems even though your depression’s
better and you kinda feel like you’re on this
never-ending hamster wheel, it’s just spinning or a roller coaster, this program will save your life, it’ll give you your power back. Let me just ask you, if you think about it and you feel like any
of that sounds like you, how long have you been
struggling with these symptoms that are getting in the
way of you living that life that you know that you could
live and being that person that you know that you could be, how long have you been struggling with it and how much time have you lost because this will give you that time back? You have to stop. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you can’t do the same thing
and expect different results, you have to try something different to get the results that
you’re looking for. – And you also have to ask,
what experiences have I lost? I know a lot of people, like
a lot of women have young kids and if they’re exhausted all the time, they’re not doing the
things that they wish they could do with their kids. So, you’re not just losing
time, you’re losing experience with your family and family members and even yourself, your job. You owe it to yourself to
feel good and be your best. – Yeah, it affects how you’re interacting with the people in your life
and how you do your job. Back when I was sick, I didn’t
date for almost 10 years because I couldn’t take on
the pressure of another person and I did date in the beginning
and I had so many issues with them getting frustrated
and annoyed with me because I’d have to cancel last minute or I didn’t feel up for something or I didn’t answer the phone because I couldn’t deal with it. When you’re sick, people don’t
realize how it impacts you and it really affects your ability to, not only sustain a
relationship and be who you are in that relationship, but you
miss out on a lot of life. I basically, didn’t have
kids because I was sick throughout my baby-making
years and I always planned to have kids in my 30s. I got sick when I was
almost 34 and I didn’t, who expects to stay sick
for 10 years, it’s crazy? All of a sudden, I was almost in menopause by the time I got my
health back and then I was, creating my practice. You miss out on so much
and all of a sudden, time is gone and you just go,
where did all those years go? – Right, yeah. – So, you have to ask yourself, how are you currently
dealing with these symptoms, what are you doing about it
and is it working for you? – That’s the key. Is it working, is it getting you better? Are you better today
than you were yesterday, are you better this week
than you were last week? ‘Cause if the answer’s no,
then you’re not getting better so, something needs to change. – Yeah, and part of what
you learn in this program is how to track your symptoms
and there’s a system there. There’s a symptom survey tracking
system, and it teaches you how to know if you’re
getting better or not because one of the biggest
issues I saw over the years, working with my patients is that, they couldn’t tell if they
were getting better or not. Because what happens is,
when you start to heal from a symptom, you forget it was there. And when you have that
record to look back on and you rate your symptoms,
you go, oh my god, I totally forgot I used to
have problems with nightmares, or I totally forgot
that I used to have gas when I woke up in the morning because you’re not having it anymore, so, you can really tell if
you’re getting better and you’ll be able to see if
you’re getting new symptoms. It’s very hard to track that stuff when you’re in your own body. – It is, especially the
busy lives that we lead. – Yeah, and the other thing
too, is a lot of people, if you have been out there
trying different diets or food programs, so, let’s
say you’re that person who’s trying like, I tried
paleo, it didn’t work for me, I tried holistic, it didn’t work for me. I don’t know if you realize
this but, it takes 90 days for tissue change to happen
in the body, minimum. You don’t heal in 90 days,
that would be insane. It took you years to
get layers of disease, you can’t just get rid of it in 90 days but you can start experiencing relief and a better quality of
life in 90 days, for sure. And then, if you keep at
it, you can heal and recover and put your body back in
its original working state, when it’s actually repaired. But you are trying things for two weeks and deciding it doesn’t work
or trying things for a month or two months, it’s not long enough to really give something a try so, don’t waste your time and money. – I agree, totally. – And for those of you that are out there, I just was talking to Trina
about this earlier, I actually, had spent, I figured it
out, I calculated it, I spent between 180,000 and $310,000 over the 10 years that I was sick. Not only did I lose 10 years of my life, my baby-making years and zero social life during that last five
years of it, but I also, it wasn’t my money ’cause
I couldn’t work anymore but my poor dad, it was horrible. We were desperately trying anything just to get some relief. I couldn’t stand up long
enough to take a shower and at one point, got to the
point where I couldn’t drive, we had to hire someone to drive me and then my dad had to
eventually come and stay with me. We’re all varying degrees of severity. Maybe it’s not that bad
for you but it could be, if you don’t do something
about it because, let me tell you something,
if there’s an imbalance that’s not getting addressed and, remember that bucket with the drain? It’s going to keep filling,
you will get to that point, if you don’t do something about it. It’s not going to go away and
it’s not gonna fix itself. For those of you out there, don’t spend hundreds
of thousands of dollars and waste any more time,
this program will teach you how to get your health back in a year, if you don’t have a diagnosis
and can’t get any answers, and to start experiencing
relief and improvement in as little as six to nine weeks. I mean, come on. If I look back now, if I had
known then what I know now, I would have had my health
back within a year, for sure, and I would’ve literally, spent, less than $10,000 for
sure but this program, this program is– – Saving you.
– Nothing compared to that. – It’s gonna save you
thousands, thousands. – Yeah, thousands and tons
of, and not to mention, those precious moments
with people you love and the experiences. I couldn’t travel for the longest time, now, I appreciate. If I’m able to travel and go
on a vacation with a friend, oh my god, I experience it
on such a different level because I know what it’s like
to not be able to do that, to not physically, be able
to withstand an airplane. It is so good to be able to do
that and enjoy my life again and have that sheer
experience of being able to be in my body without pain. That is possible for all of you. – Go for, tell us about like, solutions people might have already tried. – First of all, if you
want something holistic and have no idea where
to go or what to do, you’ll learn this in this program too because it’s not just the
holistic modality resource guide but also, there’s a system for how to find the right match for you. Basically, what would
you be doing differently? I want you to take a moment
and think about this, in terms of like, some of the solutions that you may have tried? What would you be doing differently if your health wasn’t in the way? Let’s say you’ve been
going to practitioners and maybe you’re trying some new remedies, or you’re tryna work a
program with a practitioner or you found something online or you’re working with someone near you or even with a doctor that’s
got you on a medication, you wanna take a look and
see if you’ve been trying it for more than 90 days and
haven’t experienced a difference, it’s time to move on, that
means it’s not working for you. If you’ve tried any kind of
a diet for less than 90 days, you haven’t tried it for long enough. Just take a moment and think about, what would your life be like,
what would be different? Would you maybe, have a different job? Are you staying at a certain job because it fits with your illness schedule and that you can work it around your, obstacles with your health? Would you maybe, be going after something that you would enjoy more or would you be dating
somebody differently? Are you staying in a
marriage or a relationship because it’s easier than
leaving it because you’re sick and you need that support? There’s so many things,
there’s so many choices we make to accommodate our illness
that are affecting our life and guess what, you’re
gonna look back one day and realize how much time you lost. You have to think about what
you would be doing differently and really connect with,
what it would be like to be in a relationship with
a person who is at your energy and is the right fit for you and be able to experience your
family on a different level like, I know I’m single
and Trina has a family and she’s got kids and a husband. It’s your interactions with
them and what you do with them and how you experience
them and they’re, listen, they’re little sponges those kids. They pick up on things
like, when I was growing up, I have memories of my
mom, always being sick, always being in bed with a headache, always taking some kind of
medication for some suffering she was going through. It was a miserable experience for me, and I missed out on having a real mom, and you don’t want that for your kids. Don’t just do this for you, do this for the people who love you because watching someone
suffer is torture, it’s helpless, it’s powerless. You can fix that. – Yeah, so, tell us Monica,
like the three pillars. You’ve got three pillars,
tell us how they work. – Basically, first of all, it’s 90 days because as we mentioned, it takes 90 days for tissue change to happen in the body. I wanna tell you, there’s
a lot of things included that are amazing in this program. You get tons of bonuses,
it’s worth so much. First of all, the three
pillars are health. We don’t want you wasting time
and money on these remedies and practitioners that
you don’t know will work. We want to teach you the holistic
modality resource guides. You get email templates of
how to vet practitioners ahead of time and what to ask them and how to prepare your own health history to communicate what your needs
are for your unique issues. There is a system for all of
this, you will get all of that and I would have gotten my
health back in less than a year, if I had this back then. You also learn how to track
and assess your symptoms with the symptom survey tracking system and how to know if
something’s working or not. And you learn a lot about
how your dental health will affect your body and how
to find the right dentist. Because each tooth connects
to a different organ in your body and a lot of
people don’t know that. You’ll learn how hormones
affect depression and anxiety but still show normal in labs
and what to do about that. And as we talked about,
why labs are normal when you still feel sick. And there’s a bonus on how
to find a good holistic vet for your furry friends because, you also wanna give the
best care to your animals and there’s a way to find
somebody who can do that for you from a holistic standpoint. That’s health, that’s the first pillar. The second one is nutrition and food. You can’t get well without
this, it’s impossible. It’s either hurting or healing you, you will learn a system
for what foods are good, what foods are bad, what foods heal you, what foods hurt you. Lots of tips and tricks, what do you do when
you go to a restaurant, how do you order, what do
you do when you travel? That is the biggest challenge,
we have hacks for that. Knowing the difference between all the different eggs out there, the different waters out there, how to know what’s right for you. We give you solutions for all of that. The difference between
recovering your health or making it worse is whether
or not you do organic, you’ll learn about that,
you’ll learn about microwaves, cookware, what is the best
way to cook and eat your food. But still be able to enjoy your life. You do not have to be inhibited by these hacks and these, tips we’re gonna give you.
– We practice this. Do I look like I’m inhibited? I know people like, oh
gosh, I can’t go anywhere I’m gonna be like. No, you’re gonna have more energy, you’re gonna be doing great
things, you’re gonna be, like your mind is gonna
be like, I can think, I can think straight, I can actually have
conversations with people, I can stay up all day,
my kids are firing at me at seven o’clock at night and I’m not exhausted on
the couch, things like that. – Yes, and also for those of
you out there that are single and think it’s gonna
screw up your dating life, it’s not, okay? ‘Cause let me tell you, I go
out with friends, I travel, I’m going to Mexico, I’m going to France. There are ways to do
this and enjoy your life and not feel deprived,
you can go to a wedding, it’s not going to kill you. There’s 90 days where you want
to really be good with this because you need to learn it
and your body needs to learn it and it becomes a habit
but then, I will teach you how to incorporate normal
lifestyle into this, in a way that will keep you healthy. The third and final pillar
of the three pillars for the Treat the Source, is toxins. And that’s where Trina’s products, Primal Life Organics comes
in, because you have to learn, there’s a really cool
environmental toxin worksheet that covers all the different areas. This inflammation is the root cause of all symptoms and disease. You will learn how to identify them in every area of your life
with alternatives and hacks to eliminate that toxic overload. Remember that bucket with the drain, it’s gonna start going down. Then your inflammation goes
down and your body can heal. If you don’t do this, you
cannot heal your body, it won’t work, you will get
band-aid solutions without this. Environmental toxic checklist
for kitchen, bathroom, cleaners, bedroom, toiletries,
which is important. Beauty, instead of Botox and fillers, I have solutions for that. Dental, work environment and
there’s additional bonus items. There’s gonna be a private Facebook group where you guys can
interact and share stories and ask questions of me and Trina. We’ll offer special discounts on products and special items in there
that no one else is gonna get. Live virtual coaching
and orientation with me. There will be days where you
can come in to this live portal and it’ll be happening a
couple of times a month, where I’ll be going over and
walking you through the modules where you can ask, you
can submit questions to be answered live and
if you can’t make it, you can still access the recording of it, after, in your portal, forever. You’ll have access to all of that and then all of the bonus items
that are included with it, which is all of the things
we talked about with the, why organics and the systems in place, the email templates, the
symptom survey tracking system, the holistic modality resource guide, the environmental checklist
with all of the solutions, all of that’s gonna be
available to you forever, it never goes away so, that
you can continue to apply this and you can help the people you love. – Yay, that’s awesome,
I love this program. I’m such a believer in it
because I believe that, if you don’t take control of your health, no one else is going to. Don’t wait for your doctor to do it, don’t wait for the government
to tell you, none of that BS, it’s all BS, you have to
take control of it yourself. – Yes, and it empowers you to
not only take your health back but to know if something’s
working for you or not. You get your power back with this and you get your life back with this and you learn how to stay healthy. It’s the owner’s manual to your body. You will save so much
time and so much money and you won’t miss out on all
of these experiences in life that will be taken from you. – I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate. I’m gonna ask you some questions, I’m gonna fire these off at you. Don’t be nervous, I think
you’re gonna do great. Will it work for me? I’m kinda weird and nobody
can figure out why I’m sick and having these problems
and these symptoms. Will it work for me? – Yes, it will work
for you and here’s why. Those things that I mentioned to you are exactly how a body gets sick. If you apply this and you’re
patient and you do it right, because it also includes how
to find the right practitioner because it is important to
know what supplements to take. If you’re out there, oh, I read a study that I should take these supplements. That may not be right for your body, and I’m gonna teach you how
to find the right person to do that with you. Yeah, it will and you know what else? There’s a 14 day money-back guarantee. If you start doing this and you don’t feel like
it’s right for you, which I think is a little
weird but it might happen, it might just not be your gym
and not everybody’s ready. Not everybody is ready
to take responsibility for their health. Some people want a quick
fix, they wanna band-aid, if that’s you, then that’s
not the right fit for you. – And really folks, it
is a little bit of work, it is a little bit of work so, you’re gonna have to do some work. If it’s not right for you,
it’s not right for you, it might not just be the
right time for you but really, it’s gonna be a little
bit of work on your end but it’s not hard, Monica’s
got it all written out for you. – Yeah, it’s all spelled
out for you and so, you get all of these benefits of learning how to not just address
your current issues but prevent problems from
happening in the future, for yourself and your family. And it’s it’s so freeing
to have, like I know everything I do, throughout
my day and in my life, I never have to worry about getting sick. It’s just never even a thought
and that’s so empowering. You feel like such a
weight’s lifted off of you. – I’ve tried food programs
before, I’ve done vegan, I’ve done paleo I’ve done all
these great things, like keto, nothing’s working for me. Will they still work or what’s the deal? – Yeah, the answer to that
is also the 90-day formula. – I didn’t stick with it for 90 days. – If you tried it for less than 90 days, then you don’t know if it
worked or not, A and B, if you tried it and you didn’t incorporate these other pillars, it’s not gonna work. If you’re still doing toxic
things in your daily life, if you’re doing non-organic, if you’re injecting yourself with Botox, if you’re doing tanning beds, I have a lot to say about
that, there’s better resources. If you’re doing things
that are bad for you and you’re using these toxic
ingredients and aluminum in your deodorant and
you’ve got metal fillings, nothing’s really gonna work
right, because you have, all three pillars work like a triangle. See, that’s like a triangle, (laughs). – This is a heart and that’s a triangle. – Equally important or else, you’re. – [Trina] You’re a half triangle. – But yeah, it’s equally important. If you’re trying those
things or those diets and you’re not incorporating
the nutrition properly and the toxicity in your daily life and getting the right
support for your health, you’re not going to have anything work. And a lot of people will say, “I tried that but then
I lost too much weight,” that’s because your metabolism is off because of whatever is
affecting your endocrine organs like your thyroid and your
pituitary and so, that’s why, so, this actually, that’s
why it doesn’t work. And you have to also, commit to it and also know when you’ve
done something for too long. – I’ve tried holistic
before but it didn’t work, didn’t help me. – Same thing. Let me speak to that though. Part of the problem is
that people don’t know if a holistic remedy or
program or practitioner is working for them because
they don’t have a way of tracking their symptoms. – Can you help me do that, ’cause I also don’t
know where to find one? – Yes, yes. Not only do I teach you
where to find them near you. Sometimes, there are things
you can do virtually, there are also people that work virtually. It doesn’t even have to be in your home, it doesn’t have to be a
person you see in person. Both Trina and I know tons of people that actually work with people online from all over the country. There’s so many resources
in this day and age and then, with system we have in place, you’ll be able to, not only
communicate effectively what your needs are and give them a proper list of your history but
also, you’ll be able to know if something’s working
or not within 90 days and then, you won’t waste time. So many people came to my office who had been seeing a
practitioner or doing a program for over 10 years without
it working and not leaving. Don’t let that be you. You can know in 90 days if something is on the right track or not. – What about if I’m nervous
to spend the money on it? – That money-back
guarantee comes in handy. Really, you should be able
to tell within two weeks. If you start doing this
and you get excited and you’re like, oh yeah, this
is my jam, this is working. Actually Trina, I’m gonna do something that I didn’t tell you I was gonna do. For your people only, I’m going to make it a
30-day money-back guarantee. Give it a month. Give it a month.
– Give it a month. – Give it a month. If within a month, if this doesn’t feel like you can commit to
this and you can do this, ’cause this is not, it’s work but it’s not
impossible, it’s fun work, it’s exciting work, it makes you feel like what you’re doing is working. It’s working so, it feels good to do it and the more it works, the
more exciting it is to do and the more you wanna do it. If you’re not experiencing
that and it doesn’t feel positive and good and
supportive, get your money back. – Yeah, and after 30
days or before 30 days, you’ll know, you’ll know if it’s for you, like you said, you’ll know. For most people, it’s not
even gonna be a question, they’re gonna know, this
is what I need to do, I need to get my health back. This isn’t just a one-time
thing, this is life-long, it’s gonna change your
life, it’s life-changing. Let’s talk about the course. Where do we go from here, what do we do? – In order to benefit from
all of these amazing features, Trina and I are gonna be providing a link that is just for the
Primal Organics family. Just to let you know, I did
this with individual people to make sure that this was a good fit for transferring all of my knowledge and practical application
into an online platform. The charge for working one-on-one with me is a little, it’s close
to $5,000, it’s $4,997 because that’s how the marketing
people like to do things. But I have to say, I wanna make
it affordable for everybody so, I wanted to do it in a way where, my time isn’t necessarily
needing to be there the whole way so, then moving into groups and then, now moving into the
self-propelling course. So, now it’s only $1,997 and there’s a payment
plan but for your people, just for Primal Life Organics, we’re giving $1,000 off. – Thanks guys, yes. Everybody, high five.
– $1,000 off. (Trina whoos) Thank you, Monica. – It’s only gonna be
997, you use the code, PLO1000, we’re gonna have
this information in the link and you can access it, for literally, and you can make payments as well. And if you guys, if you make this, this is only gonna be
open for a short time, so, if you, within the
first day like today, within the next 24 hours,
if you purchase this and pay in full, we’re
gonna give you an additional $100 off.
– Yay. – And you can also upgrade to a 20-minute private with me. That will be included if you
do it within the first 24 hours and if it’s after that, you
still will get that $1,000 off but the only difference is, is that’s only gonna be
open for a short time. So, within that week is how
long that cart’s gonna be open and if you don’t buy it within that week, you’re gonna have to pay the
full price of the $1,997. – Guys, it’s totally worth it. Your health is totally worth it, to get your energy, your
life, everything back under your control. We’re not saying medical doctors are bad, we’re saying there’s a
time and a place for them, put them in their spot in
your life but go beyond that, go beyond that, because
you need more than just someone looking out for your symptoms. You need someone that’s
going to be looking out for your life, to get it back and that means treating
the source of the problems that you’re having, whether
it’s depression and anxiety or it’s, like we talked
about, brain fog or fatigue or even bowel symptoms or if you’re having a
lot of Candida issues, things like that, anything,
get your life back. If you feel like your kids
are always on your nerves, it’s probably not your kids, it’s probably your nerves are dead because of all the crap that’s inside you, the toxins and the heavy
metals and things like that. I urge everybody, get your life back, it’s a small, small, small price to pay for the rest of your life and it’s really not just
the rest of your life, it’s the life of everybody
that you come in contact with, whether it’s your husband, wife, kids, your dog or your mom, your
dad, taking care of them and that kind of thing. I urge everybody to check it out, Monica, I am so impressed with this program that’s why we’ve partnered. I looked at it and
said, “This is perfect.” My audience is
health-oriented, health-minded moving forward not just
putting health in their body but moving forward to get beyond issues that they’re suffering from
and make their lives better so, I thought that partnering with you was just the most precious
thing that I could offer them, besides listening–
– Thank you. (both laugh) Yeah, I’m so excited too
because everything you do is completely in alignment
with this program and is literally, perfect for how people can eliminate
the toxins in their daily life so, I’m super excited. – And you are the perfect
practitioner to teach this program ’cause you’re so knowledgeable,
you’ve lived through it, you lived past it and you’re
experiencing it right now. Guys, I urge you to click the button that will take you to the sign up page, you’ll get more information
and you’ll get signed up, there will be the groups,
you’ll get all the bonus stuff, everything that Monica has talked about, you will have and you
will get your life back, you will treat the source, you
will help find a practitioner that will help get you,
where you want to be. Monica, anything else you wanna add? – No, just, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out
but don’t wait because as I mentioned, the first 24 hours, that’s only if you pay in full, you get a 20 minute bonus session with me to ask me any questions you
want and an additional $100 off so, it’s really worth it. And don’t wait because, what
have you got to wait for? There’s nothing to risk,
there’s nothing to lose, there’s a money-back
guarantee within 30 days if it doesn’t work for you. There’s literally, all
you have, is what to gain and getting your life
back and I’m telling you, I never thought I could feel like this. I never thought that I could enjoy my life and feel so healthy and
sleep through the night and have energy during
the day and I’m in my 50s. I feel amazing and I just
wanna give that to you and let you experience that for yourself, there’s nothing better. – That’s right and I just turned 50, so, we’re here, we’re living proof that things like this do help
and they do make a difference. I urge you guys, Monica is
gracious enough to offer this and I love the fact that, we could partner and bring it to more and more people so that more and more
people can get the help that they need to feel
better, so, I appreciate it, thank you so much.
– Thank you, thank you. – You are amazing and yeah, if anybody has any
comments or any questions, please feel free to get in touch with either Monica or myself and we will guide you
in the right direction. And I urge you to check this
out, you have nothing to lose, just life to gain. – Yes, thank you.
– Thanks guys. – Bye. – [Trina] Thanks for watching,
make sure you subscribe to keep learning how to
create your healthy self. See you next time.

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