I Wish He Had Told Me Before I Got With Him

I Wish He Had Told Me Before I Got With Him

So I met this really nice guy on a
dating app, and we were talking for months, until I finally said one day, “Oh,
do you want to come round for dinner? And he was like, “Oh yeah, sure. I’ll come round
for dinner.” So the following day, he comes over and I cook him a really,
really nice meal. And then I was like, “Oh, what you want to do now?” And he said “Oh, should we just watch a movie in your room?” So we go to my room and we start
watching movie, and were laughing and he starts kissing me. And then one thing led
to another. Fast-forward a few weeks later, I am
walking in town with my friends when I start getting a weird tingling sensation
down below. And I was like, “Oh, this is really unusual. I don’t know what this is.”
I didn’t take any notice of it and I just carried on with my day.
The following day I wanted to use the loo, so I went upstairs, then started
going to the loo, and it then stung so much. I was in absolute agony. I said to
myself, “This doesn’t seem normal.” I then go to the doctors and I say, “This
is kind of unusual, I don’t know what this is.” So they said, “Oh, let’s just do a swab test
just to see if you have anything.” In the next couple of days, it
starts getting worse, and then I take a mirror and I check myself down below and I have white spots. I didn’t know what that was. I thought it was like a weird
allergic reaction. I had no idea until I got the test results and they said that
I had herpes type 2. And after I had that news I felt really embarrassed and
really, really horrible and dirty and I didn’t know how to handle it. I called
the guy that I had over for dinner and I said, “I’ve been tested for herpes,”
and he said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I do have that STD.” But he had no
symptoms. Even though that I still have an STD, I am still being really positive
about life and looking into the future, and just to make everyone aware of this
and that to know that you’re not alone. And that’s my story.

100 thoughts on “I Wish He Had Told Me Before I Got With Him

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  3. Umm he just forgot to tell you that he had HERPES freaking HERPES ! That guy didn't forget to tell you anything he was just careless and wanted to get into your panties! Kids this is why we use protection!

  4. This is why when I get a boyfriend or husband I’m gonna make him take a test to see if he have any spreading diseases or conditions.

  5. Itchin and burnin Itchin and burnin, stank fishie, stank fishie, fishie stankie, fishie stankie, I got std, It makes my coochie itch

  6. Guys i need someones help asap. I had unprotected sex 4 days ago. My head is KILLING me and so does my belly and my eyes. I asked him about the Hiv and he told me he’s negative. I dont know y’all could it be possible that he infected me and what about the symptoms? I know i can google etc but maybe someone can help me? Thank you

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  8. OoOOooOOOOOHHHH!!! THOSE ARE HERPES!! I HAD THAT ON TOP OF MY LIPS! AND I DIDNT GO TO THE DOC! AND ITS BETTER!! (i just had to stop eating so much sweets.. ;-;)

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  10. Oh no I got a disease walking round in the neighborhood spreading all my fleas everybody like what you got I’m like stds if you got TikTok or know this one leave a like or comment

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  12. Oh no he got a Disease
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    She’s like STDs

  13. Moral of this story always have condoms and don't have sex the first time you meet them and watch who you date online

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  16. I mean, people are getting mad at the guy for not telling her, but i mean cmon, just put yourself in his shoes. If you were in a relationship , would you really want to tell the girl your in love with you have an STD? I know you would be afraid that they would brake up with you if they found out. So just imagine the situation the guy was in.

    God people dont use empathy nowdays.

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