Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

AIRAM QUIROA: She inspires me, because I love that she’s chasing her dreams. COMM: Makeup artist and Zumba instructor Marimar was born with Cystic Hygroma, a congenital
malformation. She uses sign language to communicate. AIRAM QUIROA: It’s not easy having the condition she has. Everybody is looking at you, everybody
is staring at you. And us, as a family, it’s been hard to do this together, you know. For
me, it’s inspiring just to be able to see her everyday we were to get up and, and keep
fighting, you know, keep doing what she does, because honestly it’s not easy. Ever since
she was little, she’s always managed to clear things out, you know. She took what’s
her condition was and, you know, made the best of it. MARIA QUIROA: She can do whatever she wants, but only with some limitation. But still,
she can do everything. COMM: The 21-yearp-old is in her first year of beauty school. But Marimar’s makeup skills
had already won her a huge fanbase. Since posting her first makeup tutorial 2 years
ago, she’s had over 6 million views. COMM: Sadly not everyone has been as supportive of her venture. COMM: But Marimar won’t let negative comments stop her achieving everything she wants for
the future. MARIA QUIROA She said she wants to travel and go to many places and go inspire the people
and give thanks for god that she is alive. She’s with a lot of energy, she wants to
do everything. If she wants to do It, I’m here. Whatever she wants!

67 thoughts on “Inspirational Vlogger Redefines Beauty

  1. What kind of 15k people dislike
    This is what our world is becoming.
    This needs to stop!
    People shouldn’t need to put on make up for beauty, just show your real beauty!

  2. i love you so much your are so pretty you can do what ever you want gurl! you inspire me so much and the hair oh the the hair is on fleek really i could write about your beauty and your look you can do anything! your the prettiest girl ever! hey you do have to be perfect im not perfect but i love myself and you love yourself! you do what you do gurlllll!

  3. A questo mondo siamo tutti diversi chi in un modo chi in un altro ma io penso che la parte migliore di noi sia nell'animo ,e tutti serviamo a qualcosa ,limportante non fare ombra essere necessari per dire ti amo o sentirci dire ti amo, e se lo fai con amore tutto viene spontaneo .queste persone sono speciali.saluti dalla Sardegna.

  4. It's good that she has condidence but the title is inaccurate. To redefine beauty would mean we would stop seeing the same beauty standards and start seeing more women and men who look like this. We still see men who look like Chris Hemsworth and women who look like Charlize Theron as the beauty standard.

  5. Comments saying things along the lines of "she made me feel better about myself" or "and here I am being insecure" are subliminally saying that they're glad they dont look like her. 😳🤦
    If you have to use someone else to feel better about yourself then that's a problem.

  6. When I was 10 I use to watch her mall day long for some reason . Now I’m 14 and I was like where that girl I use to watch everyday and I found her scrolling 💪💪💪😭😭

  7. I am not lieing I mean this with all my heart she is beautiful on the outside and inside.💗 So for the people who makes fun of her and call her ugly names sweetheart take a good close look in the mirror before you judge her are anybody else because you sweetheart are the ugly people not this beautiful young lady.

  8. you know that confident is more stronger than a beautiful face

    And the confident that you have really made me shy
    Don't know why!

    Don't worry girl,,,you are just cute,, don't hate yourself and don't lose confidence

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