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  1. This is the best analogy on mental illness that I’ve ever heard. It made something that I live with everyday make sense in the simplest term, for the first time ever. Thank you once again for such quality, helpful content, Katie!! We love all you do for us ❤️

  2. I sort of get your point, sort of not. I suffered from social anxiety for a year and a half, and last April I recovered. I no longer suffer from any of its symptoms, my brain no longer thinks the way it did. Yes, I occasionally have nervous moments, but it’s the healthy kind, normal kind. Hence I say I’m cured from my mental illness.

  3. Right I’m going to have to disagree with this one. Now that being said I do enjoy most of your content. The challenge that I have is I think your in the same trap that most docs are when it comes to mental illness. Mental illness is generally thrown in the “oh it’s a chemical imbalance” and left at that. Then drugs are immediately thrown at the problem. However I can name several things that cause mental illness and I know the solutions. For example Candida I believe is the number one cause of depression. Why? Candida is a yeast that exists in out gut. When it dies it releases toxins, if it has overgrown into small intestine and or the rest of the body the toxins cause inflammation and neurotoxicity. How do I know this? Because I’ve dealt with it, I know what the die off feels like. Low stomach acid can cause mental health issues, many other bacterial over growths, parasites cause issues, thyroid, insulin are all issues and can be fixed. I am more then happy to share with you my whole mental health story and the testing and research that I’ve done in fixing my mental health. Now don’t think this is in any way hate or dislike toward you or what you do. You’re vids have helped me out on many a rough day so thank you.

  4. Most emotional health problems are a result of our modern living.i have ptsd and now spend more time out in the middle of nowhere than the city and guess what? Grounding myself in what we are ment to be part of is helping better than the meds I am on!

    The modern world is a sick joke in my view and we are going to see a huge rise in mental illness as a result because we are getting away from the real natural order of life

  5. Hi Kati! I am new to your channel, but I've been watching your videos nonstop since I found it. Thank you for sharing such amazing content – your voice is calming and bright! I recently started my own channel talking about my experience with mental illness and would love some feedback from a fellow mental health YouTuber. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world – I appreciate it.

  6. Hey Kati, why do I cry whenever I talk to my kids in a nice voice like when reading a story or singing a nursery rhyme? My eyes start watering and I just start crying anytime I talk to my kids like that. I also feel really sad and lonely anytime I’m around toys or a library or schools. For some reason when I’m around innocent things I just imagine all the kids being sad or suffering. I was wondering if this is a real phenomenon. I was neglected as a child. Thanks.

  7. I wonder, if mental ilness like depression or schizophrenia can be curable or już symptoms can be more controlled with medicine and therapy… Cure or remission.. Sorry for my english.

  8. Thank you so much for your videos, Kati. I’ve recently had to make taking care of my mental health my full time job, so to speak, and since coming across your videos a few weeks ago, I’ve found your advice and your presence to be a source of comfort in a hard time.

    I was hoping you would be able to give some advice on an important part of mental health: asking for help when you need it.

    I struggle with the ability to express negative emotions, even when people directly ask me if something is wrong. I know that part of this is trauma-based, because often I was not allowed to express negative emotions as a child without being punished. However, this knowledge does not make sharing my emotions any easier, even though I’m almost 30 years old. I’m currently in therapy for BPD and trauma-issues, but i still would love some advice on how to not bottle up my emotions so much, because it’s physically painful to me, and I know it hinders my ability to get better.

    Thank you again for your work.

  9. Guys little help please. I noticed I never feel accepted when in a group of peers, but I can speak to older people without braking a sweat. I am under constant belief that people don't like me altrough a close friend tells me that's not true, he checked it. I think it's has something to do with the fact that I was severly bullied for 8 years in school and had no friends in early childhood. Shoud I visit a psychologist? I mean, is there a way to resolve this issue?

  10. I think about my anxiety the same way I think about my migraines. I can avoid triggers and take preventative action. But even if I never have another migraine, I would never consider myself cured of them.

  11. Hey Kati! Great video! Love when you talk more from a behavioural neuroscience perspective. Helps me somehow more to realise that mental illness has a biological base and is not all fuzzy stuff that cannot be understood in a scientific sense. Don't know if this makes any sense… But anyhow, love this video 🙂

  12. well im hoping mental illness is curable. ive been depressed and anxious for 19 years and only now have I finally been finding my way out of that and not feeling depressed anymore.

  13. Please please PLEASE do an analysis of the Dr. Phil episode that just came out on February 26th about the woman being convinced both of her children are schizophrenic! My mother is EXACTLY like this woman so much so it's disturbing and I want to see you dissect her personality. She is a bizarre, controlling, and condescending woman, exactly like my mother. Giving me insight on her would give me so much insight on my own mom.

  14. Hi, please help me I think I’m struggling with an eating disorder. I make myself throw up and i feel very lonely, and I don’t want to tell my mom. I would really thank you if you could dm me and help me :((

  15. Thank you so much for all of your videos! My mental illness (depression/anxiety) has led to problems at the workplace, mainly discrimination from employers and coworkers. I’ve also struggled with anxiety symptoms while at work with no support or understanding of my rights, and still struggle
    With self
    Care and work. Could you one day discuss mental illness in the workforce? There’s a stigma that people with mental illnesses can’t hold down jobs and it’s wrong.

  16. Kati, please do a video on what it could look like for our mental health while weaning off of our antidepressants!!!!

  17. Mental illness is not curable I have it everyday to the point where I wanna hurt myself because of something that happened to me to the point where I school is a safe school space for me I'm tired every morning I have been sexually abused kati Morton my dad is in jail my mom lives in a different state I have depression to the point where I just break down.

  18. I'm so thankful for your videos. You make me not feel so crazy. I have depression, anxiety, Bpd, Ptsd and an eating disorder and watching your videos really help me learn more about myself

  19. I've been really anxious for weeks now. I'm hoping there's some end to feeling anxious and having panic attacks almost daily(I'm looking into getting back on pills, they put me on the wrong ones last time I went and now I feel terrible) I sure as hell hate feeling like this.

  20. It's not curable but recovery is almost always possibly to the point of being fully functional in your every day.

  21. This video made me realize that it's okay to rely on a treatment both medically and therapy. I feel like taking medicine for mental illness/disorders have gotten a bad connotation, in my opinion. Maybe it's just me, but would believe relying on medicine was like agreeing in being weak minded and attacking this issue in a non-sustainable, non long-lasting way.

  22. I have borderline personality disorder. Through therapy I have been able to gain a better understanding of my emotional Cycles and how I was allowing myself only to think with my emotional mind and not a wise mind although this is something I probably always will have to work on I feel it is getting better. I no longer cut myself or have extreme emotional outbursts I am able to come myself quickly and stay focused something in my early twenties I was not able to accomplish but I feel you get out as much work as you put in

  23. Maybe this sounds weird but I found my mental illnesses much easier to deal with once I accepted that I'll probably never get over them. For some people, that might sound like sentencing myself to a lifelong punishment, but for me, I realized that I already know how to deal with the ups and downs, the severe days and the easy days. Now that I have an idea of what to expect, I don't worry so much about being permanently "cured." Kati, I'd love if you could make a video about how an adult child can deal with and help a parent with mental illness (particularly a parent who wasn't mentally ill when they were younger). I'm going through that now and there are practically NO resources for adults; it's all aimed at children and teens. How does an adult child help their parent without being overcome by their situation? Thanks!

  24. Currently reading your fabulous book! It does a marvelous job of unravelling intimidating complexities. I love how you summarize the features of various treatment methods. So nice to know what's out there. I totally agree that the relationship with one's therapist(s) is crucial. I'm currently seeing a wonderful local therapist and your book helps me appreciate even more how special she is.
    I highly recommend this book to everyone! If you have mental illnesses yourself, Kati will help you get your bearings in the mental health treatment field. If you love someone who has mental illnesses, this book will help you understand a lot more about the field and hopefully allow you to be a better support in your loved one's life. Even if you're not new to dealing with mental illness, I'm sure you'll learn a lot – or at least enjoy the refreshing review of some key topics.
    So go for it! Be good to yourself and invest in this gem!

  25. I think I maybe have an eating disorder but I'm afraid if I tell my therapist I won't be taken seriously or I don't really have an eating disorder because I'm at a normal weight and I was underweight before it started. What should I do?

  26. I really love your videos ! Thank you for putting them out there 😊 could you please talk about persons who need constant praise and attention from their colleagues friends family gf/bf to feel good … not sure if it counts as narcissism… like "fishing for compliments and acting like babies " type of behavior .. and how we should cope with them specially when we are close to them…
    Thank you ❤

  27. Hi Kati. My name is Angie and I am new to the Kinion family. I was wondering if you have done a video on abandonment. I grew up in a broken home with an alcoholic father, and I believe that I have abandonment issues. Lately I have been obsessed with making sure everything I do is right so that nothing bad will happen to me. I have been very afraid and anxious. I’ve been trying to practice mindfulness each day. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you so much!

  28. I just want to say how proud I am of your channel! I used to watch you back when you had about 28 thousands subscribers and look at you now! You took me out of a very dark place and I’m so thankful for that. Thank you!!

  29. Hey your probably not going To see this but in your next video can you talk about how you can get your mom to take you seriously I told her that I think I have social anxiety I don’t think she cares she said she would talk about it with a doctor in my next appointment which is in a couple months I do not want to deal with anxiety anymore I’m so done with it I’m tired of it. I would really appreciate it idk what to do at this point

  30. Kati, I have a question. Ive read that our gut is considered our second brain. Could anxiety and depression be cured or subsided with good gut health?
    Possibly going to a GI doctor to check your gut bacteria and or going to a nutritionist too?
    This is a very serious topic for me since I’m in the storm of depression and anxiety and trying to do right by my body and mind. Thank you for your knowledge and time. Olivia

  31. Hello kati, hoping you can discuss on how to deal with deteriorating health condition caused by medical malpractice. The thought of injustice and acceptance of the inevatable is torture. I feel so helpless knowing that the people involved were not held liable for what happened.

  32. Just finished your book today. Going to post my review Tuesday. Excited to share as I didn't expect to be reading your book. Went to the library looking for something else and ran across your book. Picked it up without hesitation. God bless you and your work!

  33. Thankyou for sharing this information Kati, really informative. Thankyou for all the hard work you put into these videos and for releasing a amazing and helpful book. Your YouTube helps me every day. We all love you lots Kati 💖💛💖💛
    (P.s.) you always explain things so well and I always gain things and learn things from your videos xoxo

  34. If mental illness is not curable, I would be interested in your thoughts about whether someone with an eating disorder can be recovered. I know some people believe that they can be recovered, while others feel they are always recovering.

  35. I am having this battle with my dad over my anxiety and my fear of failure. I'm on too many meds & trying to get off of them. Anxiety is so bad though that it is making it harder. My doctor has had to change my meds and replace a couple of them with new ones. He thinks holistic stuff will solve it. He thinks it will cure and fix it. I am not against the holistic route it but he is so anti med. I have been taking Adaptacin, Procite D and Lentra supplements. They are GABA neurotransmitters. He doesn't understand triggers either. I can't just flip a switch. My anxiety is so bad I am biting the crap out of my finger nails and cuticles and my body has started tensing up. I am seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist. My anxiety has caused me to get complacent. It keeps me from doing what I need to do. My anxiety is anticipatory. It took me a while to get through school and I graduated in December. I have a national exam I need to take. I have had to send in my application more than once for various reasons. My dad is paying for my psychiatrist, the holistic doctor and my therapist. For 6 out if the 7 years I have been seeing my therapist I paid. It is draining my dad financially which I get. I feel pressure to succeed from him and I want to do this for myself. I am bringing him to my psychiatrist appointment next week.

  36. my mental illnesses controls my daily life . ive been diagnosed with gerneralized && with major depressive disorder , but i’m not really sure if it’s the right diagnosis. since for me , it started of with just anxiety worrying , over thinking. having trouble sleeping, then as the weeks came by i started feeling outter body feelings . with medications and everything i’ve gotten worse in my opinion . ive also gotten more of what my physiatrist calls “anxiety attacks.” where i feel like the whole world is fake at times , or where i feel like i’m in a dream , or when i walk to much or stuff i start getting brain fog or like a weird brain sensation . && honestly it really does drain me . 😩☹️i never have energy , im always tired && can never get out of my bed , nor house this has also gotten me so fed up where i’ve done so much risky behavior. as well as getting introuble with the law . it comes off && on now . && i wanna say it’s been 7 months now , but honestly all i can say is am i the only one with this ?? :(( is there someone else that can relate with me ?? i do wanna say this in my opinion came across weeks before i experimented with marijuana . but ill never know , for rn i just plan on getting better . please feel free to comment , if you have the same problem or any suggestions. or just wanna say something in general . even if you don’t have the same mental illness as me it’s good to spread word with each other , and make each other feel better .

  37. Tysm for making these videos, it really means a lot to me. I’m going through a very shitty time rn and can’t see my psychologist all the time cuz I’m on a budget. I don’t really have any friends to talk to and my family always aggravates me when I try to talk to them. So thank you for being here. 💞💞

  38. Has Katie ever done a video about mental breakdowns? What they are, how to identify them and what to do after one ends?

  39. I just feel like I’m st that point in my recovery from bulimia where it feels like this is as good as it’s gonna get ! It’s felt like this for months, the last few weeks my eating has been good but my head hasn’t and I don’t know what to do

  40. Why do you say ´our brain´or ´my brain´. Why can´t it just be like I am the brain or why can´t be that the mind is probably not only in the brain?

  41. This is the first video I watch from your chanel. It lookds like I am just in mental health track. Then am i necessary to go to a counselor to check myself every once a while? #dpoi2019

  42. Hi. I have an adult daughter who suffers from an anxiety disorder whose best friend no longer wants to be her friend. My daughters anxiety was just too much to handle. How can I help my daughter cope with this and move on? She’s having a hard time dealing with this and is making her worse.

  43. I have just found your channel though a lady named Ashley ., im a huge awareness advocate on mental , physical , environmental.. etc .. If it has a ribbon we discuss it .. and partnered on another site, but I am very interested in Learning from you…I appreciate you making a difference.. this is much needed online ..thank you

  44. I like your videos , this one took me 40 views 15 sec and rewinds to watch it, I’m stuffed

  45. so, according to this, you cant cure mental illnesses but can treat them. I suffer from an eating disorder, does that mean that my ed can't be cured? im confused now.

  46. Kati I love your videos they’re richly informative that you put in everyday language in a genuinely caring compassionate manner that people can relate and understand, there was another Yt channel by another therapist I unsubscribed to bc it began to occur to me it didn’t seem healthy, and I saw some others seemed to notice by comments they made. That therapist includes an “impressive” announcement at start of each video theyre “scientifically” backed. Another viewer pointed out in the comments psychology is a social science – not science that’s implied in the announcement – it’s a social science not a chemistry equation – while I may be incorrect or misunderstood, it seems to be an effort to promote the assumption whatever those videos teach must be correct – some people may buy into that correlation which isn’t to my knowledge how it works – since it’s a social science as that other viewer wrote in the comments not a clean science formula like chemistry equation….im so thankful I found your channel it’s very uplifting healthy and richly informative

  47. Hey Kati, even though life is fine I constantly feel guilty and regret not committing suicide when I planned to over a year ago. I want to hurt myself all the time and I don’t know what this means or what to do. Could you please talk about this?

  48. Kati, I have a question. I take my 13 yr old niece to her therapy appointments every monday. I have been pretty happy with him so far. She hasnt opened up much yet. Last week, we had spoken about a treatment plan. It had to be updated for insurance purposes. The doctor that spoke with her before we started sessions had written in her report that she had displacement (im sorry i cant think od the name at this very moment) disorder. or something of the sort. It's when you have trouble acclimating to changes. Now i don't throw it conpletely out the window, but the criteria doesnt support this diagnosis. I explained this to her therapist, and he almost got angry with me. He agressively got up from his chair to get his DSM and read the criteria and said his favorite quote "your googling is not equal to my degree" i was very hurt by this. I know my niece very well, and i know that what this doc had written wasnt whats wrong with her. I know she's depressed, a touch of anxiety and maybe other things. But he told us he doesnt like to diagnose because it becomes something that defines you. Also something i dont diaagree with, but I explained to him that she WANTS to know what it is that she is struggling with. she wants to be at peace with it i stead of wondering all the time. she is escalating quickly, now showing signs of some sort of eating disorder. shes 5'3 and not even 100lbs but says she feels fat every time she eats.

    anywho im off topic. what should i do about this therapist? should we seek someone else? her insurance doesnt cover many options, and i dont drive, so thats a small hurdle. i pay about 30$ week for us to lyft there and the next closes place is almost 25 minutes away… it could be a 30$ one way trip… she just wants to get better. she wants to leave her crappy past behind her and move forward.

    i hope you can help. and i also hope you're having a great day💜

  49. Good evening maam. Im diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I have this repetetive thoughts about suicide. I feel bad because i have lots of failure so im thinking about killing myself. But i feel this strange pleasure knowing that if I end my life my family and the people who knew me will feel bad if i end my life.

  50. Kati, I haven't felt "normal" in twenty years and it is only getting worse even with med's and I feel like I have tried all of them. Pleas help

  51. Hey Katie I was wondering can depression affect learning. Like I can be told how to do something and then a couple of days later I forget and it keeps happening and I am falling my classes but like I know how to do it but forget. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m just wondering

  52. Thank you so much! This gave me a lot of hope and clarity over a question I've had for years. When I first heard the term 'mental illness', it scared me because it sounded permanent and essentially unchangeable. Perhaps you could make it better, but you'd never 'come out of it'.
    It was when I read about neuroplasticity a while ago that I realized there was real hope for long-term change, and it affirmed the value of therapy and learning new thought patterns. I've never heard the balloon analogy! I've always likened it to paths in a forest; continual use packs the dirt and keeps the path, but if you chop a new path through the forest, it'll grow while trees grow back in the old unused path.
    Your analogy using the cold finally put into words what I'd begun to theorize lately, 'mental illness' is an illness in the sense that a cold is an illness. One can't be 'cured' in the sense that once it goes away, it'll never, ever come back, but that's just like the cold! If you heal up from it, and then take care of your health, you'll be far less likely to experience it again, and likely not as bad, since you learned the signs and treatments the last time.
    It makes me realize anyone can experience mental illness, and that we all do from time to time, which really normalizes it, and also then tells me, that even though some may experience it more severely than others, we all can do something to heal up from it and get to a place of mental health! Thanks again! I love your channel and what you do!

  53. I’m a bit confused, what’s the difference between recovery and being cured? Are they not the same? (Because as I understand, recovery from mental illnesses is very possible)

  54. I believe it can be cured. Healing yourself and training your mind is the answer. Not letting your mind run you… run your mind. Train the mind😇

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  56. Mental illness in certain circumstances is most certainly curable. The world has a lot to do with it though.

  57. I couldn't accept my doctor's claim that my bipolar I diagnoses will always be with me. I stopped taking the meds and sure enough I had a severe bout of mania that worked its way into psychosis. Multiple times my hard headed self stopped with the meds and sure enough I was back in a mental hospital. I know better now. Medications do help, but you must take charge of you're own mental health. I just wish I would have before this illness caused the damage that it did in my life.

  58. kati Morton👍🔔Welcome my dear brother how are you please contact me in my channel and help me thank you

  59. Great analogy of a marble creating a divot in the brain's sand. I use a sled with my patients. The sled goes down the same track over and over again until it gets really deep. It's difficult to get the sled to go down a new path, since it keeps wanting to go back down the comfortable, well-worn track. But keep going down the new path and it will become deeper and deeper, and easier to navigate. And that old path will just become covered with snow and get more and more shallow.

  60. My friend has had a massive psychotic episode after taking LSD, he’s on the psychiatric ward in our local hospital. I feel so sorry for his mother and his family. I’m hoping he’ll come out of it, but it seems like a long battle – I went to see him for the first time the other day, it’s nearly been three weeks and he’s suffering major paranoia, delusions, confusion, memory loss. So painful to see him like that and I’m looking for answers in regards to that. How likely is he to get better?

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