Kate Spade Struggled With Mental Illness For Years, Her Sister Says | TODAY

Kate Spade Struggled With Mental Illness For Years, Her Sister Says | TODAY

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  1. Most people don't understand mental illness because they don't have it. For those that do, sometimes suicide or death is the best option because it's the only means or quickest way to end the pain. Often the pain can be just as intense and detrimental as physical pain.

  2. She took herself away from her daughter, who needed her. Pretty sure she would have chosen her mom over the millions left to her. If Kate had thought it through, she would have seen how many ppl she hurt by taking her own life. It’s wrong and it’s selfish

  3. Bipolar took my incredibly intelligent, sassy, loving girlfriend, it is in so many successful people! So terrible!

  4. Wow,this really took me by surprise. I to suffer from debilitating anxiety and depression.Its so hard at times to get out of bed,but I have the resources to help.My prayers are going up for her family.(SHE TRIED)💞☝️🙏

  5. Her sister is a scum bag. Here she is diagnosing Kate as bipolar, with a alcohol addiction who was consumed with Robin Williams own death. She then proceeds to claim that Kate begged her to attend her funeral, oh please!!!! Can anyone not see the grandiose in that statement?
    Kate's sister is nothing but a toxic person who felt the need to shame and smear her successful sister out of jealously and not love. The media gave her the 15 minutes of fame she was searching for and a platform on which to do it. Real nice way of honoring someone who you claimed you loved, isn't it?

  6. I don't believe any of this.
    The rabbit hole goes much deeper than most of you people could ever fathom.
    This has all the makings of yet another SACRIFICE !!

    God has her now!
    RIP Beautiful Lady.

  7. "progressive" Liberalism is a mass mental illness. Kate and A. Bordaine were both victims of this debilitating mental disorder. . Help support finding a cure.

  8. The Almighty Creator provided wealth, health, ideas and fame for this woman, yet she never did appreciated any of those blessings, and as a consequence she has brought cursed upon herself. This woman left this world without having a slightest idea where she came from, why she was here, and where she was going after here. Majority of the humans who come to this world leave as a loser.

  9. It has to be bad and you have to be in an altered state of mind to leave a 13 year old daughter. That poor wee girl will need lots of counselling to assure her it was in no way her fault. Being a young teen is confusing enough without this on top. My heart goes out to her and her Dad.

  10. I have social anxiety, depression and OCD. All f*cks your mind and life. It breaks your soul and ruin your life. Idk which is the worst because each feels like the worst. It sucks because no one really understands you or your mentall illness unless they have it. Keep strong to all people suffering from mental illness. R.I.P Kate Spade! 💕

  11. People are weak.  There's an old spanish saying, "necesitas a sufrir para vivir" or translated " you have to suffer first in order to live." I am a firm believer of that.  Try living out of your car for a month and having a child to support.  YOUR CHILD TRUMPS OVER YOUR OWN SELFISH BEHAVIOR….that's what you live for.  My kid is an adult now and in a 4 year college. Don't mean to get religious on most but the "man upstairs" gave you a life to live in this physical form, it's up to this supreme being to end it…you don't get to decide that whether by overdosing on drugs, hanging yourself (Anthony Borudain…thats another weak person), shooting yourself or whatever reason you decide to end your life.  You live for 2 reasons regardless and in my case it for this supreme being first and my kid second….THAT'S IT!!!!  morally and ethically.


  13. Physiatrist are not allowed to diagnose famous people as having a mental illness.
    If they could do their job Trump and most of the people in the white house would not be there.

  14. When will non Christians understand their is only one way to salvation? The world can only temporarily ease your pain but Jesus Christ is the only permanent solution.

  15. R.i.p I've battled mental illness over 30years. & I always feel guilty to hear suicide stories… Rest up kate😔❤

  16. Yeah Hillary Clinton killed another one and another one Hillary Clinton just keeps on killing she don't give a f*** who you with if you don't shut that b** down celebrities are going to be killed left him in it then start killing that b** down Hillary Clinton will not stop killing she killed Anthony

  17. You're full of s*** you are full of s*** you know Hillary Clinton got ahold of her and had her killed hunger. Hanged just with another scarf a smothered her to death just like Anthony and Seth Rich another killing

  18. Only Jesus gives true peace to the human heart! Rejection of Him brings darkness, depression, and bitterness.

  19. She wouldn't go to rehab because she didn't want to harm her brand. Kinda sums up where America is at the moment.

  20. There's some evidence that she was suicided because she wanted out of the corrupt family and all they did. She's at least free from all that now. I don't know if she'll ever be peaceful.

  21. Think about this her dead body was found by staff working in the apartment obviously that person called either 911 or call the police the police probably give a phone call out to a media source think about it lawn force meant is in bed with media now somethings got a change

  22. She was known the world over for her brand. She spent so much time building her image its a shame it had to come to this. Many young women still have lots of admiration for her brand and what it meant for them.

  23. Be kind, be kind and be kind. You never know what life journey or situation those people you are interacting with are going through.

    RIP Kate Spade

  24. Yea right mental illness. I just don't believe it. She was worth over 200 million dollars. I believe this is a lie.


  26. Not enough attention is paid to mental illness. It's time to bring this out of the shadows and let people know it's ok to have difficult thoughts, but they don't have to be alone with them.

  27. On one hand people commit suicide due to mental illness but on the other hand people may just be tired of living. Maybe the solution is to de stigmatize suicide and allow people to voluntarily end their lives with dignity when they so decide as long as they make preparations in advance to minimize suffering for those they leave behind. Suicide is much like euthanasia. Human beings must realize that not everyone wants to live to an old age even if they can. No I am not depressed or suicidal and I'm not mean and uncaring. Far from it. I just believe adults must be responsible for their choices in life. Depressed people can be very difficult to live with and even more difficult to live with themselves. Why extend the suffering for themselves and others?

  28. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥I wish I knew her’ I would have done everything to help try to prevent her from making a FINAL decision to TEMPORARY problems
    Rest In Peace 😔

  29. Unfortunate. But a woman with all of the resources available to her I find this cowardly. Think of all the people out there with far less in terms of resources who battle the same demons.

  30. Most people with mental illness are more sane than others. They love deeply and care more for their fellow man than most, it’s just they never get loved back.

  31. I’ve suffered from emotional abuse all my life , I grew up with narcissist Step-fathers and psychopath mother. We wrote are book to help others know you can recover and have a somewhat productive and happy life. We’re looking for a publisher and will keep you updated.

  32. I dont believe her sister said all this. she was OBVIOUSLY murdered for her money her husband is a greedy sociopath. why isn't her sister on film giving a full interview. this is fake

  33. Something happened in her life and now they're calling it mental health issues or bipolar if she was never diagnosed by a doctor than they cannot diagnose her. Lots of people at some point in their life have constipated suicide because of the struggles of life but have not committed suicide. Does that make everyone schizophrenic bipolar or depressed or severe mental psychotic psychosis issues no. Sometimes people just go through many things compounded in life and don't know how to move past that. And unfortunately no one can save themselves that's why Jesus came to save us all! This is very unfortunate that she just went down this Gloomy path and left a heartbroken daughter with many questions to live with for the rest of our life. I'm a Survivor myself of the many attempts of suicide I'm glad that I was not able to achieve that goal. For now I see Life in a different way and no matter what issues may arise I stay hopeful faithful and positive. I no longer focused on the negative things that have occurred I focus on what positive things could come from those negative things. My prayers go out to the loved ones left behind to deal with this loss and grief.

  34. We need to stop hiding the reality. Mental illness runs rampant in our society and is getting worse. The only time it seems to get adressed is when it happens to someone famous. I dont know if society will ever get a real wakeup call, that mental illness needs to be addressed properly. Why should we hide her body? Number one shes covered up, and number two is we always want to run the second things get uncomfortable. That's a huge reason why ppl hide inside their own agony, bec society would rather pretend that life is filled with cupcakes and flowers all the time.

  35. Um has anyone seen the YouTube “Kate Spade’s Husband makes a bizarre appearance wearing a cartoon Mouse Mask” Thats weird 2 days ago His wife supposedly just commited suicide hanging herself while he was in the house…. he's "hiding" his grief and the suicide note mentions him…They were living apart and didn't divorce and spent lots of time together she was worth over 100 million dollars… hmmm sure seems strange to me….I think police may not want to be so hasty saying it was ruled a suicide

  36. First it was because of divorce, then she was suppose to been a sacrifice for her brother in law Andy Spade, now this she suffered years with mental illness really??? Does any platform really know is this all speculation

  37. 2:51 David Spade's choice of words in his Instagram post were a little unfortunate, considering her reported manner of death: "…It's a rough world out there people, try to ‘hang’ on."

  38. Sometimes people also is just tired of life in general. The hype and the buzz people has created here on this vile earth. This is NOT NECESSARILY a mental illness that lead her to death, though they might be factors.

  39. She was just a genuid in a world of stupid people..she was murdered..no doubt..beautiful soul..that just got toec up with the wrong people..God rest her soul..good soul!

  40. "try to hang on" i think david spade could have said something different lol….rip. suicide is horrible and so hard to cope with.

  41. Chronic, severe depression IS the sign that somebody will end her life. Just like Spade, I had 5-6 years severe depression and was at the end of my rope. There's no need to wait for the standard statements like "I'm a burden to others." The black hole will be too much to bear and you'll never fight it on your own. You'll reach the end of your limit to bear it. I'm well now, realizing that food allergies were causing it, but it was a brutal experience. I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did. It's either 100% complete remission or until the you can no loner bear it.

  42. I dont agree with filming her as she comes out, she had dealt with enough. I'm so sorry kate that you werent able to get the help you needed in time. I hope through my channel that I can connect with others who are dealing with this pain.

  43. Depression has a root you know.People are not born with depression.Its always a relationship issue or economic.

  44. Yes she worried a lot.
    She belong to the elect club. They owned her.
    Her death was a message to others in the club to be quiet about the darkness of these evil elect that goes on behind close doors. That why serval persons have been found dead hanging from from a door knob. The elect club who owns the news stations or propaganda stations jump right in explaining what happened the way they want you to believe.
    Just google how many people have died this way.
    You know your first thought when u heard they’d hung them selves didn’t make sense.
    Why the next day Kate’s husband had to wear a dog Halloween mask? Hmmm weird too.
    But there was deeper reason.

  45. I'd love to know when Spade told her sister to attend her funeral. Was it years ago…..months ago?? Most women just don't hang themselves……most are overdoses. Who knows!!??

  46. At the end of the day, Kate felt she needed to end her suffering which was obviously so completely and utterly excruciating and painful…we could never comprehend how she felt inside. Its wrong for people to judge and say she was selfish, or she didn't wan't help. Sometimes we lose people in this life to disease and illness and this is no different. We lost Kate Spade to depression and suicide. RIP you kind, creative soul. xx

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