Killing airborne bacteria and viruses in pig barns with plasma device

Killing airborne bacteria and viruses in pig barns with plasma device

>>Clack: Some viruses can survive for several kilometers
in air. That’s why this prototype is important. This device has the potential to work better,
faster and more cheaply than a conventional air filter. [mechanical clanks] For humans, when we shake hands or when we
kiss or when someone sneezes around you, all of those are different routes, potential routes
of transmission of a virus or bacterium. [object squeaks] But for livestock, we can kind of narrow down
the potential routes of transmission for some of these livestock diseases, really down to
just preventing transmission of viruses and bacteria that are transmitted in the air from
the outside to the inside of a barn. [door shuts] This particular project is focused on transmission
of infectious disease that infects pigs. We’re going to a pork producer, a pig farmer,
where they know they have sick pigs. And so we want to test on the air exhausted
from that building the efficacy of our prototype device. So nonthermal plasma is very similar to a
flame, it’s just that it doesn’t have the high temperature. The technology has a long history but this
is just kind of a new use for it. Power plants use a version of the same technology
to prevent particles from being emitted to the atmosphere. The approach that we’re using, nonthermal
plasmas, is effective not only in killing viruses and bacteria in the air which we’ve
proven in the lab, but can also show that it prevents disease. I really get excited about solutions to existing
problems. The focus on agriculture has been very fruitful. I think for us the next phase will be human
applications. How can we miniaturize what we do at a barn
scale or at a building scale down to the point where we get to a device that you can wear, and in that way we would be able to replace conventional face masks.

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  1. Uneatable to me even if it's clean no harm or any bacteria . Bcuz our God command us to not eat those . So just respect the religion . I eat beef , fish , chicken just don't condem the meat consumer . To people out there especially vegetarian .

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