65 thoughts on “Know the common symptoms of flu

  1. I had the flu 2 months ago and all these stuff in the video happened to me except the sore throat muscle pains

  2. For a video that has no sound. This does a great job at explaining all of this.

    Also on such little time.

  3. Ok so at the moment i think it's a bad cold I've got but it could be the flu? It's so confusing because I thought it was only the flu if you vomit.

  4. I have feverishness, tiredness, a mild headache, stomache ache, stuffy sound. Do i have flu? But i don’t have a fever (feverishness only)

  5. I have all these things lol just came for fun someone please help me i was so down at school today i didnt even talk to a girl who was flirting with me

  6. I’m dead atm my head hurts and my nose is runny and stuffy and feels like I can’t breath cause it’s sooo stuffy. I’m sad now

  7. I sneeze every 10 minutes have body ache water coming outta my nose when i walk i feel am about to fall anytime and my
    body tempertaure is also little high i think it is 99.8° f or something do i really have flu.

  8. I have the flu and my head hurts so baddddd, I can't keep anything down not even water, I had to get my blood drawn, a shot in the hiney, my nose swabbed, tons of medicine and I can't even sleep 😟 update: I ate cheese sticks and kept it down

  9. i have all the symptoms, the fatigue one is really annoying.. I slept almost a whole day, yet I feel nauseous and tired.

  10. Well I've been having those symptoms for 3 day and I have to study for 4 tests now and i can't even focus on a word 🙁

  11. God I have it and I feel like I'm dead feels like hell I feel like a got hit by a car ,,😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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