KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

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100 thoughts on “KSI VS. Logan Paul – FULL FIGHT #KSIvsLogan

  1. this just looks… awkward… did they not have any training prior? You would think with their resources they'd be able ti hire some pros but their swings are wild and uncalculated, zero footwork, and they can't follow the action. Whenever it seemed as if one of them had the advantage, they'd land a jab or two and then just back off instead of striking harder to finish it so no stamina. Idk, I'm no expert by any means but they seem extremely amateur.

  2. i’m excited to see the rematch & it being without head guards. it’s gonna be a goooood fight 💪🏼

  3. i just seen an article on FB about this.. getting ready for the 2nd? YOUTUBE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP?????! is this real life…. who allowed this

  4. Peeps say ksi has a big ego but the same people forget that Logan ACTUALLY thinks he can defeat connor even without winning one fight he still thinks he can defeat connor lol

  5. Neither fighter was conditioned. Both were out of breath in 1st round. Nobody through great punches to the other up to 19:15. I'm done watching. I love boxing. I'm watching armatures for sure. I'd rather watch the pros. No rate.. Moving on.

  6. They’re both so stiff in this fight, and I can speak from experience, ive boxed, I’m training mma, but from what I can see this rematch has to go to Logan, remember Logan was in three months and fought him and did this well? They both need more cardio, and they both need to tuck their chins, it’ll be a war.

  7. I want JJ to win but bruh ksi was sloppy af last year lmao, but from what I've seen recently he got A LOT better.

  8. Someone carelessly trained Logan to be a sharp shooter. His left hand would cut the striking distance if it was up in front of his chest. By the 3rd round Logan looked like a David Price.

  9. For the both of them, this is their most entertaining video but that not saying much, i couldn't watch more than half of the first round anyways….who won? Nvm, i don't care LOL

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