Libra woman and Cancer man Love

Libra woman and Cancer man Love

Libra and cancer. Hi guys. Today I gonna tell you all about libra and
cancer compatibility. These zodiac signs are considered as one of
the best lovers in the modern astrology, that’s why I decided to make a video about their
love and relationships. Stay tuned and you will get a clear answer
to your question do libra and cancer get along? From the astrological point of view libra
and cancer relationship is full of surprises. Because those people who belong to the elements
of air and water, they have many differences and similarities when it comes to their character
and behavior comparison. Libra woman is always struggling in terms
of chosing a right partner for life. Despite she has a lot of admirers around her,
she is usually single. It seems like she feels good from living with
a man. But there is something that makes her hesitate
about their future together. And it happens due to her sense of uncertainty. Today she is romantic, positive and lovely
with her guy, but tomorrow she becomes completely another personality. It feels like her inner voice telling her
to think twice before taking serious decisions which can change all her life. That’s why not every guy can get used to a
changeable mood of this lady in the relationships. Especially such a sensitive zodiac sign like
Cancer man is. If you don’t understand his psychology, you
can face a lot of difficulties in a daily life with him. I would say that every girl has to find a
special approach to this boy cause he is quiet distrustful personality, especially to those
women whom he has a deal with. But libra female is sociable and sufficiently
active lady, what helps her to be so popular among the men. And she has no fear to express an interest
to a Cancer man. Due to her amazing logic she knows how to
act properly in order to make him interested in her. After all, having such an amazing feminine
charm, she can steal almost every second husband from his wife. But I wouldn’t say that she is couple breaker. Noo..Libra woman is rather concentrated on
a final prize. No matter how many efforts she needs to put
for winning it. She always goes to the end. And she gets all she wants. That’s why Cancer man likes to see her intentions,
which she demonstartes openly. All what may seem shy and prohibited for him,
it looks ridiculous and quiet simple for her. And sometimes when cancer dating libra, he
feels himself uneasy. Because she is always in the centre of attention. And it helps her to make a friendship with
other people, meanwhile her man is afraid of opening his mouth. I would say that Libra girl is very advantageous
personality for Cancerian man, especially in terms of relationships and marriage. But the only thing he doesn’t like is her
restlessness. She is definitely a good wife but not a family
woman. It’s hard and even impossible to make her
stay at home, because she always goes somewhere. Meeting with her friends, doing a shopping,
it’s all about a libra female. But all the personal activities she does,
they don’t impede her to make a house work and bringing up the kids at the same time. Two important things which cancer man loves
her for. Because eveything interacted with a family,
it has a strong impact on his subconsciousness and emotional human nature. So if you want to get along with a cancer
zodiac sign. Keep this in mind. Because it opens a door to his heart. Door which is always locked for strangers,
especially for frivolous women with no serious intentions. Fortunatley libra girl doesn’t belong to this
category because she is also interested in a long-term relationships. And those who say that she is a bad wife,
she has no clear idea what she really wants from a man. They are wrong. Like I mentioned before, this girl is very
curious about everything. In other words, due to her broad knowledge
of life in different aspects, she can not be predictable and simple lady like all the
men want her to be. It’s not strange that Cancer man has a lot
of misunderstandings in a daily life with her. Because he also wants to show his importance
in a family. But Libra wife doesn’t pretend to be number
one in their couple. Like other women, she also has a strong desire
to live with a man who will be playing a dominative role in their love life. But looking how hesitating and diffident her
Cancer husband is, she is getting angry with him. And in most cases she takes their relationships
under her control, even if she doesn’t like this process. But it happens only if there is a real, reciprocal
love between them. Otherwise it would be silly and ridiculously
to see how Libra wife shows her interest regarding her passive and lazy man. Anyway she shouldn’t criticize him for his
lack of self-confidence and too much vulnerable character. Cause it can hurt him and it becomes a main
reason why he always quarrel with her. And in such case the only thing you can do
for improving his depressive mood is to go to bedroom with him. Yees. All the cancerian men forget an offence faster
by means of a close contact with their women. Having a good intimate relaxation after the
scandals and sorrows, it has a magic effect on the marriage life of libra woman and cancer
man. That’s why I would say that these zodiac signs
are compatible with each other in terms of long-term relationships. Despite they can fight sometimes, it doesn’t
become an obstacle that would bring their marriage to a break up. The biggest part of success with Libra girl
depends on a Cancer man. Especially on his readiness to let her feel
more independence from daily duties. Moreover, If he stop to control all her actions,
they will definitely avoid the most unpleasant moments in communication which happen almost
every day once they got married. And Libra wife must be ready for that in advance. But having an amazing qualities of a professional
psychologist she always knows how to treat her husband properly in order to reach a harmony
in a daily life with him. That’s all you should know about cancer and
libra in love. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, hit the likes, leave
your comments down below and subscribe to my channel for more interesting topics later.

26 thoughts on “Libra woman and Cancer man Love

  1. can you make a video abt the compatibility of Leo men and Pisces women? people say they dont go well tgt but i rlly wanna know from u what u think and ik i would hav to wait but could u tell me an assumption of when u might post the vid?

  2. not gonna lie libra sign looks like hes playing with cancer because its a crab and libra is a timbangan tryna sell cancer

  3. I’m a Libra sun and Scorpio rising with Venus in Sagittarius and my boo is Cancer sun with Virgo rising and moon in cancer and Venus in Virgo is this a bad match ?? 😭 so far we have been together 4 years he is actually the love of my life but are arguements are real bad

  4. In theory this could be a beautiful relationship because they have a lot in common but not a good match due to the basic nature.

  5. Sun Cancer Man & Never Entering a relationship with another Libra Woman alot of aggravation usually somehow rooted in other ppls opinions.

  6. I'm Cancer men and my crush is Libra. She's 29 and I'm 20. I'm not sure she love or like me. We have conversation all day and night. She has a boyfriend. But she spends more time on me. She share everything about her life along with her boyfriend condition. Please suggest me an option. Can I love her forever or just be a best friend.

  7. My crush zodiac sign is libra what is a girl
    My zodiac sign is cancer
    And my sister said to me your crush likes you sense my sister is friend with my crush sister

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